Hairstyles for Women Over 60
There are many great hairstyles for women over 60, that can bring a new look and make the hair more manageable. Read on...
Hairstyles for Fine Hair
If there's one type of hair texture that's easy to play and experiment with, then it is definitely got to be fine hair. This article from Buzzle promises to dismiss false notions about fine hair as well as offers some fabulous...
Easy Instructions to Make a Bow out of Your Hair
Steps to make a hair bow
You can use varied accessories on your hair, or you can use hair as an accessory itself! Yes, whether your hair's curly or straight, you can make an easy bow from it. We show you how, with step-by-step instructions, in this Buzzle...
Stacked Haircut
A stacked haircut can transform your plain boring hair into something very flamboyant.
Cute Hairstyles for Thin Hair
Cute hairstyles for thin hair
If you think that just because you have thin hair, you can't have fun with it, you're in for a more than pleasant surprise. Glamorize your locks by using these fantastic ideas and watch as heads turn.
Medieval Hairstyles
Fact about women in medieval period
The medieval age was considered as an era of elegance and grace, where women were seen adorning various types of headgear and hairstyles. Go through this article on Buzzle to find out more about these hairstyles and the various...
Hairstyles for Eyeglass Wearers
Hairstyles for eyeglass wearers
Many eyeglass wearers can change the way they look with the correct hairstyle that suits their eyeglass frames. The following article will help you learn some exciting hairdos that suit your eyeglass frame.
Short Hair Styles for Older Women
Women in their 50s or 60s can look stylish yet matured by flaunting short hair styles. To know some of the popular short hair styles for older women, keep reading this article.
Ways to Do Your Hair
Three ways to do your hair
With a million ways to do your hair, there's not a slightest chance that you'd have a bad hair day. Read on to know what's the best hairstyle for you.
Steps to Tease Thin Hair
Teasing hair is quite in vogue today, as it is not only stylish but also easy to sport. This hairstyle uplifts the volume of thin hair and is worth a try. We have tried to explain the steps of teasing thin hair in this article.
Interesting Hawaiian Flower Hairstyles
Beautiful hairstyles with Hawaiian flowers
If flowers accentuate your hairstyle quotient, Hawaiian flowers styled in waves and bangs of hair is a great styling option for you. Treat your hair with chic Hawaiian flower hairstyles for a sandy and ocean drenched look. Read on...
Short Neck Hairstyles
Looking to get a new haircut, but you have a short neck and don't quite know what look to go for? Let's figure out a few solutions for you in this article.
Edgy Haircuts for Girls
Edgy haircut for girls
If you are looking for a makeover, then why not try something dramatic and bold. There are many edgy haircuts that you can choose from to give yourself a new look.
How to Make Thin Hair Look Thicker
To make thin hair look thicker is not as difficult these days, as it was probably two decades ago. There are tons of things you can do to make your mane look fuller and plumper. Some of them have a mention in this article. Check...
Ways to Style Thick Hair
Style options for thick hair
Thick hair, due to their extreme volume, can be difficult to style. However, there are many ways to style thick hair that look great only on this type of hair structure. Check out these great ideas on styling thick hair...
Popular Hairstyles of the 1950s
Along with some of the best accessories and clothes from this decade, there were popular hairstyles of the 1950s which shot to fame. To find some specifics, read into the coming up article for the same.
How to Tattoo Hair
Tips to tattoo hair
Have you ever thought that you could tattoo hair? Today, we can! If you want to know how to tattoo hair and what a hair tattoo means in the first place, the article below will help you with some information. Also mentioned are some...
How to Thin Hair without Thinning Shears
Too thick hair can be a pain to manage and can sometimes lack style too. Here are various ways to thin hair without thinning shears, that will help you get rid of excess hair.
Hair Setting Techniques
Every woman has different hair quality. It may differ in thickness as well as length. It is often hard to manage thick and frizzy hair. So, here are a few hair setting methods, that would give you a quick, clean, and trendy look....
Hair Tattoo Designs
Hair tattoo designs are the latest craze and sports themes, tribal art, wild animal designs and flowers are some of the popular themes among young men and women.
