Eat Local, Eat Fresh
Stop overpaying for less than stellar food. In other words, ditch the grocery store and explore what your immediate area has to offer in terms of small farms and even your neighbors' gardens. Your body, your taste buds and your...
Gelatin Ingredients
Gelatin is the major constituent of jelly that is widely used to make desserts, confectionery, shells of capsules, etc. If you follow certain religion or diet plan, you would want to know the constituents of gelatin. Here is...
Starchy Foods List
Food items with a high starch content
Starchy foods are rich providers of complex carbohydrates. They are a potent source of fiber essential to facilitate digestion. Besides, starch ought to constitute a third of a well-rounded meal.
Types of Fatty Foods
Fatty food or junk food as it is popularly known as, have several adverse effects on your health. Keep reading for more information on these fat food choices, as well as the types of fatty foods...
Legumes List
The plants which develop their seeds in pods come under the family of legumes. This article presents a legumes list along with important information on the nutritional value of legumes. Read on, to know why legumes should be...
Local Food and its Disadvantages
Local food could be considered healthier and economy-friendly than those that are imported. But they also have their own share of downsides. This article speaks of the disadvantages of buying local food.
Local Food and its Benefits
You should prefer local food over others, because it is more nutritious. This article deals with the concept of local food and its numerous benefits.
Why is Food Important
Can you imagine life without food? Take a look at some important points mentioned in the following Buzzle article about why is food important.
Foods that Make you Happy
Interestingly, there a few food items that you can consume to make yourself happy. Let us look at a list of such foods items.
Foods that Make You Bloated
There is no special group of foods that make you bloated. These gassy culprits aren't just greasy and oily, but are also some of the healthiest foodstuffs like broccoli too. This article will give you a list of the foods that cause...
Foods that Cause Gas
This article lists out the foods that cause gas so that you know which ones you can consume and which ones you need to avoid.
Inflammatory Foods to Avoid
Junk food and read meat are some of the inflammatory foods to avoid as they reduce the body's ability to function properly. To know more about the most inflammatory foods, read on...
What are the Names of the Food Groups?
Food is one of the basic requirements of human beings. It is divided into different categories on the basis of its composition. This Buzzle article lists the various food groups.
How to Eliminate Pantry Pests
If you aren't fond of eating bugs for breakfast, you need to keep your pantry pest-free. Learn about various pests that can infest your pantry from the following article and find out how to get rid of them.
Five Basic Food Groups
Basic food groups
There are five basic food groups, depending upon their composition. All groups must be included in varying proportions in daily diet and by balancing the inclusion, you can maintain the normal functioning of the body and lead a fit...
10 Foods That Kill Intelligence
Foods that kill intelligence - alcohol
Have you ever eaten stupid for breakfast? No, I haven't lost my marbles to be asking a question like that, but there indeed are certain food items that kill intelligence. Allow this Buzzle post to elaborate.
Everyday Foods That are Hard to Digest
Everyday food that are hard to digest
Gorging on ice creams or indulging in chicken nuggets can give you a hard time digesting these foods. This Buzzle post lists some foods that are hard to digest.
Foods You Should Avoid Before Going to Bed
Foods to avoid before bed
Indulging in your favorite snack at bedtime might not be a good idea after all. Research suggests that certain food items, if consumed before going to bed, can actually have a big impact on the sleep pattern, and keep you awake for...
Best and Worst Foods to Eat When You Feel Sick
Best and worst foods to eat when you feel sick
Changes in the weather, disrupted schedule, unhealthy habits, stress, or simply wear and tear of the body, often cause people to fall sick. During these difficult times, you are required to take some rest, medication, and adopt...
Ways to Combat Food Waste at Home
Ways to combat food waste at home
Think twice before throwing away those leftovers from last night. They could serve a million other purposes. Don't think so? Read this Buzzle post to find out how.
What is a Palate Cleanser?
Sorbets as palate cleansers
Palate cleansers act as buffer foods between strong and gentle flavors, preventing the former from overpowering the latter. We'll take a look at what palate cleansers actually are, and how they work.
Food You Think Is Vegetarian But Isn't
Food that isn't vegetarian
Are you wondering if the vegetarian food in your diet is really vegetarian? Well, wonder no more, as this Buzzle post reveals the truth about the food you think is vegetarian but isn't.
Toxic Foods We Love to Eat
Toxic foods we love
Do not throw caution to the wind, especially when someone tells you something is bad for you. Taking a chance with toxic foods we love to eat could actually be life-threatening. Pay heed then, for prevention is always better than...
Foods That Claim to Be Healthy But Aren't
We often tend to buy a food product backed up by commercial ads that promote its health benefits. However, these claims often fall short after you check the ingredients list and when the product is analyzed in randomized controlled...
How to Navigate a Farmers' Market
Tip to buying things from farmer's market
It's summer, which means that now through most of fall, there will be a bounty of produce at your fingertips at the local farmers' market. Here are some tips for making the most of it.
Processed Foods to Avoid
Processed foods to avoid
You might have heard from many people that there are many unhealthy processed or packaged foods. Processed foods are low in nutrition and may be even stale. Here we will be discussing the different types of packaged foods, along...
18 Ideas to Use Chutney Along with Other Foods
Chutney accompaniments
Chutney is a condiment that can add an extra zing to your meal. Buzzle serves up interesting ways to use this delicious and tangy condiment with a collection of dishes. Go ahead and experiment!
Top 10 Magazines for Food Lovers
Magazines for food lovers
Food magazines are packed with inspiring recipes and foolproof techniques to prepare sumptuous home-cooked meals. While there are scores of different magazines being published and sold, here's Buzzle's list of the top 10.
Best Apps For Foodies
Apps for foodies
Are you a foodie, looking out for the best places to eat out, or easy-to-follow recipes for your favorite chocolate cheesecake? Well, here are some apps that you're sure to love.
Foods that are Naturally Radioactive
Foods that are naturally radioactive
Certain isotopes of potassium and radium are highly radioactive, and their presence in some foods makes those items radioactive as well. Let us find out through this Buzzle article, foods that are naturally radioactive.
Food Ingredients Banned in Other Countries But Legal in America
Food ingredients banned in other countries but legal in America
We all love our Kool-Aid and chips, but these tasty delights have chemicals in them that are banned for consumption and usage in a number of countries around the world while being legal in the US. This Buzzle article lists out some...
The Concept of Local Food
With the advent of globalization and mass production techniques, we have seen a rapid increase in imports of basic necessity commodities. However, many people are waking up to realize the importance of local food. If you have not...
List of Electrolyte Sources
Electrolytes are very essential for our body to function properly. You may be subjected to various disorders in case of electrolyte imbalance. The following Buzzle article will tell you about the sources of electrolytes.
Foods That Cause Gas in Babies
One of the most common health concerns in babies is the discomfort caused by gas. Let us have a look at the various factors, including foods, that contribute to this condition, and also learn how to relieve it.
Nutrient Dense Food List
The nutrient dense foods are the ones that have high nutritional value. The nutrient dense food list will provide you the different types of eatables that are rich in all the essential nutrition required for your body.
Most Fattening Foods
This article presents before us a comprehensive list of most fattening foods. One should control the consumption of these in order to maintain fats at a healthier level in the body.
Foods that Make you Feel Full
Foods that make you feel full, will help you in the process of losing weight and stay healthy at the same time. Once you are armed with the food list, you can go grocery shopping.
Healthy Eating Tips for Children
Children should be encouraged to eat healthy in order to avoid obesity and other health issues. Here are some tips to make your child eat healthy and make the right food choices.