Coconut or Argan Oil - Which Oil to Use for Your Hair?
Comparison between coconut and argan oil
Regular application of coconut or argan oil can help you enjoy youthful skin and silky hair. Buzzle throws light on different useful properties of these oils. It will help you to choose the right type for your skin and hair.
Rosemary Oil for Hair
The use of rosemary oil for hair can benefit your hair in many ways. You can also combine it with other oils for better results. The following write-up provides information on this oil.
Olive Oil Uses: Olive Oil Hair Treatment
Very popular for its health benefits, olive oil is also good for the strength and vitality of your hair. This article deals with olive oil hair treatment.
Sesame Oil for Hair
Regular application of sesame oil results in a shiny and gorgeous crown. Leaf through this article to know about the benefits of this wonderful oil and how it can be used for hair care.
Olive Oil to Stop Hair Loss
Regular application of olive oil is known to be very beneficial to the hair, and massages of the same can help achieve hair growth and prevent hair loss. Read this Buzzle article to know more about the advantages of this oil in...
Argan Oil for Hair
Want soft, silky and glossy hair? Then it is time to add argan oil to your hair care regimen. Here we will take a look at some of the best brands of argan oil and how this oil can help to give your tresses a shiny and healthy look.
Jojoba Oil for Hair Growth
Jojoba oil is a liquid wax, derived from the seeds of jojoba plant. This oil has been known to mankind for ages, for its moisturizing and emollient properties. Today, it is mainly used for skin care and for stimulating hair growth.
Safflower Oil for Hair Growth
Safflower oil is extremely beneficial for the hair, because of its moisturizing and healing properties. This Buzzle article explains how regular use of the oil can improve the hair quality.
Benefits of Neem Oil for Hair
The effectiveness of neem oil for the hair has been proven and its use has been endorsed since ages. Its antibacterial properties make it the number one choice to treat hair problems like dandruff, dry scalp, lice, hair fall, and...
Macadamia Nut Oil For Hair
Have you heard about the benefits of macadamia nut oil for the hair? Well, macadamia nut oil is very good for rejuvenating dull, damaged and limp hair. It not only moisturizes the hair but strengthens the hair tremendously. Let us...
Avocado Oil for Hair
Avocado oil for hair
Avocado oil has a number of benefits and uses, and its use in hair care is one of its most important benefits. It is an edible oil that is extracted from the avocado fruit pulp and has a sweet and nutty aroma. It has a light...
Vitamin E Oil for Hair to Bring Back the Lost Shine
Vitamin E oil for hair
Vitamin E oil does wonders for hair growth and hair repair. Vitamin E is also plays a vital role in nourishing skin. Healthy consumption of Vitamin E can prove beneficial for both your hair and skin.
Castor Oil for Hair
Castor oil benefit for hair
Prevents hair loss, keeps hair soft and shiny and .... Learn more about the munificent benefits of castor oil for hair.
Garlic Oil for Hair
Benefits of garlic oil for hair
For thousands of years, it is known to mankind that garlic has excellent medicinal qualities. It is considered as one of the oldest known herb. If you use garlic oil on your hair regularly, it can help you to get rid of a number of...
Using Peppermint Oil for Healthy, Fluffy, and Shiny Hair
Peppermint oil benefits for hair
Peppermint oil, a quondam cure for digestive disorders, has been proven effective in providing the much-required nourishment to hair. An optimum hair care regimen can be devised to achieve long and beautiful hair.
Eucalyptus Oil for Hair
Eucalyptus oil is derived from the fresh leaves of certain species of trees that belong to the genus Eucalyptus. This oil possesses several important medicinal properties and promotes healthy growth of hair.
Enumerating the Benefits of Using Lavender Oil for Hair Growth
Lavender oil for hair growth
Use of lavender oil for hair growth is very popular and is known to be really effective. This oil has a number of benefits which make it a perfect essential oil for solving hair loss problem.
Coconut Oil for Hair Growth
Coconut oil for hair growth
Proper hair care basically includes moisturizing and cleaning, which help eradicate problems like, hair breakage, split ends, dryness, thinning, excessive hair fall, dandruff, etc. The benefits of natural oils have been...
Olive Oil for Hair Growth
Olive oil for hair
Olive oil is antifungal by nature, but tea tree oil is a very potent antifungal oil. To get rid of dandruff apply a mixture of 3 tbsp. olive oil and 7-10 drops of tea tree oil. Keep overnight. Shampoo the hair next day. To...
Almond Oil for Hair
Almond oil benefits for hair
Here, we describe the benefits of almond oil for hair which is fast becoming a popular hair care product.
Essential Oils for Hair Growth
Essential oils for hair growth
Few people are aware about which type of hair oil improves hair growth. Coconut oil is a good hair care product; it helps maintain hair shine and health. However, it is not as effective as other 'special' oils, when it comes to...
Best Oil for Hair
Best oil for hair
To overcome hair problems like thinning of hair and to transform dull hair into shiny locks, it is essential to use the best oil for hair.
Best Essential Oils for Hair
Tea tree oil for hair
Essential oils have been used since a long time for hair growth and hair care. The best part about using these oils is that they are natural and exhibit no side effects.
Essential Oils for Hair Breakage
Lavender oil for hair damage
If you have tried every type of cosmetic product for hair loss without noticing any improvement, then you should try certain natural alternatives. Opt for essentials oils that promote hair growth and boost the volume of your hair.
Essential Oils for Hair
A luxuriant mane is always the neighbor's envy and the owner's pride! Hair care has always ranked prominently among mankind's personal grooming activities. Essential oils for hair have been prescribed and used since ages to enhance...
Tea Tree Oil for Hair
Using tea tree oil for your hair can actually serve multiple purposes and help you to keep your mane sane. Read the following article to know all about tea tree oil for hair growth, hair loss, and lice infestation.
Carrot Oil for Hair Growth
Most of us are unknown about the use of carrot oil for hair growth. In the article coming up, we have put together some valuable information about the same, so keep reading and use the benefits.
Sunflower Oil for Hair
Sunflower oil contains a wide range of nutrients that are beneficial for the health of hair. Go through this article for some information about the use of this oil for hair care.
Virgin Coconut Oil for Hair Growth
Use of virgin coconut oil on hair may bring about improvement in the overall hair health. This article provides a brief overview of the importance of this oil for hair.
Clary Sage Oil for Hair
Clary sage oil helps prevent dandruff and strengthens the hair follicles, thereby preventing hair loss. It has other therapeutic uses and benefits like promoting tranquility, regulating menstruation, and also acts as an...
Ginger Oil for Hair
Ginger oil for the hair is one of the many benefits this oil has to its credit. Ginger oil is known to enhance scalp health, reduce dandruff and improve the condition of dull hair. Read on to know more.
Aromatherapy Oils for Hair
Aromatherapy oils for hair such as lavender oil, rosemary oil, etc. when mixed together and massaged onto the scalp enhance healthy hair growth. This article dwells on aromatherapy hair care...
Emu Oil Benefits for Hair
Due to its regenerative, anti-inflammatory properties which are an effective remedy against hair loss, emu oil has become widely popular. This Buzzle article provides a list of uses of emu oil for hair.
Jojoba Oil for Hair and Skin Care
Jojoba oil is extracted from the crushed bean of jojoba seeds. This article highlights the importance of jojoba oil for hair and skin care.