What do Giraffes Eat
Whenever we think of the giraffe, we tend to think of its great height. As known to all, this mammal happens to be the tallest of all living species on land. It is also the largest ruminant. But, what do giraffes eat? The following...
Giraffe Facts
Fact about giraffes
Were you aware that each time a giraffe lifts up its neck, it lifts more than 550 pounds? If that made you gape in wonderment, then read on for more such intriguing facts about giraffes!
Albino Giraffe
Reason albino giraffes have shorter lifespan
Albinism in animals is a rare occurrence. In some parts of the world albino giraffe have been spotted. Here are some facts on albinism in animals and albino giraffe.
Types of Giraffes
Not many people can actually boast of knowing how many species of giraffes exist on the planet, and that can be attributed to the fact that only one species of this animal is officially recognized―the rest are considered its...
Giraffe Habitat
Did you know that the destruction of their native habitat by humans has seriously affected the giraffe population?