Types of French Cheese
Cheese or Fromage (in French) is an ancient food whose origins predate recorded history. France is well-known for producing different types of cheese. France is also one of the biggest exporter of cheese, by monetary value.
How to Make French Macarons
Would you like to learn how to make French macarons? Then what are you waiting for? Read the following article now...
Recipes For French Pastries
French pastries are simply heavenly desserts. Why not try to prepare them at home? Check out the recipes presented in this article.
French Appetizers
When we talk about appetizers, we often opt for Italian or Chinese. However, there are many interesting French appetizers which are equally good.
Traditional French Food Recipes
French food is world-famous for its rich flavor and diversity. Its recipes are truly delicious and easy to make. Check out the following traditional French food recipes that will keep you busy this weekend.
Crusty French Bread Recipes
A crusty French bread brings out the best in a slice of toast for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and a healthy bowl of stew for dinner. And when it comes to baking, this is the easiest of all breads.
Quick French Appetizers
A complete foodie at heart would be aware about the wide array of dishes in the French cuisine. Some French appetizers can be whipped up at home within no time.
French Cheese
Can the Frenchmen be separated from their cheese? Or can the cheese be separated from the Frenchmen? Doesn't work either way, does it? Here's what we non-French people must know about the French and their world of cheeses.
Popular French Breakfast Foods and Beverages
Popular French breakfast food
While the French are known for mollycoddling themselves with hearty dishes, it may seem a bit strange to know that they are pretty subdued and simple in their 'petite déjeuner' choices. We bring to you the essence of France with...
Famous French Food
French food
The French are known for their fine ways of dining and exquisite food as well. Every region in France has its own specialty, which is probably why we have different types of French food that are popular all over the globe.
8 Most Popular French Desserts to Make at Home
Popular French desserts
The French have a way with butter ... and cream ... and chocolate ... and basically all the yummy things that we are not supposed to have. But if you're planning to indulge in these classic French desserts, you need to do it the...
Facts about French Food
Fact about truffle used in French food
French cuisine is probably one of the most fabulous and widely acclaimed cuisines across the globe. It is quite fascinating that every food item has a wine to accompany it. This is the way that French recipes can be enjoyed to the...
What is the French Paradox
Red wine is believed to reduce chances of heart disease
The French eat cheese, drink wine, and essentially live only to eat. Yet, their body type remains slim and slender. And this perplexing mystery remains the French Paradox. Many have wondered why is it so?
French Foods List
List of different French food
There are many famous French foods that you must be aware of. However, do you know them all? Would you like to learn more about it? If yes, then read the following article to find a list...
Bouquet Garni
If you'd like to know how to use bouquet garni in a few French recipes whacked up by some famous chefs, feel free to read this article.