Read These Numerous Sample Questions to Play Human Bingo Game
Human Bingo game
Human bingo is a game which puts a quirky and entertaining spin on the run-of-the-mill icebreaker games. In this Buzzle post, we're providing you with sample questions to play human bingo, along with printable templates to use at...
Relationship Building Games to Flourish the Bond a Couple Shares
Relationship building game for couples
Every lasting and healthy relationship needs patience and effort by the partners involved in it. To achieve the same, there are a few relationship building games for couples that are surely going to prove of some help. Some of them...
Winter Games for Kids
Keep kids active even if it's cold outside. Read the Buzzle article to find outdoor, as well as indoor, games to play, and keep the cold at bay.
All You Wanted to Know About the Lively Game of Bo-Taoshi
Bo-Taoshi is an obscure Japanese sport or game that has some similarities to Capture the Flag. With teams of 150 people, however, Bo-Taoshi is consistently rowdier and more dangerous. This post describes the rules of the game.
Rules to Play the 'Simon Says' Game
'Simon says' game rule
The phrase "Simon Says" ought to take you back to your preschool days. Have you forgotten how to play the game by any chance? Refresh your memory with Buzzle as this post gives you the 'Simon Says' game rules.
Instructions to Play the 'Heads Up, Seven Up' Game
'Heads up, seven up' game rules
'Heads Up, Seven Up' is an entertaining kids' game that can be played in the classroom, at home, or at a birthday party. Read this Buzzle post to understand the instructions to play the game, and have a heck of a time.
Group Games for Adults
Group games for adults
Organizing group games are the best way to keep a large bunch of people occupied and entertained. They also serve as good mixers, and help everyone to loosen up and have a blast.
Games for Kids Under 5
Game for kids under 5
This game helps hone your child's color and shape identification skills - a player has to spot an object which is visible to the rest, and has to provide clues to the remaining players while they try to guess the object. The line...
Fun Games for Adults
Fun games for adults
Corporate life sometimes takes away your fundamental right of having fun in life. This is the reason why you need fun games for adults to reclaim your right to have fun, the right way!
12 Fun Games to Play With Your Boyfriend to Keep the Spark Alive
Mobile scavenger hunt - fun game to play with boyfriend
Thinking of ways to spice up your relationship? How about playing some cute games with him to know each other better? Buzzle gives you 12 interesting games to play with your boyfriend.
Ye Gods! These 10 Bible Games for Adults Will Expel Your Boredom
Bible games for adults
Whether it's conducting a youth retreat or a congregation party in the parish, these amazing Christian games are sure to increase everyone's scripture knowledge while you are having a fun time.
Funny 'Never Have I Ever' Game Questions
Funny 'never have I ever' game questions
Embarrassing, risky, thrilling, and totally hilarious, "Never Have I Ever" is a fun icebreaker game to play that reveals some really silly and dark secrets of its participants. In this Buzzle post, we present to you 40...
10 Fun Conversation Games to Play That'll Help Break the Ice
Fun conversation game
Are you running out of topics to talk about? Or simply bored of those regular chats? If you are looking for some inspiration, feel free to check out the 10 classic conversation games to play, given here.
How to Play Crab Soccer
How to play crab soccer
Crab soccer is no child's play, even though it is a game that is enjoyed by children and adults alike! This strenuous game has some seriously strict rules, which makes the game a whole lot more challenging and fun.
How to Play the Pick Up Sticks Game
Tips to play the pick up sticks game
Many of us know of a childhood nursery rhyme, "... five, six, pick up the sticks!" Like the rhyme itself, there exists a game with the same name called "Pick Up Sticks" that is simple and fun to play with...
8 Famous Fictional Games That Everyone Wants to Play
Wizard chess - famous fictional game
Sports are some of the most exciting of human activities, and fictional ones are even more so. Here are some popular fictional games that everyone wishes they could play in the real world.
Tug of War Rules: Rope in the Fun Times
Legitimate position in tug of war
There is no denying the fact that tug of war is more of a recreational activity than a competitive sport. In the competitive variant of tug of war, there are certain rules and regulations that you have to follow.
Fun Games to Play When Bored
Games to play when bored
We tend to get bored either when things don't happen the way we want them to, or when we don't have anything to do. In either case, the simplest thing to do is to resort to something that can help us get rid of the boredom ... play...
Fun Games to Play with Friends
There is a host of games that you can enjoy with your friends. All you need is enthusiasm and a thinking cap! We have come up with some fun games for you.
Rules and Hard Phrases to Play the Telephone Game
Telephone game
The Telephone game is a real entertainer for you and your friends or family. You don't need cards, boards, paper, pencil, or any other physical object to play it. The only thing you need to do is include as many people as you can;...
5 Great Alternatives to Candy Crush Saga
Unless you've been hibernating in a cave for the last few months, you probably might have heard about Candy Crush Saga. For those of you who wanna try something a little different from all the sweetness of the game, this Buzzle...
Horseshoe Pit Dimensions
According to the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association (NHPA), a horseshoe pit should not be less than 31×43 inches, and not more than 36×72 inches. The overall 'playing area' is 48 feet long and 6 feet wide. That's not all. More...
Fun Games to Play with Your Girlfriend
Finding time and ideas on fun games to play with your girlfriend isn't an easy task. Here's an article that will help you stay close, even if you're miles away, talking on the phone...
Scary Games to Play in the Dark
Kids love playing scary games in the dark. There is a certain element of mystery surrounding these games which makes it very intriguing for them. This article enlists some fun scary games to play in the dark.
Farkle Rules
If you are looking for a clear explanation of Farkle rules, you need not look any further. Going through this article will acquaint you with this addictive game of chance.