Wet Hairstyles
You just finished shampooing your hair, and have 5 minutes to style your wet hair into something that look good. Here are some quick fixes to help style wet hair into something gorgeous!
Hair Styling Tips
Everyone known some hair styling tips which work for their own hair. However, there are certain aspects, which need expert advice. Find some useful tips in this article.
Crazy Hairstyles
If you are confused about the type of hairstyle you would be sporting on the crazy hair day, here are a few wacky hairstyles that you could try.
Hairstyles for Thin Hair
With the right hairstyle, you can add texture and volume to your hair, and make it look stylish...
Haircuts for a Receding Hairline
With age, the hairline gets pushed back. When this happens, men and women feel horrible. Given in this article are some haircuts that will help you look amazing even though your hairline is receding.
1970s Hairstyles
The 1970s hairstyles was all about attitude and maintaining a natural look. If you want to recreate any of the 70s hairstyles, here are some tips and tricks you can try to complete your seventies look.
Ponytail Hairstyles
There are more ponytail hairstyles than you think. Here are ideas that will help you create various styles of ponytail that you can try...
Cute Ways to do Your Hair
Do you want a change from the pinned up look you wear to work every day? Try one of these cute ways to style your hair, and get a refreshing change.
Edgy Haircuts
If you are bored of your plain straight hair, then this article would help you with some edgy haircuts ideas, according to your hair length, thus, adding volume and style to your hair.
Unique Hairstyles
Paris Hilton has very rightly said, "Life is too short to blend in!" and we couldn't agree more. Layers, steps, pixies, waves, and bangs are passé and too mainstream. Yes, we are talking about hairstyles. If you want to...
Indie Hairstyles for Girls
Read on to learn about how to cut and style your hair into cool-looking indie hairstyles.
Drawstring Ponytails
If you are feeling bored with your current hairstyle, and are in the mood to sport a ponytail, all you need to do, is get your hands on a drawstring ponytail. This write-up provides information on this type of hairpiece.
Tousled Hairstyles
Tousled hairstyles are very popular right now. It has all to do about looking effortlessly chic and sexy.
Old Hollywood Hairstyles
Old Hollywood hairstyles have made a comeback and you can see most stars wearing them on the red carpet. To recreate the same style at home, read this article.
Feathered Hair
A retro-themed party will need you to copy the clothing and hairstyles from the '60s and '70s. Feathered hair was huge in the late '70s and is a haircut that is also making a comeback.
Elegant Hairstyles
Looking for some easy hairstyles to wear for your friend's wedding or an office party? Well, there are many ways in which you can create elegant hairstyles.
Different Hairstyles
There are so many different hairstyles, that you can surely find some that are suitable for you. When you are looking to create a statement, choose a hairstyle that is glamorous and stylish.
Pageboy Hairstyle
The pageboy hairstyle has been made popular by many celebrities, and is one of the best hairstyles for short hair. There are many different variations of this hairstyle.
Spiky Hairstyles
Wearing spiky hairstyles has no doubt been a trend for some years now. If you haven't tried this look ever and now want to experiment, we will help you along.
How to Thin Your Hair
Want to know how to thin your hair? Here are ways to that will help you achieve a sleeker hair look.
Side Ponytail Hairstyles
Though the basic ponytail has always been considered one of the most functional hairdos for workplace, or for bad hair days when you don't wish to wear your hair down, many celebrities are now donning the formal, low side ponytail...
Bump Hairstyles
Here are simple and cute bump hairstyle ideas which you can try out easily at home...
Anime Hairstyles
Have you been watching too much anime these days? And thinking about getting those funky anime hairstyles? Then, use these steps to get such styles...
Vintage Hairstyles
Vintage hairstyles are classic chic. These styles are easy to do, and you can try them at home. This article takes you through the steps for top reverse rolls, the vintage updo, and the pompadour.
Do It Yourself Hairstyles
You do not need a hairstylist to style your hair in an elegant and unique way. There are tons of options for do it yourself hairstyles that will make you stand out.
