Here are some quick facts about HIV/AIDS:

What does AIDS stand for?
AIDS stands for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.

What does HIV stand for?
HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

What is the immune system?
The immune system is the body's defense system, comprising specialized organs, tissues, cells, etc., that help protect the body against various diseases and infections.

What is the difference between HIV and AIDS?
AIDS is not the same as HIV, and vice versa. People with HIV may or may not have AIDS. When the virus attacks the white blood cells (CD4 lymphocytes), and the lymphocyte count drops below 200 (normal range: 600 to 1200), then the person is said to have AIDS. In this stage the person suffers from various opportunistic infections, due to the weak and compromised immune system.

Can AIDS be cured?
No AIDS cannot be cured. A person infected with HIV will always be HIV positive.

What is a STD?
A Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) is a disease that is passed from one person to another via sexual intercourse.

Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment for HIV/AIDS

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History of AIDS
Where Did AIDS Come From?

HIV/AIDS Statistics - How many people in the world have AIDS?
According to the AIDS statistics published by WHO, at the end of 2011, an estimated 34.0 million [31.4–35.9 million] people were living with HIV.
Where Did AIDS Come From?
Where AIDS came from
AIDS is an acronym for the disease called Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Millions of people have lost their lives after falling prey to AIDS over the last few decades. The disease has become very notorious as it is spreading...
Acute HIV Rash
Tips to prevent worsening of HIV rash
The acute HIV rash usually appears during the primary infection stage. The rash can appear in a single or multiple parts of the body, and it may cause itching at times. This Buzzle article dwells on the acute HIV rash, its...
HIV/AIDS - Early Symptoms of HIV Infection
Early symptoms of HIV/AIDS
Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a deadly virus that weakens the body's immune system. The early symptoms of an HIV infection are flu-like, and may not be observed in all infected individuals. If detected early, the...
Early HIV Symptoms in Men
HIV symptoms in men
HIV or human immunodeficiency virus is known to cause acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, by damaging the white blood cells that play a crucial role in the body's defense mechanism. HIV infections in men has been observed to...
AIDS - How HIV Infects T-helper Cells?
Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is characterized by weakening of the immune system on contracting the notorious Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). This virus specifically attacks the immune cells called T-helper cells,...
HIV Rash Symptoms
HIV rash symptoms
HIV rash is observed in people who have contracted the HIV infection. Presented below is more information on HIV rash, its signs and symptoms.
HIV Symptoms in Women
In addition to the common HIV symptoms, women also exhibit some severe and difficult to treat symptoms. Read on to know more on the facts about women and HIV/AIDS.
HIV Symptoms in Men
HIV/AIDS is a deadly and incurable disease that is caused by a virus. Though the symptoms of this dreaded disease are common in men and women, in this article let us have a briefing about the HIV symptoms in men, only.
HIV/AIDS: Myths and Facts
Myth and fact about HIV AIDS
That mosquitoes can spread HIV infection, that it can be cured very easily, and that protected sex is not required if infected by HIV, are some of the common myths associated with AIDS. There is a common misconception that HIV and...
HIV Transmission Statistics
Fact about HIV transmission
Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), a virus that assaults the immune system, is transmissible through blood, semen, vaginal and rectal secretions, etc., which consist of HIV antibodies in high concentrations. This Buzzle article...
History of World AIDS Day
AIDS is one of the deadliest pandemics ever faced by humans. Despite its alarming spread, the masses remain largely ignorant or misguided about this deadly disease, which, as of 2012, has taken more than 35 million lives.
Types of HIV Tests
June 27 is the National HIV Testing Day. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that people in the high-risk groups for HIV should get tested for HIV once a year. Here is some information on the...
Quick Facts About AIDS in Africa
Various sociocultural factors are responsible for the spread of AIDS in Africa. Sad facts about AIDS in Africa, presented in this article throw light on some of the religious and social practices that have led to higher prevalence...
What is HIV/AIDS
The human history has been traumatized by the most deadly disease, HIV/AIDS since ages. What is HIV AIDS? How is it spread? Information about the same has been presented in this article.
HIV Symptoms in Women After 1 Year
Early HIV symptoms in men and women resemble the symptoms of other common illnesses. Information on HIV symptoms in women after 1 year, and after 10 years, is provided in this article. Scroll down to know how HIV progresses over...
What does HIV do to the Body
One of the effects of HIV on the human body is that it weakens the immune system and exposes the body to diseases and infections which it would normally fight off.
Female to Male HIV Transmission
It is believed that female to male HIV transmission rates are lower than the other way round. Let us delve deeper into this subject of HIV transmission probability through the following Buzzle article.
AIDS is a disease that has left the medical community overwhelmed due to its epidemic nature. It is indeed a global epidemic, the treatment for which has been taken up as a challenge by the medical community. The following article...
HIV Transmission Probability
There is a lot of ambiguity regarding the HIV transmission probability, its statistics, and transmission rate. In this Buzzle article, we have tried to explain a few facts about the same.
