Hair Loss is a major cosmetic problem among young and old, male and female. Hair loss in human beings is usually of a progressive type – growth becomes increasingly sparse in a typical pattern. Total loss of hair (alopecia totalis) is a far more severe variant. When it does occur, the rate is not predictable. We do know that hereditary factors can be involved.

Hair loss can affect people in different ways. Some associate it positively with maturity and the natural winding down of the metabolism. To others, it's nothing less than a natural disaster. The efforts to reverse hair loss cosmetically date back to the earliest annals of recorded history. Egyptian sarcophagi have yielded wigs, and the ancient Greeks expended an enormous amount of time and energy in developing futile hair loss solutions.

Today, America spends close to $1 billion dollars annually, for the development of hair loss solutions. Enormous amount of valid scientific research that has gone into the subject of hair loss. However, not all hair loss solutions are effective, with a lot just being dishonest advertisements and misleading products. Today, hair loss solutions focus on prevention rather than cure for baldness, since this is more realistic and easier to achieve. Moreover, since most cases of progressive hair loss can be identified at an early stage, results are quite satisfactory.
How to Grow Hair Back for Men
How to grow hair back for men is a topic that has been discussed extensively by experts. Here is an article that summarizes different methods that can successfully help to grow hair back faster.
Best Ways to Grow Hair Back Naturally
Are you suffering from hair fall and want to know how to prevent it and grow your hair back? Well, there are many natural ways to grow long, lustrous hair that is healthy and shiny.
Regrow Hair Naturally
Tip to regrow hair
In order to regrow hair naturally, one needs to have food that favor hair regrowth. Adequate rest is equally important to stimulate hair regrowth.
Hairpieces for Women with Thinning Hair
Hairpieces are a great option for women who are suffering from thinning hair. Here's more on the different types and styles of hairpieces that one could use.
Regrow Thinning Hair Naturally
Regrow thinning hair naturally
Losing the glory you once possessed is a trauma -- far traumatizing than you can imagine. Majority may wonder if the regrowth of hair is possible. Enough said, genes mustn't bear all the brunt. An urgent acknowledgment is a must...
How to Grow Hair Back in a Bald Spot
Growing hair in a bald spot
There are many people who want to grow hair back in a bald spot. Here we throw some light on how to make hair grow on a bald spot, as well as how to grow hair back after chemotherapy.
Vitamins to Stop Hair Loss
Vitamins to stop hair loss
One of the most common gestures used by people is the adjusting of hair. But what does one do when hair loss increases? Befriend vitamins and make hair loss a part of the past.
Hair Loss Solutions for Men
Hair loss solution for men - massage scalp
Hair loss in men could be a serious problem. It not only changes the way you look but also lowers one's confidence level and makes them feel less desirable. This article gives a range of hair loss solutions for men you would want...
How to Grow Hair Back After Chemo
Growing back hair after chemo
Chemotherapy is dreaded because of its hair loss side effect. Women find it emotionally challenging to deal with this side effect of chemotherapy. However, the hair loss caused by chemo is only temporary in most cases, and begins...
How to Stop Hair Loss in Teenagers
More and more youngsters are complaining about hair fall problems. This post will discuss as to why and how to stop hair loss in teenagers...
Mesotherapy to Replenish Hair Loss
Mesotherapy is a highly effective cosmetic treatment for those who are plagued by the problem of thinning hair. Find out more on this technique from this article...
How to Reverse Hair Loss
There are several reasons for hair loss both in men and women. However, by practicing some very simple remedies such as having a proper diet, drinking lots of water, and doing yoga can make a lasting effect.
What is a Laser Comb?
A laser comb is a device configured to treat the scalp with laser beams for promoting hair growth. But, does it really work in hair restoration? And what about the adverse effects of using this device? To get your doubts cleared,...
Hair Loss Treatment
Hair loss is a very common condition that affects most people at some time in their lives. A good hair loss solution deals with the root causes, and helps in inducing regrowth of the hair. This article provides information on the...
Aldactone for Hair Loss
Aldactone is a potassium-sparing diuretic that is mostly recommended for treating edema, hypertension, and primary hyperaldosteronism. It might be recommended for treating women affected by hirsutism or pattern loss due to an...
How to Regrow Hairline
Regrowing hair on a receding hairline is possible with the help of natural methods. Presented below are tips and techniques to regrow hairline naturally.
Products for Hair Regrowth
When you are on the verge of losing hair, hair regrowth products seem like a great idea. This article will help you choose the best products for hair regrowth.
Receding Hairline Treatment
Many men are affected by the problem of receding hairline, which is a type of patterned baldness. The following article provides information about the various treatment options available for this condition.
Regrow Hair Naturally for Women
To regrow your hair, you need to fight the causes of hair loss and use simple remedies to foster the growth of beautiful long hair. Read on to know more about the ways to regrow hair naturally.
Hair Loss Solutions for Women
Use of topical products such as Minoxidil and Nizoral shampoo are often recommended to boost hair regrowth in women. On the other hand, menopausal women can reduce their hair fall problems by taking hormone replacement therapy.
How to Regrow Hair Fast
If the thinning hair and receding hairline are killing your looks, then this Buzzle article is for you. Take a look at the common reasons of hair loss, and enjoy healthy and thick hair with the help of the simple hair growth...
How to Grow Hair Back Quickly
There are certain ways that are believed to be effective in growing hair back fast and naturally. This article provides some ways and tips that might prove beneficial.
Hair Regrowth Treatment
Hair loss is a common problem for men and surprisingly, for an increased number of women. However, there are many treatments available today to regrow the hair. This article provides information regarding the same.