Hairstyles for Asian Girls
Asian hair are smooth and silky, moreover, they are super straight. This makes styling them easier and more fun. Listed below are a few Asian hairstyles for girls.
How to Wrap Hair
Here are some methods of wrapping your hair. These will help you try some fun hairstyles, along with protecting your hair from damage.
Trendy Hairstyles for Girls
It's amazing what a haircut can do to one's features; it can transform the way you look and feel, instantly. You're more self-assured and ready to take on anything that comes your way. Don't choose a haircut that's too old-fashioned...
New Modern Hairstyles for Women
Forget bad hair days! Here are some cool ideas for modern hairstyles for women, which can pep up a boring day at work and cause quite a few women to go green with envy!
Hairstyles for Women from the Seventies
70s hairstyles for women
The best of the '70s is making a comeback; runways and fashion houses are bringing the best of this era back, not just with fashion, but hair and makeup too. If there's one thing we love, it's a good, old-fashioned hairstyle right...
Trendy Hairstyles for Women Over 40
Low chignon - A trendy hairstyle for women over 40
A good hairstyle is one that suits your face structure and is age-appropriate. Mature women should always make sure that their hairstyle looks graceful and elegant. Here are some of the best hairstyles for women over 40.
Hairstyles for Thick Hair
Hairstyles for thick hair
Although thick hair is prone to dryness and frizziness, there are many hairstyles that are suitable for thick hair. Here we bring to you some hairstyles that are ideal for women with thick tresses.
Hairstyles for Women Over 50
Hairstyles for women over 50
Are you looking for hairstyles for women over 50? Get to know some great women over 50 hairstyles.
Haircuts and Hairstyles for Fine Hair
Feathered layers to add volume to hair
Styling fine hair can be quite a task, we agree. But contrary to popular belief, fine hair can be worked on and made to look really glamorous. How does one go about doing that? Well, the right haircut and styling is the key.
Hairstyles for Older Women
Short hairstyles for older women
A woman tends to get bored with her appearance quite easily. With age, comes many responsibilities that take up a lot of time and effort in a woman's life. Are you looking for some easy ideas to give yourself a makeover and are...
Hairstyles for Women with Big Noses
Hairstyle tip for women with big noses
Hiding in the closet just because you have a prominent nose is definitely not a solution. Instead, follow some tips for hairstyles for women with large noses, which would help you to feel confident from within!
1950s' Hairstyles
Marilyn Monroe '50s hairstyle
Hairstyles in the 1950s were more about soft curls, and ranged from the simple, classic ponytail for long hair to the poodle cut for women with short, curly hair. Let's take a look at the hairstyles that clearly defined the best of...
80s' Hairstyles
80s women hairstyle
80s' hairstyles were huge, colorful and even mildly funny at times. Many pop stars and movie idols popularized these hairdos and fashion trends. Crazy fans followed their idols blindly, and didn't mind experimenting with their hair...
Haircuts for Straight Hair
Haircuts for straight hair
"...rippling and shining like a cascade of brown water." When I started writing about the various haircuts and styles for straight hair, it reminded me of this line from O. Henry's "The gift of Magi". For me,...
1940s' Hairstyles
1940s hairstyle
Elegant, chic, and meticulously-styled are the terms that best describe the hairstyles of the 1940s. Take a look at some vintage styles that were a rage in those days.
Crazy Hair Day Ideas
Hairstyles for crazy hair day
Most kids are extremely excited about donning a wacky hairdo for the crazy hair day at school. If this day is just around the corner, you must try to think about unique hairstyles that would be just perfect for this day. Try to be...
Famous Hairstyles
Famous hairstyles
From the Farrah Flip to the Rachel hairstyle, we have witnessed many sought-after and famous hairstyles in our time. Some hairstyles have made their home in our fondest of memories and some have been labeled as the worst hairdos of...
Crazy Hair Day Ideas for Girls
Crazy hair day ideas for girls
Are you aghast at the declaration of a crazy hair day for girls? Whether it's school or a pajama party at your buddy's inn, crazy hair day ideas will have you attract all the attention ... for the good!
