Sparta Vs. Athens
Sparta and Athens - these two city-states have been credited for being the cradle of western civilization. They had a few things in common, and throughout history, they were at war with each other for domination and supremacy.
9 Vacation Spots in Greece You Must Visit
Planning a vacation to the country of ruins and don't know which vacation spots to prioritize? Buzzle lists the 9 most famous places in Greece; places every traveler should visit, at least once in his lifetime.
Ancient Greece Geography
The geography of ancient Greece actually relates to the lands traversed by the nomadic Stone Age man. It was only later, when the hunters and farmers settled down to establish civilizations that the terrain was further defined by...
Ancient Greek Coins
The Greeks are everywhere in the history; but they have created even bigger art. A testament to the Greek perfectionism, the ancient Greek coins, have been a rage among the numismatists world over.
Greek Islands
Greek islands are a haven of beauty and tranquility and have lots of fun in store! Be it the sandy beaches or an amazing nightlife, read on for some interesting facts about the islands of Greece, that would surely make you pack...
Agoge: The Education and Training System of Spartans
Agoge structure
The famous education and training system of the Spartans, the agoge, was a subject of controversy even back in the ancient world. Mystifying and rigorous, this system strove hard to produce citizens who were worthy of Spartan...
Famous Places in Greece
Famous places in Greece
A country that has some of the most spectacular sights and monuments of great architectural splendor, Greece has always been among the most-visited tourist destinations in the world. While the entire country has brilliant spots to...
Greece Facts: Interesting Facts About Greece
Fact about Greece
Greece is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Its rich culture, mild to temperate weather and gorgeous coastline makes it a favorite destination for tourists the world over. Here are some interesting facts about Greece.
Historical Facts About King Leonidas I of Sparta
Fact about King Leonidas I of Sparta
Leonidas I was without doubt the most influential and valorous of the Spartans. Buzzle features some interesting facts about the life and times of one of the greatest Spartan rulers of all time.
How to Plan a Vacation to Greece on a Budget
Vacation in Greece on a budget by booking island ferries in advance
Greece has no longer remained a cheap vacation destination that it was some years ago; however, with a little planning, you can spend a nice, budget vacation in the country.
Democracy in Ancient Greece
Democracy is seemingly the result of the innovative thinking of the ancient Greeks. Principles of modern democracies rest on some of the basics of the ancient Athenian 'demokratia'. But what was the ancient Greek democratic setup...
Interesting Facts About the Acropolis of Athens
Acropolis of Athens is a World Heritage site and worth a visit. It is the most important archeological site in Greece. This article reveals some interesting facts about the same.
What are the Elgin Marbles and Why are they so Controversial?
Fact about Elgin Marbles
Prized ancient marble relics known as the 'Elgin Marbles', which were originally a part of the famous Greek Parthenon, have been housed in the British Museum for decades. These have also been a bone of contention between the...
Comparison of Hellenic and Hellenistic Greek Civilization
Difference between Hellenic and Hellenistic Greek civilization
The concept of 'Hellenization' is widely debated and controversial. The term represents the spread of Greek culture through the conquests of Alexander the Great, but historians speculate whether this was a deliberate policy or mere...