A human can be healthy without killing animals for food. Therefore if he eats meat he participates in taking animal life merely for the sake of his appetite.
―Leo Tolstoy
If you thought following a vegan diet or even a vegetarian diet was a tough job, then you would be stunned to know about fruitarianism. As the name suggests, fruitarianism is a concept that advocates a diet that consists of fruits alone. Many fruitarians also include fresh vegetables and other vegan foods, however, more than fifty percent of the diet has to include only fresh fruits.
Variations of the Fruitarian Diet
Fruitarians are actually a sub-group of vegans who only consume the fruits of plants. Most are also the advocates of raw-food. The fruitarian section in itself also has some further sub-divisions.
Fruit diet: In a strictly fruitarian diet, people are supposed to be on a diet that contains fruits, and fruits only. One can have all sorts of fruits which are available round the year. A certain section of fruitarians also believe in having only those fruits that have fallen off the trees, since they believe in obtaining food without causing harm to any living thing.
Fruit & Seed Diet: The diet can include various seeds and nuts, along with fruits. This version is perhaps has an added advantage that it provides good sources of essential proteins, which are not necessarily available in the strict fruitarian diet.
One of the basic advantages is that it advocates a diet that cleanses the body of all toxins. Since fruits have a lot of fiber and water content, they help keep the digestive system functioning smoothly. For people who have problems of the digestive tract, a fruitarian diet can also be used as a therapeutic diet. Since fruits contain a lot of water and help in reducing cholesterol, they actually help in losing weight, and having a lighter and healthier body.
Promoters of fruitarian diets say that it actually enhances the emotional well-being and gives a sense of spiritual bliss, since the strict fruitarian diet is seen as one that causes no harm to any living being whatsoever. Although it hasn't been proven, it has been observed that in most cases, this diet can actually enhance the immunity and make one more resistant to common infections and diseases.
First of all, a fruitarian diet is not easy business. Most people who are not used to it will find it physically as well as emotionally unsatisfying, and will become more irritable while following it. Since fruits contain a lot of natural sugar, it is possible that people can actually get addicted to sugar due to excessive sugar intake. It can occasionally lead to food cravings and binge eating. Severe weight loss is one of the major problems that one may have to face. People can reach a stage where they can suffer from starvation or anorexia. A year round supply of adequate varieties of fruits might not be available to everyone. Also, for those who live on a tighter budget, a fruitarian diet is not necessarily affordable due to the soaring costs of fresh fruits. A major disadvantage is the problems one can face while socializing, due to the inability to attend regular dinner and luncheon parties.