How to Use a Caulking Gun
To fill in cracks in either windows, bathtub, walls, or any other areas around the house, a caulking gun can be quite helpful. Read the Buzzle article to find out how to use the gun correctly.
Nail Gun Safety
When using a nail gun, certain dos and don'ts need to be followed to prevent any kind of mishap. These tools can be dangerous if handled inappropriately.
Simple Machine: Screws
Example of screws - bottle mouth
One of the most important and basic mechanical devices, the screw is used very frequently in our day-to-day life. Right from making toys to assembling vehicular parts, this simple machine is the best fixing medium regarding...
Tips for Choosing a Nail Gun
Tip for choosing a nail gun
Each type of nail gun serves a specific purpose. Therefore, it is a must that you consider where you would like to use the nail gun, for how long, and how often would you be using this power tool.
Types of Drills and their Uses
Types of drills and uses
An extremely versatile tool, the drill is an indispensable part of any tool kit. From simply household repairs that require drilling to DIY projects and heavy-duty work on concrete, the drill can do it all.
Different Types of Wrenches and Their Uses (With Pictures)
Tip to use a hammer with wrenches
Wrenches are used to fasten a joint comprising a nut and bolt. Wrenches are also known as spanners in some parts of the world. They are made from a chromium-vanadium alloy. Chromium plating helps in preventing the wrench from...
Types of Can Openers
Types of can openers
A kitchen must-have, a can opener is used specifically to cut into packaged tin cans. Acquaint yourself with the varieties available in the market.
Different Types of Screw Heads
Types of screw heads
A screw is a shaft which has a groove on its surface. It is designed to hold objects in a certain alignment. There are different types of screw heads which have different applications such as Robertson, Slotted and Polydrive.
10 Types of Hammers and Their Uses
Use of a claw hammer
The history of the hammer can be traced back to around 2,600,000 BCE (Stone Age). Hammers of this time were made of heavy stones of varying shapes and were used to break wood or bone. Modern-day hammers come in various shapes and...
Essential Tools You Should Have in Your Garage
Tip to buy tools for your garage
It's never too late to start a new hobby or restart an old one. We have compiled a beginner's list of some basic tools that all tool enthusiasts must stock in their garage.
Uses of a Ball-peen Hammer
Uses of ball-peen hammer
Small, easy to use, and handy, a ball-peen hammer is an essential tool for metalworkers. Available in various sizes and oz., the smaller ones are used by jewelry makers, whereas the bigger ones are used for shaping metal objects...
Difference Between Electric and Air Impact Wrench
Difference between electric and air impact wrench
Although pneumatic impact wrenches precede electric alternatives, the debate as to which is better is ongoing. It all boils down to personal preference and the amount of torque one needs to get the job done in the shortest span of...
Colonial Blacksmith Tools
The blacksmith was a rather important person during the colonial times. He typically used a number of tools in order to produce various utilitarian and decorative objects needed by the settlers of the colony. Here's a glimpse into...
Air Vs. Electric Tools: Which is Better?
Benefits of pneumatic tools
Professionals and avid DIYers seem to prefer pneumatic tools over electric models because such tools are faster, safer, more efficient, and easy to use. Find out what makes air tools better than electric tools.
Difference Between Shears and Scissors
Difference between shears and scissors
Scissors and shears are different instruments designed for different applications, but are often thought to be the same by many. For better understanding, in this Buzzle article, we shall highlight the main differences between...
How Can a Rusted Screw be Removed
Rusted screws do not budge easily, and you might get really frustrated while trying to remove them. The following Buzzle article will tell you how to remove a rusted screw.
Best Cordless Drills
Drilling may be necessary for any kind of home improvement, big or small. If in a DIY project, you do not want to deal with the hassles of drill machine wires, you can use a cordless drill...
How Does a Cordless Drill Work
If you are curious about how cordless drills work, this article will be an interesting read. Here I explain the working of a cordless power drill in a nutshell.
Carpet Stretcher
Find out how a carpet stretcher works, how to use it, and how to buy the best one.
Miter Saw Reviews
Miter saws are useful tools and are selected depending on the bevel capacity and a few other factors. Read reviews of some good saws in this article.
How to Choose a Table Saw
Table saw is a type of electric saw that is very useful in making wooden furniture. In this article, we will show you how to choose the best table saws in the market.
Stud Finder Reviews
If you want to undertake any home improvement project, you will want to know where are the studs located. The stud finder reviews given below will prove to be of help to you. Scroll down...
Ways to Remove a Stripped Screw
If you've got a stripped screw, and are looking for simple, hassle-free ways to remove it, you've come to the right place. Read the Buzzle article and learn how quickly you can get the issue resolved.
Home Improvement Tools
Fixing a few things yourself around the house definitely saves a lot of time and money. Read the following Buzzle article for a list of home improvement tools every homeowner needs to have in his/her possession.
Chisel Sharpening
Sharpening a chisel should be taken up from time to time so that it continues to work efficiently. This process is not very difficult to do. The following section gives methods to do the same.
How to Remove a Stripped Screw
One of the biggest nuisance that many of us face while doing repairs, is the occurrence of a stripped screw and your inability to successfully remove it. This Buzzle article tells you how to remove a stripped screw from different...
How to Sharpen Scissors
Sharpening scissors can seem a difficult job if not handled well. In the following article we will illustrate how to go about this task in the best possible way.
Circular Saw Cutting Guide
Circular saws are some of the most versatile and widely used tools ever. This article is a short guide on using one.
Drill Bit Sharpening Instructions
Drill bits are cutting tools that are used for different types of drilling. These come in varied sizes, and each has its own functionality. For their proper and efficient functioning, these have to be sharpened from time to time....
Staple Guns for Upholstery
Considered one of the best tools used for stapling, staple guns have applications in various fields. Here is information about electric staplers and staple guns used for upholstery.
How to Use a Torque Wrench
A torque wrench is a complex mechanical device that is used for various tightening purposes. The following article tells us how to use this device.
Types of Hand Saws
One of the most important tools of carpentry, the saw has been in use since ages. Today, different types of hand saws are used in various industries as well as households.