What is a Kleptocratic Government
Kleptocratic government
Kleptocracy is an informal term for a kind of government that thrives by constantly plundering the state's treasury. Buzzle sheds light on what a kleptocratic government is, and what its characteristics are.
Meaning and Characteristics of a Centralized Government
Meaning of centralized government
A de facto government that rules under one authoritarian leadership or as one-party totalitarian and to which all federal states, local authorities, and smaller units are considered subject is called a Centralized Government. This...
The Concept of Cooperative Federalism Explained with Examples
Concept of cooperative federalism
The principle of cooperative federalism is followed by several countries like USA, Canada, Australia, and India. But when did cooperative federalism emerge, and what is it characterized by? Hang on, as Buzzle deals with such...
Characteristics of a Theocracy
Meaning of theocracy
A theocracy is a government run by priests from the dominant religion of a country. Apart from its pros and cons, Buzzle tells you some interesting facts about theocracy, along with the list of countries with a theocratic government...
Understanding Corporatocracy With Examples
Corporatocracy meaning
Corporatocracy can be defined as a system that is indirectly controlled by huge corporations, under the guise of democracy. The Buzzle article below will help you understand corporatocracy with examples.
Federalists Vs. Anti-Federalists
Comparison between federalists and anti-federalists
It was the Articles of Confederation-Constitution row which pitted the Federalists and Anti-Federalists against each other. Interestingly though, the differences between them are not restricted to this subject alone.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Federalism
As of today, twenty-four of the world's one hundred ninety-three countries have a federal political set up. Looking at these countries' political history, it can be said that there are both advantages and disadvantages of...
How to Become a Secretary of State
The United States Secretary of State is one of the most influential and powerful position, not just within the politics and the government of United States, but also in the world itself. In this article, the path or the way to...
Oligarchy Government
Oligarchy government exists in some parts of the world and whether it is good for public interest or not has always been a debate. In this article, we shall discuss some vital facts about it in detail.
Types of City Government
Depending on the size of the city and population, the types of government for a city differs. Due to the difference in the city governments, there is change in the administrative and power structure in the said government.
Difference Between Government and Politics
There are many terms which are used interchangeably or are so closely related, that the exact difference between them becomes unclear. So what is it with the terms - 'Government' and 'Politics'? In this article, I have endeavored...
Best Form of Government
With no consensus about which the best form of government is, we decided to evaluate various options available to see which is the most ideal of the lot. Read on...
What Does the Secretary of State Do?
The Secretary of State is an important position in the U.S. Cabinet. In this article, we will take a look at the duties and responsibilities of the Secretary of State.
Secretary of Defense Duties
The secretary of defense is one of the highest positions in the Department Of Defense (DoD). Almost everything related to national security comes under the secretary of defense duties. Read on, to know more about this reputed...
What is the Role of Government in Society
Since the demise of colonialism and advent of democracy, the role of government has undergone a tremendous change. As humans and the society in general, try to move towards a better world, the involvement and responsibilities of...
Big Government Vs. Small Government
Is a big government the key to smooth functioning of the nation, or is it a small government that lays the foundation for efficient administration?
Virtual Representation
Virtual representation is a crucial concept that is now widely used in politics and legislature. To know more about this interesting concept, which has great historical significance, read on.
What is a Standing Committee
There are 19 standing committees in the US House of Representatives and 16 in the US Senate. So, what do these standing committees do?
Security Clearance Levels
The government holds a lot of sensitive information that can be accessed only by those who are allowed security clearance. The various security clearance levels are given below.
Basic Purposes of a Government
Government is the governing body of a nation. It is formed with an intent of establishing law and order in the society. What are the main purposes of a government?
Why do People Need a Government?
What role does the government play in our lives? Why do we need a government? Read on to find out.
The Debate of Hard Money and Soft Money
Debate of hard money and soft money
Political contributions in the U.S. are of two types: hard money and soft money. Hard money is subject to restrictions by the Federal Election Commission, and can be given to political candidates directly, whereas, soft money can...
Inherent Powers Explained with Examples
Meaning of inherent powers
Inherent powers refer to a kind of power possessed by the executive and legislative branches of the government. These powers are not explicitly mentioned in any federal law or in the Constitution of the United States. Learn more...
What Does a Commonwealth State Mean?
