How to Paint a Guitar
Tips to paint a guitar
A majority of guitar players opt to paint their guitar themselves. They do it just because it would give their guitar a different and unique appearance ...
Things to Consider Before Buying Your First Guitar
Things to consider before buying your first guitar
Your first guitar will not only serve as a tool for expressing your feelings through music, it will also become your closest companion. So, before you bestow your trust in just about any guitar, here are a few things to consider...
How to Pick the Right Case for Your Guitar
Picking the right case for your guitar
A case is an essential accessory to go along with your favorite guitar. This Buzzle post will help you shortlist the perfect case for your instrument.
Do It Yourself Guitar Repair
Pro-guitarists who have been playing for a long time have mastered the art of repairing the guitar on their own. Here is a guide which will prove helpful to carry out minor running repairs or prevent further damage before a...
Different Types of Guitars
One may get confused while buying a guitar, as there are different types of guitars to choose from. Each of them has a unique shape, size and sound. Read on to know which of these guitars suits your style...
Guitar Brands List
With so many top names providing quality equipment to choose from, it ends up as the guitar that suits your specific style. Whatever playing level you're at, there's a guitar with your name on it.
21 Accessories Every Guitarist Should Have
Accessories for guitarists
Apart from talent and the basic know-how of playing an instrument, a guitarist should also possess a few essential accessories. This includes a tuner, an amplifier, a capo, and many more. This Buzzle post will get you acquainted...
Guitar Brands Comparison
In the modern era, the soaring popularity of guitars has prompted the growth of several brands. This Buzzle article provides comparison of various brands so that you can choose the best model that will provide the right combination...
Open D Tuning
Playing an open D tuned guitar can be quite easy, using just one fretting finger. This article comprises information on open D tuning.
Best Distortion Pedal
Choosing the best distortion pedal for metal and rock music completely depends on the type of tone you want to create. Read on to know more about some good distortion pedals.
How to Clean a Guitar
Musicians worship their instruments and keep them clean always. If you are on your way to become one the best musicians of your time, you should first learn to take care of your musical instrument and try to keep it as clean as...
Engraved Guitar Picks
Every guitarist knows the importance of a pick. Picks are not just for playing the instrument, but also make for great gifts and souvenirs. This article lists the different types of materials used to make the picks and those that...
Alternate Guitar Tuning
A tuning style that is completely different from the normal and regular style, alternate tuning is used by guitarists who are a lot into guitar playing. This article states the basics and gives out a few pointers for the beginners...
How to Tune a Guitar Online
Did you know that if you didn't have a chromatic tuner, you could still tune your guitar? Online guitar tuning is the technique we are talking about here. Read this article to find out more about the same.
Interesting Facts about Guitars
Fact about oldest guitar
The guitar is a stringed musical instrument. Traditionally, it was strung with six flexible material lengths kept under tension. Today, this musical instrument not only comes in four, seven, eight, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen,...