Encouraging Words for a Friend
We all know the meaning of words said with sincere feeling. Some encouraging words can become the best gift for your friend, because when said at the right moment, such words can change his life. Examples of the same are given in...
8 Clever Ways to Deal With Frenemies That are Too Good to Miss
Dealing with frenemies
They say keep your friends close and enemies closer. But how do you deal with frenemies? These are those backstabbers, who otherwise appear very friendly and trustworthy in person, but do not care one cent for you in reality.
Outstandingly Awesome Tips on Making Friends Later in Life
Making friends later in life
It's so easy to think that the "friends forever" theme will rock your life, but then bam! "Life Happens". Your life gets bumped by many things like change in geographical locations, marriage or divorce, loss of...
The Significance of Friendship Symbols in Different Cultures
Friendship symbols and quote
If you have the urge to convey a feeling to your friend about him/her, the absence of words might compel you to use a symbolic gesture. This could be in the form of a simple yellow rose or a special gift. Symbols make communication...
Easy Ways to Swallow Your Ego and Reconcile With Your Best Friend
Tip to reconcile with your best friend
Losing your best friend to a fight is an extremely painful experience. It means losing that one person who was your biggest strength, support, and your lifeline. However, no fight is bigger than the precious moments the two of you...
12 Signs to Identify a Fake Friendship and Get Out of it ASAP
Sign of a fake friend
Friends are an extremely important part of our lives. They are the ones who are always there with us in our ups and downs, and add value to our lives. However, it sure can become hell if you end up having a phony pal. So, how do...
Accepting Reality: How to Deal With Your Best Friend Moving Away
Dealing with your best friend moving away
Losing your best friend isn't easy. The one that you shared your tears, laughs, and so much more with is moving away, and you know life isn't going to be the same. Many of your friends might have moved away before, but he/she is...
You'll Never Guess How Friendship Affects Your Health and Life
Positive effects of friendship on health
Our lifestyle and diet play a vital role in our health and well-being, but did you know, that our social circle, especially our friends also affect our health, both physically and mentally. Buzzle provides an insight on how...
7 Tips on How to Be Really Good Friends With Someone You Like
Tip to be good friends with someone you like
In a world where most people come off as phonies, it's refreshingly rare to actually like someone in the true sense of the word. This piece discusses how to be really good friends with someone you like, to see if this liking can...
7 Cool Ideas on How to Keep a Long-distance Friendship Going
Helen Keller quote on friendships
Someone has quite aptly said that sometimes the people who are thousands of miles away from you can make you feel better than people right beside you. The world is not a wish-granting machine, but one's efforts are always answered....
8 Types Of Friends We All Have and How They Influence Our Lives
Types of friends - the facilitator
Our life is a smorgasbord of friends; you may not find that staggering variety in anything but friends. Some are mushy, some sarcastic, some smotheringly loving, while some are absolute asinine. However or whatever they are, they...
18 Signs That Prove You Are the Mom Of Your Friends' Group
Sign that you are the mom of your friends' group
If you have an uncontrollable urge to go that extra mile just to make sure your friends stay out of trouble, if you're the one they turn to when they need help, if you're up at 4 am being the agony aunt for your buddies, then my...
7 Handy Tips to Strike a Balance Between New and Old Friendships
Balancing old and new friendships
It's always challenging to strike a balance between friends who have stepped into your life recently and those who have grown up (or grown wiser) with you. But you should realize that more than old or new, they are all your...
Reasons Why You Should Travel The World With Your Best Friend
Reason to travel with your best friend
Traveling alone is surely great and something that one should experience at least once in a lifetime, but traveling with your best friend is one of the best things that you can undertake. Filled with incredible fun and memories...
20 Things Only a Girl With Too Many Guy Friends Experiences
Experiences of a girl with many guy friends
If you are a girl with several guy friends, there is really no limit to the fun you can have, is there? Well, for starters, you never run out of alcohol or pizza. Morning, noon, or night, you are more than comfortable snacking on...
Discover the True Meaning of the Everlasting Bond of Friendship
Elbert Hubbard quote on friendship
It is extremely difficult to summarize the true meaning of friendship in a few words. ... Friendship is a vast subject and the essence of it is something that we sense in various facets of life. This article tries to incorporate...
How to Rebuild a Broken Friendship and Regain Your True Friend
It hurts to lose a friend. The emptiness brought upon by a broken friendship can fill your life in such a way that it leaves you aching all over. Can you rebuild a broken friendship? Yes you can. How? Find out in this post.
Best Friend Sayings
Best friend saying
We cherish our best friends and are glad that they are a part of our life. They stand with us through the ups and downs in life. No wonder our best friends are our true soulmates.
Songs for Best Friends
Songs about friendship
There's nothing like a song with all the right words to express one's feelings, and friendship is a true testament to that. Whether you're singing one along with your bestie, or trying to remember him/her when they are far away, or...
Reasons Your Best Friends are More Important Than Your Girlfriend
Why your best friends are more important than your girlfriend
When you are in a relationship, it's very natural to think that your sun rises and sets on your girlfriend. You just cannot help but sink all your energy thinking about that one 'girl' who has seized your imagination, but does her...
How to Differentiate Between Good Friends and Best Friends
Good friends vs. best friends
We all have different kinds of friends in our life, with whom we share a different level of friendship. There are acquaintances, good friends, and then best friends. But how do you come to know if a person is your good friend or...
Best Friend Songs
Best friend songs
What can symbolize the bond that you have with your best friend, better than a meaningful best friend song.
17 Reasons Why Cousins are Your Best Friends
Reason why cousins are your best friends
First cousins, second cousins, or third cousins, all your close cousins can be best described as your best friends! Yup, from those fond childhood memories, to big adult moments, they have been with you through it all. This Buzzle...
How to Test True Friendship
Signs of a true friend
We meet many people in our life but how many of them can be considered as our true friends? Take the following quiz to test true friendship.
Importance of Having Friends from Different Cultures
Friends benefit us in many ways. That is a known fact. But does the same stand true of friends that we make from different cultures? In the following article, we will highlight the importance of having friends who belong to...
Scriptures on Friendship
Biblical quotes and passages are often the most simple, yet powerful messages one can read. Scroll below for some scriptural passages about friends and their role in one's life.
How to Apologize to a Friend
How to apologize to a friend? If the friendship is rock solid, a genuinely said 'sorry' would make things rosy again. But, to make the moment special for your friend, read this article!
How to End a Friendship
Are you facing hesitation in deciding how to end your friendship with an old friend? Well, there can be numerous reasons for ending a friendship but it's never an easy decision. Here are some handy tips to end a toxic friendship,...
How to Deal with having no Friends
Having no friends while growing up or through any other stage of life, for that matter, can have some really far reaching effects on one's life. Read the following article to learn how to deal with having no friends.
How to Make New Friends
Wondering how to make new friends? Leave all your worries aside and read on for some excellent tips on making new friends.
What Makes a Good Friend?
Sometimes we wonder if the people we're friends with are really worth sticking around with. Ask yourself what makes a good friend even if you doubt the ability to one yourself, and then discover what you need to do to change that.
How to Find a Pen Pal
A pen pal is more than an individual, as the term 'pal' suggests. Finding a pen pal online also helps to eliminate loneliness. Some people remain pen pals and continue to exchange letters and presents lifelong, before eventually...
Do You Have True Friends?
True friends are precious and we all need them. Lucky you if you already have them; if not, I hope you find such friends soon. However, in the meantime be a great friend yourself.
Can Men and Women Just be Friends?
Can you tell the difference between friendship and romantic attraction? This article will discuss if men and women can just be friends.