Commonwealth state meaning
Commonwealth can be conceived as a system of government that executes itself to the welfare of the people through their consent, rather than for the narrow self interests of an elite few. Buzzle describes what a Commonwealth State...
Examples of Judicial Review
Fact about judicial review
As the name rightly suggests, judicial review is the power of the courts to review the constitutionality of laws. Here are a few examples to help you understand this concept in a better way.
Concurrent Powers: Meaning and Examples
Concurrent powers meaning
Concurrent powers are an interesting concept in political science, and are common to both the federal as well as the state governments. Buzzle tells you all about concurrent powers, along with a few examples.
Difference Between Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
Difference between civil rights and civil liberties
The terms 'civil rights' and 'civil liberties' are often used as synonyms of each other. If you're left wondering about the difference between them, look no further. This Buzzle post gives you an interesting comparison of civil...
Reserved Powers Explained with Examples
Explanation of reserved powers
The concept of 'reserved powers' explains why laws may differ from one state to another within the same country. Buzzle tells you the meaning of reserved powers with the help of its definition, and backed by some interesting...
An Overview of Congressional Oversight
Overview of congressional oversight
Congressional oversight ensures that the administration follows the will of the people. Buzzle tells you about congressional oversight, with the help of its definition, history, examples, and much more.
A Comparison Between Aristocracy, Plutocracy, and Oligarchy
Difference between aristocracy, plutocracy, and oligarchy
The main difference between an aristocracy, plutocracy, and oligarchy is in the group that holds political power. A more detailed comparison between these government systems is given here, along with a few modern and historical...
Meaning of the Term 'Plutocracy' with Examples
Meaning of 'Plutocracy'
A plutocracy does not have an official political philosophy like other forms of a government, such as a democracy or communism. This Buzzle post explains the meaning of plutocracy, with the help of examples of the countries it is...
Different Types of Governments
Republic of San Marino
Let's take a look at the various types of governments and governance systems that have been adopted by mankind throughout the world, from the ancient city-states of Greece to the nations of the 21st century.
Advantages and Disadvantages of a Confederate Government
Pros and cons of a confederate government
A confederation refers to a union of political organizations. Like any other type of government, there exist pros and cons of a confederate government too.
The Difference Between Unlimited and Limited Government
Difference between unlimited and limited government
There are various forms of government which have emerged over a period of time after much trial-and-error methods. Buzzle lists down some of the points of difference in the characteristics of Limited and Unlimited government.
Biggest Political Scandals of All Time
South Carolina Scandal
Political scandals have existed since the birth of this field. Is it the power, money, or fame that drives these elected candidates to get into some dirty business? When the secrets are revealed, the "other" side of the...
Fiscal Federalism Explained with Examples
Meaning of fiscal federalism
Fiscal federalism is a concept that speaks how the financial polices of a nation are taken by the government, and funds are appropriated by the central government to the state government.
Duties and Responsibilities of a Mayor
Duties of a mayor
Irrespective of the size of the city, the mayor is considered to be its leader. Apart from handling the daily administration of the city, he is responsible for a variety of functions. Local government depends on the duties he...
What is a Dual Court System?
Dual court system
A dual court system prevents the federal judiciary from becoming too powerful. Buzzle explains the various aspects of a dual court system, such as its definition, history, purpose, and much more.
Understanding the Checks and Balances System with Examples
The checks and balances system
The system of 'checks and balances' simply advocates a partitioned form of government to ensure that tyranny does not rear its ugly head. But what is the purpose of this system? Buzzle answers related questions, and also gives...
Constitutional Monarchy: Characteristics and Examples
Constitutional monarchy characteristics
Despite the name, constitutional monarchy is not exactly a tyrannic form of government that we usually associate the term 'monarchy' with. As you go through its characteristics and examples, you will realize that it is quite...
Characteristics and Examples of Absolute Monarchy
Fact about absolute monarchy in France
It might not be as popular as democracy, but absolute monarchy does prevail in some parts of the world. In this Buzzle post, we will give you an insight of the characteristics of absolute monarchy and also put forth some historical...
Purpose of Government
Purpose of government
What is the purpose of a government? Why does a government need to exist? An oversimplified answer would be - 'to serve the people'. For a deeper explanation, that identifies the complexities involved, read further.
