Endangered Gorillas
Fact about gorillas
Gorillas, the largest of the apes inhabiting our planet, have been a source of awe and inspiration to humans since centuries. Unfortunately though, they are on the verge of extinction today.
Facts about Gorillas
Fact about infant gorillas
Shy and peaceful at times, gorillas can be a surprise package for people who are not familiar with their typical behavior patterns. Here are some remarkable facts about gorillas.
Gorilla Habitat
Being closely related to humans, gorillas have always been a subject of interest for research studies. Read more to know about the kind of environment they inhabit.
Mountain Gorilla Habitat
Human encroachment has restricted the habitat of Mountain Gorillas to the volcanic mountains of East Africa as of today. If human interference continues unabated, it won't take much time for the species to become extinct.
Mountain Gorilla Facts
Did you know that the silver backs or the mountain gorillas are the biggest primates in the world? Unlike the King Kong, gorillas are gentle animals and are known to be very protective about their young ones and their pack.