How to Tease Hair
Steps to tease hair
Teasing or backcombing is an easy way to make your hair look voluminous. Here are some simple tips to tease your hair in a proper manner.
Instructions for Victorian Era Hairstyles
Steps for Victorian era hairstyle - crimping
Characterized by beauty and elegance, the Victorian era hairstyles ranged from remarkably simple styles such as the loop hairstyle to complex hairstyles like the elaborate chignons. Buzzle provides some easy Victorian hairstyles...
Undercut Hairstyles for Women
Our cogent plea to try the sensuous, androgynous undercut hairstyle will leave you with zero regrets once you give this trend a go. Not only will you love the results, but you'll be trying all sorts of techniques that embody the...
What Does Your Hairstyle Say About You?
What your hairstyle says about you
Are you planning to get a new hairstyle, which will complement your personality, but do not know which to opt for? Like your clothes and attitude, your hairstyle also reflects a lot about your personality. Buzzle will help you to...
Funky Skater Haircuts for Guys and Girls
Funky skater hairstyles
If you are rebellious, independent, and free-spirited in nature with a skater attitude, then, this Buzzle post shares some spunky, funky, skater haircut ideas for guys and girls to sport in style!
16 Nice Pompadour Hairstyles to Try
Pompadour hairstyles for men and women
Pompadour hairstyle is an all-time classic that has become quite popular in recent years, especially among celebrities. Whether you want to sport an edgy or traditional style, here are some nice ideas along with short descriptions...
Hairstyle and Haircut Image Library
Reinvent yourself with a new hairstyle
A hairstyle can make or break the way a person looks. Goes without saying that, we should sport a haircut that suits our face type. But that isn't as easy to determine as it sounds. Maybe this gallery packed with hairstyle images...
8 Protective Hairstyles for Natural Hair
Tip for styling protective hairstyle
Protective hairstyles help protect your hair from external elements and also enhance your appearance by giving you a new look. If you're game to try a new hairdo, Buzzle gives you a list of protective hairstyles for natural hair.
14 Gorgeous Hairstyles that Go with One-shoulder Dresses
Hairstyle that goes with one-shoulder dress
A one-shoulder dress is always complemented by a perfect and simple hairstyle. If you're searching for an elegant, fuss-free hairstyle to match your attire, we have fleshed out 14 best hairstyles that will rock a one-shoulder dress.
Easy-to-do Hairstyles
Easy-to-do hairstyles
Who wouldn't like a new hairstyle on an everyday basis, with the minimum fuss and requirement? Fortunately, there are some really easy-to-do hairstyles, like French braids, for instance, that one can sport everyday.
Disco Hairstyles
Disco hairstyles
While disco was a popular music genre, it also spanned a cultural movement in its own right which affected the way people dressed and also the different hairstyles that people sported.
Hairstyles for Plus Size Women
Your hair is one of your best assets. Here are a few hairstyles for women who are a bit on the heavy side to bring out the best in them.
How to Thin Hair at Home
Hair thinning, also known as hair texturing is done to make very thick hair appear less poofy. Although hair thinning is best done at a salon, you can do it at home too.
Chin-length Hairstyles
Chin length hairstyles
There are many chin-length hairstyles one can go for. One can go for layers, bob, razor, choppy, etc. Read on...
Best Low Maintenance Hairstyles
Low maintenance hairstyle - fringe
Hairstyles come in many lengths, cuts and shapes. But with a complicated hairstyle comes a lot of maintenance! Here are some trendy hairstyles which needs very less maintenance...
Romantic Valentine's Day Hair and Makeup Ideas for Women
Valentine's day hair and makeup ideas for women
Whether it's a quiet, candlelit dinner at home or a night on the town, how you style your hair and do the makeup matters a lot. To help you concentrate on finalizing the plans for the night, this Buzzle post will take all the...
Summer Hairstyles of 2015
Summer hairstyle - choppy layered
Looking for the perfect hairstyle this summer? You're definitely on the right page. Given below are some of the best summer hairstyles of 2015 for both men and women.
Spiky Hairstyle Ideas for Women
Spiky hairstyles are not only popular with men, but also among women. There are lots of style choices and options available for women that can make them look sexy and chic with the same.