The Concept of Senatorial Courtesy
Concept of senatorial courtesy
Though unofficial, the practice of senatorial courtesy plays an important role in the appointments of official positions, and has the power to make or break a nomination. Buzzle gives you a brief idea of this concept.
A Brief Insight into the Concept of Divided Government
Concept of divided government
Is a divided government better than a unified or one-party government? A brief insight of the concept might just help you come to a conclusion.
Explanation of Separation of Powers with Examples
Separation of powers
Separation of powers aims to achieve a balance of power in the government. This Buzzle post explains the theory of separation of powers, along with its definition and suitable examples for better understanding.
Do Petitions Work?
'Tis the season for petitions! This time of year, everyone with a cause puts up an active petition in an attempt to harness the goodwill of the season to effect some change. Do petitions work? They can, but you have to do it right...
What is Totalitarianism?
Totalitarianism refers to a political system that relates to a governance by an absolute power. In a totalitarian government, an individual or political entity regulates every aspect of public life. The regime in the 20th century...
What are the Five Purposes of Government
The government of every nation has a legal responsibility towards its citizens, and vice-versa. The article below enlists the five purposes of the government.
What is an Aristocratic Government and What are its Pros and Cons?
Meaning of aristocratic government
An aristocracy is based on the basic presumption that all men are not equal. This Buzzle article tells you the various characteristics of an aristocracy, along with the pros and cons of such a type of government.
Peace and Freedom Party: History, Facts, and Beliefs
Peace and freedom party beliefs
The Peace and Freedom Party. Sandwiched between bigwig political parties like the Republicans and the Democrats, this minor left-wing party strives to find a firm ground in the entangled world of politics driven with goals of...
The Concept of Dual Federalism Explained with Examples
Concept of dual federalism
Dual federalism refers to a structure where the federal and state governments, considered as equals, have independent and separate spheres of authority. The concept is explained using examples through this Buzzle article.
What Does Political Efficacy Mean?
Political efficacy meaning
This article brings to you the definition of political efficacy and its impact on a democracy. It is a determining factor for the participation of citizens in politics.
Absolutism Vs. Constitutionalism
Absolutism vs. Constitutionalism
During the late 1600s, the monarchic system of governance of both England and France were undergoing a change. In England, the shift was away from an absolute monarch towards a more powerful parliament. In France, Louis XIV...
Consulate Vs. Embassy - What's the Difference?
Difference between consulate and embassy
Though the terms 'consulate' and 'embassy' are often used as synonyms for each other, the fact is that there are major differences between the two. Buzzle sheds more light on the issue, by giving you an interesting comparison of a...
3 Branches of the Government
The Government of the United States has been divided into 3 branches; namely, the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial. To know more about the structure and functioning of the three branches of the Government, read on.
Political Stereotypes
Political stereotypes
Media stereotypes are common - stereotypes of women, minorities, and other groups are pretty well-known. But did you know that there are also common media stereotypes of political parties? This Buzzle article tells you more...
What is the Purpose of NATO
Purpose of NATO
Ever since its inception, NATO has been a prominent international alliance, which has always striven to establish peace and harmony in the world. With this goal in mind, it has come a long way, evolving according to the world's...
Elections: Let's Try Something New
A little civility would go a long way during election season, but we'll never get that without a drastic change in our campaign finance laws. It's time to take money out of the picture...
Party Time
Look beyond Republican and Democrat to explore the world of fringe political parties! Election year fun!
Oh, How the Parties Have Changed
You would never know our major political parties by their founding ideals. What happened? The New Deal.
Survivor Star to Run for Governor of Indiana
Survivor star Rupert Boneham is slated to run for Indiana Governor this year.
Secretary of the Treasury Duties
The US secretary of treasury is the chief financial officer of the US government and manages all matters related to the nation's money. In this article, we will know more about the duties of a treasury secretary.
Political Parties in the United States
While the Democratic Party and Republican Party are the bigwigs of American politics, there do exist other small political parties in the United States which are active as of today.
How to Get a Replacement Birth Certificate
If you are looking for guidelines on replacing a birth certificate, this article will certainly be a helpful read.
Impeachment Process
A summary of the impeachment process with reference to the United States of America, one of the largest democracies in the world.
Extremist Conservative Ideology - How it Harms American Democracy and the GOP
Ever since the 2008 election ended and a new era in American politics began, right-wing extremists have gradually been coming out of the woodwork. Here's more...