The craze for silky straight hair has, is, and will continue to drive women to look out for the best hair straightening options available. Erica Feldman was the first one to invent heating rods for straightening hair in 1872. Over the years, there have been a variety of hair straighteners, right from hair irons, to chemical solutions, etc.

Types of Hair Straighteners
The most common hair straightening method is blow-drying after a hair wash. However, since this method is time-consuming, and not long-lasting, it hasn't gained popularity.The Sedu hair straighteners are very popular today; endorsed and used by many celebrities. This flat iron straightener straightens all kinds of hair, even if your locks are rough, curly, or untamed. The effects are dramatically long-lasting. The Sedu hair straightener is made from patented ceramic or tourmaline plates. This gives it the capacity to work without pulling or tearing off the hair. Improving on many other hair straighteners, it works well for colored hair, and is able to withstand heat and light for a long time.

You can also choose the steam iron hair straightener, whose technology is similar to the iron used for ironing clothes. However it has its limitations. Although good for straightening wavy hair, it is not very effective for curly hair. Chemical hair straighteners are also a good option for many. This was first developed in Japan, and is especially good for hair that not been treated before. The effect is long-lasting, which means it lasts until the hair grows or is restyled. However, there are complains of hair damage, thus, it is important to use high quality products to protect your hair.

Ionic hair restructuring is another way to straighten hair. In this method, water molecules are allowed to enter the hair structures, in order to hydrate them from within. The procedure could take as much as three hours, as it involves shampooing, applying the ionic protector, a pre-treatment spray, and then the application of a relaxant. It lasts for about 3 to 4 months, or until it the hair grows.

Chemical hair straighteners or relaxing solutions may also be used. Stylists are the ones who handle chemical straighteners, because if used incorrectly they can cause irreversible hair damage. While using chemical straighteners, the hair needs to be combed carefully, so as to make sure the solution reaches every strand. After 5 to 10 minutes, the chemicals have to be cleaned out quickly, as exceeding the stipulated time can cause hair damage.

Some Tips on Hair Straightening
The most convenient hair straightener available is 'Sedu', which is also the most popular one among users. Made from tourmaline material it discharges ions that are good for the hair, and actually helps in maintaining the strength of the hair follicle. However, to make it work best, we suggest the following tips:

♦ Always shampoo your hair before using a hair straightener.
♦ Make sure your hair is completely dry before you iron it.
♦ For the best results, straighten your hair small portions at a time. This makes sure that every strand gets the soft look.
♦ Use smaller Sedu flat irons for shorter hair, and wider ones for longer hair.
♦ As the Sedu hair straightener lets you adjust the temperature, makes sure that you set it appropriately. The recommended temperatures are – low for fine or damaged hair, medium for normal hair, and high for coarse or very curly hair.
♦ You could use an additional conditioner like a hair serum for a softer look.

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