Rock Hairstyles
Do you want to sport one of those rock hairstyles that your favorite rock star has been flaunting? Read the following article to know how you can style them to resemble a rock star's mane.
Razor Cut Hairstyles
Razor cut hairstyles are becoming increasingly popular. This article lists some trendy styles for men and women.
Semi-formal Hairstyles
Of the many semi-formal hairstyles, choosing the right one to complete your overall attire for any event is imperative. Read the following article to find out how you can carry off your tresses in different styles for the event.
Everyday Hairstyles
Every woman dreams to sport a different hairstyle everyday. Here are some tips that can help you acquire the look you want.
Evening Hairstyles
There are various options of evening formal hairstyles. Here, are some tips and ideas that will help you select the right one according to the occasion.
Winter Hairstyles
This winter season you can wear some beautiful hairstyles to show off your winter outfits. In this article, we are going to discuss some winter hairstyles that can be easily styled at home.
Hairstyles for Men and Women Over 40
Looking for over 40 hairstyles that are modern and elegant? Find information regarding hairstyles for mature men and women in this article.
Popular Mexican Hairstyles for Guys and Girls
Mexican hairstyles for guys and girls
Latina women are known for their thick and luscious hair. Even the men flaunt some of the coolest hairstyles around. It's time get some inspiration from them, as we present some popular Mexican hairstyles for guys and girls, in...
Amazing Rockabilly Hairstyles for Men and Women
Rockabilly hairstyles for men and women
Bold and super glamorous, rocking in the rockabilly style is not everyone's cup of tea. Buzzle helps you to get the perfect look with some chic rockabilly hairstyles for men and women. Add a dash of confidence and you are ready to...
Expert Tips to Choose Earrings that Perfectly Suit Your Hairstyle
Earrings suiting hairstyle
Wearing different styles of earrings allow you to experiment with your look. But earrings that don't complement your attire or hairstyle can either make or break the look. Let this Buzzle article be your guide to choose the right...
How to Match Your Hairstyle with Your Dress
Tip to match your hairstyle with your dress
Dresses and tresses go hand in hand; and when it comes to dressing up for an event, you have to give attention to how you're going to do your hair. So, if you want some ideas and suggestions on how to go about it, take a look at...
Blunt Hairstyles 2012
Last year, layered hairstyles were all the rage, but this year, blunt haircuts and hairstyles are back in fashion. If you want to know about trendy blunt hairstyles 2012, then read on...
New Hairstyles for 2012
Sleeker choppy layered short hairstyles are in this year. While, women with long hair can sport long sexy curls. Here are various new fashionable hairstyles for this year with pictures.
2012 Hair Trends
Braids, flapper hair accessories, choppy haircuts and skinny highlights are the rage this year. If you are bored with your overgrown hair then it is time to get trendy with these styles..
Formal Hairstyles 2012
Thinking, what are the popular evening hairstyles for this year? Here are various ideas on easy formal hairstyles for short, medium and long hair.
Spring 2012 Hair Trends
Spring 2012 is here! And has brought with it a flurry of hair trends that are simply yet classy and fun. Have a peek at these spring hair trends and update yourself.
Modern Hairstyles 2018
A fast paced life leaves little room for hair worries. And when you see the lineup of modern hairstyles that 2018 has in store, you'll see that they do not need much maintenance. Take a look at the refreshing looks of this year.
Best Haircuts to Make You Look Younger
Haircuts to make you look younger
The very first thing people seem to notice in you, is your hair and it can say a lot about your age, personality and style. Trimming your tresses can help you trim a decade! This article helps you with some of the best haircuts to...
Cute Summer Hairstyles
Want to survive the summer heat and still look your best; choose from some of these cute summer hairstyles, for different hair lengths, and beat the heat with your charm.
Hair Fashion for Older Women
Hair fashion for older women should be such, that they must make you look younger. Read this article if you're looking out for such styles.
Summer Haircuts
Get ready to sizzle this summer with some of these ideas for summer haircuts. Read on to know about some useful tips to create and maintain these elegant and presentable hairstyles.