Methods Used to Identify Gemstones
Gemstones are precious stones used in jewelry pieces to impart beauty and elegance. However, before buying an expensive jewelry it is important to determine its genuineness. This post describes methods you can use for...
How to Sell Loose Gemstones
Tip to sell loose gemstones
If you possess a set of precious loose gemstones, you can be both happy and perturbed. Happy because they can fetch you good money, and perturbed because if you sell at the wrong places, you can be ripped off! So, do your research...
Fluorite Gemstone: Meaning, Properties and Uses
Fact about Blue John fluorite gem
Fluorite gemstone is highly revered as an all-purpose gem. It is recognized for its curing properties and its eye-catching colors.
Healing Properties of Jade Gemstone
Jade for fertility
Since jadeite gemstones have a powerful influence on the heart chakra, the wearer of this stone opens his/her heart's doors to invite love, care, and affection. However, we'll focus on the healing properties of jade gemstone, and...
Tanzanite Jewelry Care
Fact about gifting Tanzanite jewelry
Caring for tanzanite jewelry well is very essential as it is a sensitive stone prone to scratches and breakage.
Healing Properties of Garnet Gemstone
Healing properties of garnets
Not to be confused with rubies, garnets have enjoyed a place of importance ever since the ancient times. They have been adorned as gemstones and revered for their subliminal healing properties. Buzzle explores the metaphysical...
Green Onyx Gemstone: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Uses
Green onyx gemstone uses
As you might have guessed, the Green Onyx gemstone is much like its Black Onyx sibling: smooth, classy, elegant, and very powerful. Buzzle tells you more about the uses, healing properties, and meaning of the Green Onyx gemstone.
Healing Properties of Lapis Lazuli
Healing properties of Lapis Lazuli
Lapis lazuli is a deep blue stone with a golden or silver shine. This stone has been used since centuries, and is associated with physical and spiritual healing. Find out more about the healing properties of lapis lazuli in this...
Rose Quartz: Meaning and Healing Properties
Rose Quartz considered as love stone
Rose Quartz is a pretty pink-colored gemstone that is considered to be a 'stone of heart' or stone of unconditional love. It has some mystical properties too rather than just being a dazzling piece of jewelry.
Metaphysical Properties of Larimar
Metaphysical properties of Larimar
Larimar, a blue-colored variety of pectolite, is said to have metaphysical properties which bring tranquility and peace to the wearer. Not only this, it helps you find your soulmate. This Buzzle post will give you information about...
Moldavite Stone Metaphysical Properties
Property of moldavite stone
As it brings about a surge in one's energy, moldavite stone is popularly known as the celestial 'stone of transformation'. This Buzzle post enlists the several metaphysical and healing properties of moldavite stone.
Healing Properties of Labradorite
Healing properties of labradorite
Labradorite is said to have several healing and metaphysical properties. It is a stone that is believed to subtly change your response to different situations in an emotional and physical way. It can be worn without having any...
Uses of Tourmaline
Health effect of tourmaline
Tourmalines are hard crystals with an unbelievable range of spectacular colors. Different uses of tourmaline include therapeutic uses like relaxation of both the body and the mind; or scientific uses like their use in hair...
Everything You Should Know about a Worry Stone
Uses of a worry stone
A worry stone is an ordinary stone with extraordinary abilities to relax our troubled minds and help us cease worries. It became immensely popular during the 1970s and has been attracting the attention of many ever since. Buzzle...
A List of Blue Gemstones with Pictures
Blue gemstones - Hemimorphite Labradorite Sapphire
It is imperative that you would think of sapphire when we say blue gemstones, but wait! There's an array of blue gemstones waiting to be adorned. Buzzle tells you about the different hues of blue gemstones.
White Topaz Gemstone: Meaning and Properties
White topaz gemstone properties
Being a birthstone for those born in the month of November, white topaz gemstone provides some mystical properties. Buzzle lists the properties and meaning of this significant gemstone.
Healing Properties of Opal Gemstone
Healing properties of opal
Opal charms the personality of the wearer and helps ease problems in your love life. Learn more about the healing and metaphysical properties of the opal gemstone through this write-up.
