Facts About Elliptical Galaxies
Fact about Elliptical galaxies
Galaxies are collections of stars, interstellar dust, and gas held together by gravity. Buzzle provides interesting facts about elliptical galaxies.
Facts About The Milky Way Galaxy
Fact about the Milky Way galaxy
What does the Milky Way look like? What is it composed of? For this and more, go through these fascinating facts about the Milky Way galaxy.
Elliptical Galaxies Vs. Spiral Galaxies
Elliptical vs spiral galaxies
Their shape and color are not the only things you ought to consider when you pitch elliptical galaxies vs. spiral galaxies to see how they differ from each other. The difference between them goes well beyond these superficial...
Spiral Galaxy Facts
This article will give you an insight into the world of spiral galaxies. Know some spiral galaxy facts and become more familiar with the world of galaxies.
Galaxy Names
Have you ever wondered how the galaxies are named and categorized into different types? Well, that's what we intend to answer in this article.
How Many Galaxies are There
If the experts of the field are to be believed, the total number of galaxies in the Universe is expected to be in the range of hundreds of billions.