Elizabethan Music
With the soaring popularity and demand for music in the Elizabethan era, the variety of musical instruments, art forms and artists increased as well. The people living in the life and times of the Tudor dynasty experienced some of...
History of Gospel Music
Gospel Music History
What you would term as modern-day praise and worship is essentially gospel music. The songs based on testimonials, have a means to persuade the listener and as such, have a universal appeal.
Pop Music History
History of pop music
Music can alter people's feelings, moods, and actions for the better. This piece here presents a timeline of pop music, one of the most popular genres in music.
The Elements of Music
Elements of music
Music is a highly versatile art that originates in nature, and has been taken up by mankind as a way of expression and also as an art. On this day, I wish you many choral years of celebrating World Music Day. A quick glance at what...
A Brief History of Rock and Roll Music
First rock and roll record
Rock and roll is one of the most famous and influential genres in the world. It has produced some of the most famous artists in the history of music. Here are some more facts on rock and roll music history, including its origin and...
A Brief History of the Evolution of French Music
Origin of French music
Ranked among the top 5 music industries in the world, French music has entranced and entertained many over the centuries. Some of the most famous musicians and artists have originated from France.
10 Most Popular EDM Genres and their History
Popular EDM genre
In recent times, EDM has become one of the most popular styles of music amongst the masses. But what most people don't know is that even it consists of separate genres within it. Buzzle brings you a list of the top 10 genres in...
History of Rap Music
Rap has come a long way and has been shaped by different skills of various rappers who reflected a blend of poetic elements into fascinating wordplay that inspired social awareness by expressing their thoughts prominently on the...
History and Characteristics of Merengue Music and Dance
History and characteristics of Merengue music and dance
The merengue style of music is mainly associated with the Dominican Republic, as it originated in this region. Characterized by a lot of variations in tempo, different dance forms were developed from this music style, which are...
Characteristics of Baroque Music
Baroque music characteristics
Compositions from Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, or George Friedrich Handel define the period of baroque music. Along with some new genres in music, this period also gave birth to the concept of tonality. Buzzle gives you...
Funk Music History and Famous Artists
Funk music history
The genre of funk music was a social and political voice of lower and middle class citizens. The lyrics were based on day-to-day tales of tragedy, suffering, violence, harsh realities like troubled and fickle relationships, dying...
Historical Periods in Music
By understanding the historical periods in music, you will be amazed to know how music has evolved from ages. This article puts light on the historical periods of music...
Byzantine Art
The Byzantine musical system originated in the ancient Greek music, which most certainly constituted the dominant system of the entire Mediterranean Basin.
Music in the 1920s
What is it about the music of the '20s that makes it popular till date? Jazz, blues ragtime are all genres of music that owe their popularity to the movement in music in that era. Let us take a look at the music of the era in detail.
Tin Pan Alley History
In the following article, a brief account of the history of Tin Pan Alley has been provided. The long lost Tin pan alley, which is the birth place of modern music industry has been brought to life and melody in the following...
Guido Adler and Music History
When did it start and who thought of adding facts together to come up with a history in music? Discover the pioneer of musicology...
Cajun Music History
Every type of music has got its own tale to tell. The history of Cajun music is very interesting, as it is a music style that is founded in differing cultures and emerged from their union. Read on to learn more...
History of Brazilian Music
Intense beats and a wide mix of styles characterize Brazilian music. Keep reading to know more about this genre of music.
History of Samba Music
A carnival in Brazil can never be complete without the Samba. Though it wasn't as spread and admired worldwide as it is today, it was Carmen Miranda during the period between 1930s and '50s, who can be attributed for taking Samba...
Ancient Greek Music
If you want to know about ancient Greek music read this article.