What do Food Expiration Dates Really Mean
Ever wondered what does the mention of 'MFG Date' or 'Exp Date' on food products refer to? What do food expiration dates really mean? Perhaps, the following words are an all-inclusive answer to your query.
Storing Fruits and Vegetables
The methods adopted for storing fruits and vegetables matter a lot in preserving maximum nutrients, texture and taste. So, learn the basic tips for storing fruits and veggies and implement them for increasing the shelf life of...
Food Storage Guidelines
Proper storage of food is absolutely vital if you want the food to remain uncontaminated and fresh. In this article we tell you the guidelines for storing food to keep it fresh.
Chicken and Food Safety
Consumption of raw, uncooked, and unhygienic chicken can cause food poisoning. This article will give you more information on food safety issues associated with chicken.
Long Term Food Storage and Safety Guideline
To avoid running to the grocery store every now and then, it is important to store food so that it is available for consumption at the time of crisis.
10 Emergency Foods That Will Never Expire
Sugar - an emergency food that will not expire
Whether you're looking to survive the next natural disaster or simply reorganizing your pantry, it is vital to know the shelf life of food. Though there are a number of food items that will outlast most natural calamities, they...
Is it Safe to Consume Irradiated Foods?
Are irradiated foods safe to consume?
Are you wondering if it is safe to eat irradiated foods? A growing body of scientific evidence has shown that irradiation does not cause any noticeable nutritional damage. In fact, it has been effective in handling the menace of...
A Guide to Stocking Up Your Kitchen with the Basics
Stocking up kitchen with pastas
Having the basics on hand is the best way to prepare for whatever culinary creations you want to whip up.
Foods You Should Not Keep in Your Refrigerator
Foods you should not keep in your refrigerator
Refrigeration helps keep food fresh, and prevents it from spoiling. With that said, would you believe, when we say there are foods you should not keep in your refrigerator? Know which foods make this list and why.
Does the Five-second Rule Really Exist?
The five-second rule does not exist
You're about to put something delectable into your mouth, when suddenly―in slow motion―you watch it fall to the floor. You stare at it furiously, yet longingly, scrambling to scoop it up. Do you proceed to devour it as...
How to Identify Whether Plastic is BPA-free or Not
Tip to identify whether plastic is BPA-free or not
BPA (bisphenol A) has been found to cause a range of health problems, right from obesity to the dreaded cancer, which has led to a spurt in demand for BPA-free plastic. But what does BPA-free mean? We answer this question and tells...
Advantages and Disadvantages of Freeze-drying Food
Advantages and disadvantages of freeze-drying food
Freeze-drying is a process to preserve food, while retaining all the nutrients and flavors. This technique is very efficient, but has its drawbacks as well. This Buzzle article discusses both the advantages and disadvantages of...
Top BPA-free Canned Food Brands
Top BPA-free canned food brands
It wouldn't be a surprise if most canned foods in your pantry are packaged in BPA-lined cans. While BPA-containing linings are used in most canned foods, some food brands have voluntarily chosen to be free of them. Let's find out...
Best Packaged Food Brands
Best packaged food brands
Packaged foods are infamous for their artificial ingredients, chemical additives, and Bisphenol A (BPA) content. However, companies these days are trying very hard to produce good quality, chemical-free products that pose no harm...
Is Packaged Fruit Juice Good for Health?
Is packaged fruit juice good for health
In today's fast-paced world, most people opt for quick fixes for everything. Packaged fruit juice is one such item that is readily available, is filling, and comes at reasonable prices. However, are these packaged juices really...
Ways to Prevent Freezer Burns
Freezer burns are a very common problem when edibles are stored in a freezer for a long period of time. Simple tips can be followed to avoid this problem and keep food items fresh and full of nutrients.
Types of Food Packaging
Why should food always be packed? Do you know the various ways of packaging food? The upcoming article will let you know the importance of packing food along with the types of food packaging.
Long Term Food Storage Containers
There are various options in long term food storage containers available on the shelves today. But if you have to extend the shelf life of food items, it is essential that you pick the right pieces from the lot. Here's what all you...
Food Shelf Life
It is important to know the shelf life of food so that the nutrition of food is preserved. In this article we are going to discuss the shelf life of different foods.
Canned Food Safety
Safety is an important issue when it comes to canned food. Many people wonder, if they are as healthy as the fresh ones. This article provides information about some of the safety considerations of these foods and various tips...
Dangers of Packaged Foods
Packaged foods are very frequently used by many of us due to our hectic schedule. Even though these products are convenient, there are a few health risks associated with them.