Understanding Glass Escalator Effect in Sociology
Glass escalator effect in sociology
The glass escalator effect in sociology is a reflection of the gender inequality that exists in female-dominated professions. Buzzle explains the concept of the glass escalator effect in this post.
Gender Discrimination in the Workplace
Gender discrimination at the workplace
Gender discrimination in the workplace is still rampant, despite the multitude of efforts taken to curb the same. Workplace gender discrimination is not only harmful to the professional growth of an individual, but also limits the...
Gender Discrimination at Workplace
Gender discrimination at work
Gender discrimination at the workplace is a serious type of employment discrimination. We look deeper into this disturbing act of harassment that occurs the world over...
How to Deal With Male Chauvinism at Work
Tips to deal with male chauvinism at work
Male chauvinism has been rampant since olden times, and still has not been completely erased out of the world. Even as women have broken the shackles and stepped into offices to hold high positions, there continues to exist some...
Female Olympians and the Fight for Fairness
In the Olympics, today, many fan favorites are women. But this is new - very new. Most of the Olympics have been closed to women for most of the history of the games, and it was only twelve years ago that women had to prove their...
Gender Discrimination in Education
Sad, but true, even as we usher in the 21st century, there are instances of gender discrimination in schools and society, at work, and even by the providers of education. The bias is baseless and inhumane, yet it continues. In this...
Shocking Facts About Gender Inequality
Fact about gender inequality
Gender inequality has been a menace since ages, and also one of the causes why economies are lagging behind. The roles of men and women are often stereotyped by society, and they are expected to follow a predetermined path. Women...
Bucking Gender Roles in Relationships
Bucking gender roles in relationships
Gender roles are changing fast in most areas of life, but relationships are lagging behind. This hurts us all. But change is happening, and it’s sneaking up on us―whether accidental or intentional, these phenomena are...
Girl Scout Cookie Boycott: A Call for Intolerance
When a young girl scout in California called for a boycott of the Girl Scouts' popular cookies this year, in response to the organization's policy allowing transgendered children to join troops, she lit the spark for a firestorm of...
Are Women and Men Finally Equal?
With all the advances of women, some might say that women and men are finally equal. However, many would say women are still fighting for equality.
A Brief History of Women's Discrimination
Where did woman discrimination start and how is it perceived to this day? View the road of emancipation from the start!
Sexism in the Workplace
The following article will deal with the important issue of sexism in the workplace and the underlying issues of the same. Continue reading for more information.
Discrimination Against Women in the Workplace
Discrimination against women in the workplace is not a new issue. Talk about gender equality and this disparity to some extent is a major show dampener. Read the article below to explore this topic in detail.
Women and the Glass Ceiling
Glass ceiling is the mindset of the traditional patriarchal society habituated to discriminate women from basic rights. The term is particularly used for women at workplace who are denied pay equal for the same work as the opposite...
Sexism - Gender Discrimination
Sexism, or gender discrimination, is a reality that most women face all over the world. In this Buzzle article, we will delve deeper into this issue and give you the nuances of the same.