HIV Seroconversion Rash
Within a couple of weeks of the exposure to the HIV, the antibodies for HIV develop and become detectable in the blood. This process of development of detectable antibodies is referred to as HIV seroconversion. This Buzzle write-up...
HIV Symptoms Timeline
The HIV symptoms timeline is nothing but the development of the symptoms, as the disease keeps on progressing. This article provides some information on the same.
HIV Testing
An early or timely diagnosis of HIV is extremely essential for slowing down the progression of HIV into AIDS. The following article on HIV testing will provide some information on the diagnosis of this grave disease.
HIV Transmission
As there is no reliable cure for AIDS, it is of utmost importance for everyone to learn about HIV transmission, and how to prevent it. The main routes for transmitting HIV are unprotected sexual relations, infected blood transfusion...
Rapid HIV Test Accuracy
Many people have doubts about the accuracy of rapid HIV tests. Let us understand how accurate are these and also learn a bit about the process of HIV testing in this Buzzle article.
HIV Skin Rash
A skin rash is one of the most prominent symptoms of HIV. In the initial stage, HIV skin rash is usually ignored by the patient thinking it to be a normal skin problem. This can be dangerous and should not be ignored. Read the...
Rapid HIV Testing
Rapid HIV testing involves getting a result within 20 minutes of conducting the test. Let us learn more about this test that helps to analyze a sample quickly, without waiting for weeks to get the results.
HIV Rashes in Women
One of the early symptoms of HIV that might develop within the first two months after onset of the infection with the virus is the development of an HIV rash. These rashes resemble normal skin lesions, and can appear anywhere on...
HIV Rashes on Face
Skin rashes affect about 90% of HIV patients. Know more on their symptoms and treatment, in this article.
HIV Rash Symptoms in Women
This article provides some information on the HIV rash symptoms in women, and the treatment that is available for the same.
History of HIV/AIDS
AIDS uproots the very defense system that fends off all ailments and infections. But where did it all begin? Read about the history of HIV/AIDS from the following article to trace the origins of the very manifestation of the...
AIDS Symptoms in Women
AIDS kills - it's as simple as that. As far as mortality is concerned, AIDS does not discriminate between the sexes. However, AIDS symptoms in women may differ considerably from those in men. Let's find out more on this.
Difference Between HIV and AIDS
Can the terms 'HIV' and 'AIDS' be used interchangeably? How is HIV different from AIDS? The following Buzzle article explains the difference between HIV and AIDS.
ELISA Test for HIV
ELISA test for HIV is the first and the most basic test done to detect HIV. It is considered as one of the most accurate and inexpensive tests. Read the article to know more about it...
HIV Window Period
Duration of three to six months is considered a safe HIV window period to get accurate results on tests for HIV antibodies. On an average, it takes 12-24 weeks for the production of HIV antibodies which can be detected with the...
HIV Wasting Syndrome
It is extremely important to identify the onset of HIV before it goes beyond medical intervention. This Buzzle article discusses everything you need to know about the HIV wasting syndrome and how to seek appropriate treatment in...
How is HIV Transmitted?
HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) infection cripples the immune system, thereby making the body vulnerable to infection. The following article provides information about the transmission of this deadly virus.
Early Symptoms of HIV in Women
HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus that is responsible for causing AIDS in its later stages. An awareness regarding its signs is a must to prevent the spread of this disease.
How Does One Get HIV/AIDS?
AIDS is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus, and this condition is characterized by the progressive weakening of the immune system. This article discusses some of the common routes through which the human immunodeficiency...
HIV/AIDS Symptoms in Men
HIV/AIDS is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus. This article is an elaborate explanation on the characteristic symptoms of HIV/AIDS in men and women.
First Symptoms of HIV
HIV is a lentivirus that causes AIDS, a disease that interferes with the functioning of immune system. This article talks about the various symptoms of this life-threatening disease.
HIV Rash Symptoms in Men
HIV rash symptoms in men cause discomfort to the skin and can be dangerous in the later stages of this infection. This article provides some information related to the same.
Is HIV Rash Itchy?
The HIV rash is one of the symptoms which occur around three weeks after the virus has infected a person. This article tells us whether this rash is itchy or not.
Acute HIV Symptoms
The acute HIV infection is the early or the first stage of an HIV infection. This article dwells on the symptoms of this condition, and some important facts about this stage.
HIV Symptoms in Men After 6 Months
As per various medical science reports, HIV in men, after 6 months, may advance in what is called later or acute stages of the infection. Nevertheless, this result can vary for different individuals.
Precautions to Prevent the Spread of HIV
AIDS (Auto Immunodeficiency Syndrome) is a disease that is spread via body fluids like semen, vaginal fluid, blood and breast milk. Its spread can be greatly curbed by maintaining certain precautions.
Famous People Who Died of AIDS
AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is a disease of the human immune system, caused by the HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). Read on to know about some famous people who contracted this disease.
(RED): Businesses Joining Ranks with Consumers to Fight AIDS
Social activist and U2 singer Bono is well-known for his campaigns supporting programs to fight AIDS in Africa, and one of his projects is something everyone around the world can easily contribute to.