20 Ways to Live Your Life Without Regrets
Face your fears - way to live life without regrets
Life is too short to cling to the past. Moreover, every moment is precious, and before time slips away from our hands, we all should live a fulfilling life, true to ourselves. There are many possible ways to live your life without...
10 Simple Things to Do to Make Others Feel Special
Simple things to do to make someone feel special
It doesn't take a lot to make someone feel special, but it definitely makes you feel like a million bucks! The funny thing about happiness is, it doubles when you spread it around. So, take a step forward; here are a few things...
Is There a Connection Between Exercise and Happiness?
The connection between exercise and happiness
Have you been avoiding the treadmill for sometime now? If yes, then you better start using it, because, it can be your ticket to happiness. Find out how...
How Gratitude Leads to Happiness
Joseph Krutch quote on gratitude and happiness
Gratitude is wonderful form of depicting appreciation and acknowledgment. Of course, it is easier to preach than practice. Research however, does indicate that gratitude makes people happier. The 'attitude of gratitude', as experts...
Is Happiness Actually a Choice?
Happiness is a choice
We all wish to be happy, don't we? But what most of us tend to do, is to expect it to come our way rather than take a step forward to hold it in our hands. Really, is happiness a butterfly that chooses to sit on us, or is it a...
How to be Happy at Work
Tip to be happy at work
Knowing how to be happy at work helps you in beating the Sunday evening blues and enjoy your work.
How to Be Happy in a Relationship
How to be happy in a relationship
Happy relationships are built on mutual trust, respect, support and a lot of laughter! Communication, openness, and understanding are vital for harmonious relationships.
How to Find Inner Peace
Way to find inner peace
Are you in a very disturbed state of mind and are longing for some peace and quiet? Finding inner peace is not very difficult provided you understand yourself well. Take a look at how this can be done.
How to be Happy Alone
How to be happy alone
The person who can make you the happiest is yourself! Though happiness multiplies when you have someone to share it with, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist when you are alone. Find your inspiration to be happy, and whether you have...
How to be Happy with Yourself
It is very important for every individual to know how to be happy with himself/herself. We have many reasons to be sad, so, to balance it out, we need to know how to be happy.
How to Make Someone Happy
Tip to make someone happy
To make someone happy can be both the toughest and the simplest thing to do! You could give someone their favorite things or just be with them through their rainy day. The key thing to remember is, one sees the world as one is, so...
How to be Happy in Life
How to be happy in life
What is the key to happiness? That's a question we've all asked at least once. Why is it so hard to answer? Here, we list ways to ensure that every day of your life is a happy one.
Bible Verses About Happiness
Bible verse about happiness
Every living being has a different perspective on happiness and also a different meaning and definition of it. What is common on this planet is that happiness is the emotion which makes a life, complete. Over time, many intellectual...
An Epicurean Perspective on Happiness
Epicurus quote on happiness
The philosophical ways of the ancient Greek thinker, Epicurus are not very difficult to understand but very profound and blessed with depth to meditate upon. His perspective on happiness and pleasure is very simple and lucid, he...
Ways to be Happy
Way to be happy
Happiness is a positive state of mind. However, finding out ways to be happy has become a leviathan endeavor in today's stressful environment. Some of the simplest ways to be happy, and remain so are, to look inwards, be grateful,...
The Nature of Happiness
Robert Louis Stevenson quote on happiness
It is a true realization that happiness is best defined neither as a goal achieved, nor a goal established, but rather as the pursuit of that goal. This emotion is contagious. Not only does it make your day, but also it puts a...
Are You Content or Complacent?
Are you content or complacent? quiz
Are you apprehensive about trying out new things, and just prefer your routine all the time? It's good to be happy with what you have, but have you utilized your true potential in life? What you may be thinking to be contentment,...
Quotes About Being Happy
Quote about being happy
The quotes mentioned in this article will definitely change your negative, glass half-empty point of view to glass half-full, provided you practice positivity and swap all your negative thoughts with positive ones.
How to be Happy Being Single
It is true that love makes you happy. But it seems we have absolutely misconstrued that thought and only associate happiness with romantic relationships. Are you single? You are not alone. Just like the millions of happily single...
Relationship Between Age and Happiness
Given the myriad changes in the economy and lifestyle of people all across the world, sociologists and psychologists have been intrigued by the increasing unrest that prevails in our current societies. Happiness, hence, has become...
How to Make Yourself Happy
Happiness is what we are seeking, or what we should be seeking, from our life. However, not many of us can make ourselves happy. This article will help you learn how to make yourself happy.
Things to Make You Happy
Happiness is right around the corner. It is a state of mind made by a choice. All you need to do is open the door and let it in. Open your heart and mind to accept possibilities and do the things midst of a bunkum, called life.