Having a garage for your cars to protect them from the changing weather conditions is a good idea. Look into some garage plans before you decide which one suits you the best. Take into consideration the space you have for the garage and what else you would like to accomplish in the garage after parking your vehicles. You could have a hobby room, small office, game room, or you could use it as a mini home gym. You could also build a studio apartment for your guests. A well planned garage will also enhance the value and aesthetics of your property. Given below are some plans that you can use before you start remodeling your garage.

Before you start building, take measurements of the available space and make a rough blueprint. It will definitely save you a lot of money if you build it yourself, so make a list of materials that you will require. Get the right tools for the job, this makes building the whole thing lot easier, and you will also save time. Here are some tips that you will find helpful.
  • One Car Garage
    Have an overhead garage door in the front with a walk in door on the side. Also get a big window on the side, so you get an ample amount of natural light in the garage. Build the walk in door at the back-end of the garage leading to a staircase reaching the loft. Have a 10' ceiling and a 9' by 8' garage door, get 16' width and 30' depth. Make a slab foundation and slanting roof, this design will complement your house design.
  • Two Car Garage
    You can have a large overhead door or two small ones for your garage. Have a siding fa├žade and two small windows for the loft with slanting roof. Make an 'L' shape staircase inside the back corner to save space. Have 24' width and 26' depth, you can have a 6' - 8' window on the side. Keep the loft windows 3' by 4' and have a slanting sun shade, to make it aesthetically pleasing.
Detailed garage plans can be bought for a price on the Internet. Make sure that you have the required skills to complete this project and take appropriate safety precautions.