Why is Genealogy Important
Importance of genealogy
Tracing one's genealogy or lineage is interesting, and it has been listed as one of the fastest-growing hobbies in the United States.
Creative Family Tree Ideas
Creative family tree ideas
Most of the old, traditional family tree designs are passé. Here, we will give you a creative take on making them, more trendy and attractive. Take a look!
First Cousin Once Removed
First cousin once removed, what does that mean? You might wonder, but rest assured that it definitely does not refer to a cousin who was once removed from your family and then accepted back again. It is a terminology used to refer...
Origin of Family Names
Giving family names is quite a recent phenomenon. Although, there is evidence that second names were in use in most of Europe since the middle ages, the need to adopt a family name that was passed down through generations did not...
Genealogy Data Communication
Genealogy Data Communication, or GEDCOM, is a specification which is used to exchange information between different genealogy software. It is a plain text file of the '.ged' format, used for sharing genealogical information of...