Good Luck Symbols and Their Meanings
Good luck symbol - dreamcatcher
Rich or poor, happy or sad, the only thing that binds us together is luck. While we believe luck favors a few, all of us try our level best to be the lucky ones. To garner luck, each of us ensures we have a lucky symbol close at...
11 Japanese Symbols That Represent Good Luck
Japanese good luck charms
Japanese folklore has many symbols signifying good fortune, besides the popular beckoning cat. So, the next time you have to say "ganbatte" (good luck) to a mate, take a moment to consider these good luck symbols...
8 Brilliant Gifts to Wish Good Luck to Someone
Good luck gift
Need to send some good luck someone's way? How about doing it with gifts instead of a simple card and message? Buzzle will give you some great gift ideas that you can use for this very purpose.