Healing Properties of Chrysoprase
Healing properties of chrysoprase
Chrysoprase is believed to heal a broken heart and alleviate emotional pain. Find out more about this mystifying stone, and its metaphysical properties.
How to Care for Lapis Lazuli Jewelry
Tip to store lapis lazuli jewelry
Lapis lazuli is a much-coveted gemstone among designers today, all thanks to it brilliant blue coloring. It happens to be quite a delicate stone, which means it requires careful handling. Buzzle tells you all about caring for your...
20 Popular Green Gemstones to Choose From
Peridot jewelry
Think green gemstone, and you're hard pressed to say 'emeralds', but that's barely scratching the surface. There are several options regarding shades and budgets out there when it comes to creating green gemstone jewelry.
Healing Properties and Meaning of the Carbuncle Stone
Carbuncle stone healing property
Carbuncle stones are among the precious stones that have a rich red color and are known to possess various healing properties.
Meaning and Properties of Howlite
Properties of Howlite
Do you know of an extremely calming, soft, and white gemstone that has erratic gray-colored veins? That's howlite for you! It not only makes for an elegant-looking piece of jewelry, but also has a mysterious and magical side of...
Healing Properties of Jasper Gemstones
Healing properties of jasper gemstones
Jasper gemstones help balance emotional energies in the body. They are known to possess great healing and metaphysical properties, that are comforting, relaxing, and protective. Learn more about the properties of this 'nurturing...
Healing Properties of Rhodochrosite
Healing properies of rhodochrosite
It is said that rhodochrosite is synonymous to good health. The gemstone is believed to have potent healing powers that may help treat a wide range of medical conditions.
Healing Properties and Meaning of Black Onyx Gemstone
Healing properties of black onyx gemstone
The elegant, smooth-textured Black Onyx gemstone is much more than an eye-catching jewelry stone. It is said to have immense healing and spiritual properties. Buzzle gives you the meaning, and the properties of this gemstone.
Sodalite Gemstone: Meaning and Healing Properties
Sodalite gemstone properties
Sodalite is not only used for ornamental purposes, but also has many mystical and healing properties that have been attributed to it through centuries.
Carnelian Stone: Meaning and Beliefs
Healing effect of carnelian
A carnelian stone is a gemstone known for its many beneficial properties. It is a form of chalcedony, and can vary in color from reddish-brown to a rust-like orange, while the spectrum of shades can encompass the very intense and...
Meaning of Turquoise Gemstone
Turquoise gemstone symbolism
Turquoise is a commonly used stone in jewelry. For some, it is just a piece of jewelry; while for others, it's associated with spiritual and physical health.
Semi-Precious Stones
Previously there was a rigid distinction between precious and semi-precious stones by market appeal mainly, but this no longer applies. The characteristics of semi-precious stones are unique and this is what distinguishes them from...
Unakite Healing Properties
Unakite healing properties
Unakite, a gemstone, is best known for its metaphysical properties. There are a number of known healing properties of this stone, one of them being balancing emotions. Apart from this, unakite also finds a prominent place in...
Hematite Meaning
Hematite meaning
Hematite is silver-gray or steel-black colored mineral. The stone is said to bestow its wearer with balance of the mind, body, and soul.
Hematite Uses
Hematite fact
Hematite is a rich source of iron and has been used for several purposes, ranging from decoration to embellishment. It is a solid mineral substance, which is a rich source of iron. An important ore of iron (present in the form of...
Malachite Uses
Malachite uses
Malachite is a beautiful green stone which has manifold uses, ranging from astrology to jewelry. The allure of this shiny gem, which is supposed to enhance one's clarity of mind, has captured the imagination of many a generation.
Gemstone Buying Tips for Beginners
Tips to buy gemstones
Gemstone jewelry is considered as one of the best and most cherished gifts for many. It is essential to be aware of certain things before buying a gemstone. One needs to put in a lot of thought before buying a gemstone.
Properties of Ametrine
Property of Ametrine
Ametrine, also known as trystine, or by its trade name as bolivianite, is a naturally occurring variety of quartz. The color of the zones visible within ametrine are due to the differing oxidation states of iron within the crystal.
Healing Properties of Malachite
Healing properties of Malachite
Malachite is a healing stone that promotes harmony and the overall well-being of a person wearing it. This stone has been used since ancient times as a cure for emotional negativity and mental disturbances as well as a gemstone in...
