Fun Activity

Every time your kids help you around the home or do their homework on time, give them a coloring page. This practice will encourage them to continue doing good things and keep the fun flowing.

Coloring, ladies and gentlemen, is not merely a fun activity for kids ... far from it. It is that, yes, but it is also an activity by which they can develop several motor skills, like learning how to hold a crayon with the right pressure and learning to color within the lines―all this is learned through a simple activity like coloring.

Of course, it is not all learning and no play, far from it, it is a lot of fun, especially for kids. So if your kids are at an age when all they are doing is coloring and coloring, we have a suggestion to make―why don't you combine their love for coloring with their other love―dogs, for example? If they love dogs to the moon and beyond, then they will no doubt be thrilled to have an activity that is all about these furry creatures.

If it is dog coloring pages that you're looking for, then you need not go any further; this Buzzle article will give you image upon image of cute puppies and dogs coloring pages to print.

Printable Dog and Puppy Coloring Pages

** Note: These images have been provided by Buzzle for personal/educational use only. Please do not share, reproduce, or resell any of these images in any form without permission.

The Miscellaneous Kinds

Big eyed puppy
Confused dog

Dog ice skating
Dog jumping in air

Dog on skateboard
Dog scratching ear

Dogs in a car
Dog smelling air

Dog smelling the ground
Dog with big bone

Dog with bone
Dog with bone in mouth

Dog with tail in mouth
Smiling dog

Peeping dog
Puppy in dog house

A Few Breeds

Poodle coloring page
Labrador sitting

German shepherd dog
German shepherd pup

German shepherd puppy
Group of dogs

Now that you have a whole lot of choices to choose from, all you do is print these free printable puppy and dog coloring pages and present them to your kids. What fun and exciting afternoons will follow―you'll see.