Printable Travel Games
With the advent of handheld video games, mobile games, etc; printed games have almost become extinct. But when you are on a long journey, the battery backup may not be sufficient for your mobile gaming device through the entire...
Fun Games for Boys
Fun games for boys include many different types of games played online in parties and outdoors. Free fun games are also available on the Internet for children to enjoy them.
Rules for Playing the Jeopardy Game
Jeopardy game rules
A quiz is an amazing fun game to play with family and friends. The question and answer format of the game makes us think hard for the correct answers. But what if the answer is already given to you and you have to guess the...
Rules to Play 'Ship, Captain, and Crew' Dice Game
Ship, captain, and crew dice game
If you've got a lucky hand, are good with the dice, but bored of the same old games, then we have the perfect remedy for you! We bring you the rules of the 'Ship Captain, and Crew' dice game, which is both fast-paced and addictive.
How to Play the Black Magic Mind Game
Black magic mind game
Can you read minds? Nobody can! But you can surely claim to read some and communicate mentally in the Black Magic mind game. Let's see how.
Rules to Play the Left Right Center (LCR) Dice Game
Left Right Center (LCR) dice game
The Left Center Right or LCR game is a very popular dice game that was published in 1992 by George & Company LLC, which also owns the right for the same. Take a look at the LCR game rules provided by Buzzle, and start playing.
Basic Rules to Play Yahtzee
Basic rule to play Yahtzee
Interested in playing dice games? Luck favors you every time you roll that dice? Or you just wanna try out a new game with your friends? Then Yahtzee is all you need to play. Buzzle explains the basic rules to play Yahtzee in...
Top 6 Mythology-based Games
Top mythology-based games
Mythology-based games have always caught the fancy of gamers around the world. For those of you who've been itching to get their hands on one of the mythology games but didn't know which one to choose, help is at hand. This Buzzle...
14 Tips to Help You Get Better at Scramble with Friends
Scramble with Friends, is a word finder game that tests your vocabulary and ability to find words in two minutes. Though this may sound simple, you need to learn some tricks on how to win Scramble with Friends. We, at Buzzle, have...
How to Play Paper Football
Paper football is a great way of whiling away time, especially when you're bored out of your mind. In order to play paper football at home, or with your friends, you will first need to learn how to make the triangular ball using...
Fun Games for Small Groups
Have fun with your group, by planning the below suggested interesting games. Read on to know some of the best group games for all - kids, teens and adults...
Hacky Sack Tricks
If you are looking out for some Hacky Sack tricks, this is exactly what you should read...
Cooperative Games for Kids
If you want to throw a great bash for your child, but without the disappointment of competitive games, here are some cooperative games for kids that will help them enjoy without feeling letdown.
Really Hard Games
Ever been confounded by some really hard games, but found it difficult to wean yourself away from them? That is the charm of difficult games - you just can't let go unless you have figured out how to master it, which can take you...
Games to Play with Kids
The following article gives you a range of games to play with kids for occasions when you're alone with them and don't know how to entertain them.
Games for Couples
Sitting at home can get quite boring, especially when you have nothing to do. Read on for some interesting that couples can play, to spice up the lazy Sundays and mundane evenings.
Kickball Rules
Kickball is a fun game, and one can modify its rules while playing in small spaces like backyards. Have a look...
Dice Game Instructions
It is surprising to know the number of fun and interesting dice games people play around the world. Read this article for a few of these, and have a great time with family and friends.
What Are The Basic Rules to Play Hopscotch
Hopscotch is one of the most popular games played by children all around the world. In every part of the world, the rules of this game vary. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the most basic rules to play this wonderful...
Dice Game Rules
Dice game rules can be played either to kill time with family and friends or to break the ice in a group of new acquaintances. It is important that you play fair and follow all the rules. This article lists down a few dice games...
How to Play Dice Games
Dice games are fun and perfect to play when there is a nice group around. Here's more on how to play them.
How to Play Bunco
What started as a parlor game is today a very popular die game to pass time. In this article, we give you all the guidance you need in order to play Bunco.
How to Play Dominoes
There are many variations of dominoes, the most common being the 'draw game'. Scroll down to find out more about the domino effect.
Group Games for Kids
Besides entertainment, group games can also teach kids some important values. In the following article, we give you some easy games for a group of kids to play.
Paintball Guns for Kids
Paintball guns need not be expensive. There are many economic guns which can be used for beginners wanting to play paintball.
Tic-Tac-Toe Strategy Guide
If you never want to lose in tic-tac-toe again, I have a strategy guide to help you with just that. Tic-tac-toe is a very easy board game, that is played between two players. Easy it is, but you must know the tricks for there are...
Golf Games for Kids
Besides enjoyment, through various golf games, kids can also learn a bit about golf and further develop their interest in this game. Here's more...
Inexpensive Homemade Educational Games
You can have ample fun with kids while playing educational games. You can, in fact, try making some by yourself. This article gives you a few ideas for the same.
Fun Parachute Games for Children
Parachute games are a fun way of fostering a need for team spirit and cooperation in children, while improving coordination. This Buzzle article provides you a list of amazing parachute games that not only children but adults too...
Printable Games for Kids
Printable games are a great way to keep kids occupied and let them enjoy themselves, especially while traveling or when their movement is restricted from playing outdoors. This article will discuss a few of them.
Games to Play in School
I am sure you will agree that the education at school should be supplemented with fun games everyday. Thinking of some interesting games to play in school? Then read on and pick the ones you like.
Playing Cards: What's Behind Them?
Playing cards have a different grace written all over them. The statistical uncertainty that goes with the cards attracts players from all over the world. From professional competitions, magician's props, to small nooks, corners,...