Alexandrite Stone
Health effect of Alexandrite stone
The alexandrite stone is a valuable gemstone since it is very rare. According to gemologists, there is a significance of wearing this gemstone.
Pros and Cons of Investing in Gemstones
Pros and cons of investing in gemstones
Gemstones are a high-risk, yet high-return, investment. Hence, one must be cautious before investing in expensive gemstones. Here are some pros and cons of investing in gemstones that will help you make the right decision.
Properties and Meaning of Tiger's Eye Stones
Properties of Tiger's eye stone
Tiger's eye is a beautiful stone with its mesmerizing shine and color. It is popular as a protective stone, and considered to have a soothing effect on the mind. This Buzzle article tells you about the properties and meaning of...
Information about Yellow Sapphire
Also known as Pukhraj in India, Yellow Sapphire is a colored precious gemstone well-known for its many astrological benefits. Here is a Buzzle article that gives you all the information about this stone.
Characteristics of Tanzanite
Characteristic of Tanzanite
Tanzanite jewelry is becoming increasingly popular. Here, we explain the characteristics of this stone and some tips to care for Tanzanite jewelry.
Moonstone Properties
An account of moonstone properties, both, physical and chemical, which will tell you why it is so popular among people from different walks of life.
Rock Tumbling Supplies
Although a rock tumbler is the main component that facilitates tumbling, you need other equipment to enhance the process, and to make the rock surfaces smoother. Read the following article to know about the required supplies.
Kunzite Gemstone: Meaning and Metaphysical Properties
Kunzite gemstone properties
Do you feel depressed and overwhelmed by stress? If yes, try wearing kunzite gemstones that are known to uplifts one's mood and help relieve stress and tensions. Buzzle elaborates more on kunzite meaning and its metaphysical...
Kyanite Gemstone: Meaning, Properties, and Uses
Kyanite gemstone properties
Those who are fascinated by the mystical properties of gemstones will definitely appreciate the kyanite gemstone for its wide variety of uses and healing properties. Buzzle gives you the meaning, properties, and uses of the kyanite...
Drusy Quartz Meaning, Healing Properties, and Other Uses
Drusy quartz meaning
Drusy Quartz: A new age, glitter crystal quartz that is inexpensive and looks like shiny sugar crystals possessing healing energy. Buzzle shares more information on its uses and properties.
Meaning and Healing Properties of Mystic Fire Topaz
Healing property of mystic fire topaz
As many of us know, gemstones are not just meant to embellish an attire, but are worn for their wondrous metaphysical properties. Buzzle gives you the meaning and healing properties of one such gemstone, the Mystic Fire Topaz, in...
Meaning and Properties of Citrine Gemstone
Properties of citrine gemstone
Citrine is a sparkling and cheery yellowish-orange stone that combats negative and unwanted energies, paving the way for success into every aspect of life. This Buzzle article tells you the meaning and healing properties of the...
List of the World's Rarest Gemstones
World's rarest gemstones
There are many gemstones that are rarer than diamonds, and most of them are exorbitantly priced. This Buzzle article brings to you some of these beautiful gems that are the rarest in the world.
Aquamarine Stone Properties
Its dazzling azure leaves you mesmerized. Known to possess magical properties, the beautiful aquamarine is the sacred stone of the Sea God, Neptune. But let's go beyond its exquisiteness and discover more facets of this gem of a...
How to Care for Ruby Jewelry
A ruby is the symbol of immortal love. In keeping with this, if you own ruby jewelry, then it is necessary that you keep it shining all the time, in reverence to your love. Read the following article to find out how to care for...
What is Tourmaline?
Tourmaline is one of the semi-precious stones found in nature, and used in various industries ranging from jewelry, medicine to cosmetics. Here is more on this..
Lab Created Ruby
A birthstone for the month of July, ruby is one of the most priced gemstones. Let us get acquainted about lab created ruby which has the same composition of chemicals and properties as a natural ruby.
Gemstone Meanings
Gemstones are widely popular as a lucky charm for people looking for peace and prosperity. If you are looking for some interesting information on gemstones, their meanings, and uses, the following article will help you learn about...