Food calories contribute to the weight and looks of a person. It also gives them a feeling about themselves on their looks. It is very important to know the amount of calorie intake that takes place regularly in the body through the food that we eat. Some foods seeming low in calories can be a complete opposite and provide that extra calorie that your body does not require. The food calories list is very beneficial in this case, as a common person who goes through it can understand their regular calorie intake and the calories required by their body to perform regular functions.

Effect of High Calorie Intake

The calories that the body acquires from the consumption of food has to be kept to a minimum, as going beyond that can cause the body weight to increase to undesirable proportions. Increased weight is a result of overeating coupled with no exercise. Nowadays, the cartons of milk and other food items contain a list that indicates the amount of calories that are present in its constituents, which is a great help for everyone to understand what the intake of calories will be for that particular food item. But there are many other things that we consume, and have no idea about the calories they contain, which is where, this food calories list comes handy. This list can be utilized for monitoring the calories intake by eating a particular portion of food. Simultaneously, you can calculate the total calories that food contains by analyzing the number portions of food that have been consumed. If a person eats more than the calculated portion, it indicates the amount of calorie intake is more than that person requires. Consuming the required calories and having control in portions helps in controlling and maintaining weight and overall health.

Formulation of a Food Calories List

A food calories list is devised by segregating different types of food with different calories. It even indicates the fluctuation in calories that can occur with the cooking procedure. We get the information of the calorie consumption taking place while having a vegetable raw or by cooking it in butter, olive oil or having them steamed. Therefore, you can conceive your own menu while keeping your calorie intake in check.

Meat Calories
Raw Beef1 ounce88
Raw Lean Beef1 ounce75
Grilled/Broiled Beef1 ounce107
Lamb1 ounce80
Lamb Chop1 chop128
Deer1 ounce42
Pepperoni1 ounce148
Grilled/Broiled Steak1 ounce51
Raw Bacon1 ounce150
Cooked Bacon1 ounce135
Ham1 ounce45
Pork1 ounce76
Pork Chop1 ounce75
Pork Sausage1 patty92
Pork Roast1 ounce55
Chicken Roasted1 cup240
Chicken Hotdog1 full116
Turkey1 ounce45
Turkey Hotdog1 full102
Caviar1 ounce72
Raw Clams1 medium11
Canned Clams1 cup237
Cod1 ounce25
Crab1 ounce30
Lobster1 ounce33
Raw Oyster1 medium8
Salmon1 ounce50
Canned Salmon1 ounce40
Raw Scallops1 ounce25
Shrimp1 ounce30
Prawns1 ounce30
Tuna1 ounce50
Canned Tuna1 ounce35
Vegetable Calories
Red Pepper1 medium39
Green Pepper1 medium17
Old Potato1 medium88
Baked Potato1 medium161
Baked Sweet Potato1 medium136
Boiled Potato1 medium861
Fresh Potato1 medium80
Cucumber1 medium19
Raw Asparagus1 ounce8
Fresh Green Beans1 cup44
Canned Green Beans1 cup46
Beetroot1 cup60
Broccoli1 cup24
Brussels Sprouts1 ounce12
Raw Cabbage1 cup56
Corn1 cup132
Raw Eggplant1 medium27
Garlic1 clove4
Ginger1 ounce20
Saffron1 tsp2
Salt1 tsp0
Lettuce1 head21
Mushrooms1 cup20
White Onion1 medium40
Green Onions1 cup32
Canned Pumpkin1 cup80
Radish1 cup18
Raw Spinach1 leaf2
Tomato1 medium26
Fresh Green Beans1 cup44
Green Peas1 cup96
Shallots1 tbsp8
Tomatillo1 medium11
Fruit Calories
Apple1 medium80
Apricot1 medium17
Avocado1 ounce50
Banana1 medium105
Blackberries1 cup74
Blueberries1 cup82
Boysenberries1 cup82
Fresh Cherries1 cup100
Dried Cherries1 cup560
Cantaloupe1 medium188
Cranberries1 cup46
Dates1 cup502
Fig1 medium37
Dried Figs5 figs240
Grapes1 cup62
Grapefruit1 medium120
Kiwifruit1 medium46
Lemon1 medium17
Lime1 medium20
Mango1 medium135
Nectarine1 medium67
Orange1 medium62
Papaya1 medium117
Peach1 medium37
Pear1 medium100
Canned Pear1 ounce75
Pineapple1 cup78
Plum1 ounce16
Pomegranate1 ounce19
Raisins1 cup438
Strawberries1 cup46
Tangerine1 medium37
Watermelon1 cup50
Beverage Calories
Milk1 cup157
Beer1 bottle144
Gin1 ounce65
Rum1 ounce65
Vodka1 ounce65
Whiskey1 ounce65
Red Wine1 ounce23
White Wine1 ounce22
Coffee1 cup40
Tea1 cup50
Other Calories
Bread1 slice70
Cornflakes1 cup100
Cheddar Cheese1 ounce114
Cottage Cheese1 cup234
Tofu1 ounce22
Chocolate1 ounce140
White Chocolate1 ounce162
Dark Chocolate1 ounce180
Cocoa1 cup200
Cornstarch1 tbsp30
Ketchup1 tbsp15
Mayonnaise1 tbsp100
Mustard1 tbsp10
Olive1 full12
Oatmeal1 cup145
Chocolate Syrup1 tbsp25
Yeast1 ounce80
Soy Sauce1 tbsp11
Buttermilk1 cup100
Soy Milk1 cup80
Yogurt1 cup140
Egg1 full75
Butter1 tbsp100
Peanut Butter1 tbsp95
Almonds1 ounce160
Cashews1 ounce160
Peanuts1 ounce160
Walnuts1 ounce140
Pistachios1 ounce165
Barley1 cup650
Noodles1 cup190
Cream of Tartar1 tsp2
Popcorn1 ounce110
Pasta1 ounce100
Rice1 cup240
Brown Rice1 cup210
Honey1 tbsp60
Maple Syrup1 tbsp50

Negative Calories Food List
Every food that we consume contains some amount of calories. Calories help in generating energy for our daily work. However, certain foods are denoted as 'negative calorie foods', as they digest by consuming extra calories than they actually contain. The breakdown process associated with these foods create a great difficulty for the body. The body requires harder work for extraction of calories from these negative calorie foods. The effects of calorie intake in case of a negative calories food is lesser than zero as it spends more calories than the food can itself produce. A negative calorie food list, thus, offers a great proposition to people who are looking for rapid decrease in their weight to maintain a slim body and lead a healthy life. A negative calories food list comprises food items that are very less in starch, fat, and calorie content. Weight loss associated with a negative calorie food diet can vary with different people having a different nutrition system. You have to be very careful with the following calories list, because fats, not only contribute to putting on weight, but they are also dangerous for your blood pressure and circulation as well, if they are consumed in high quantities.

Pros of a Food Calorie List
As we have already seen, a food calories list is very useful in maintaining the proper intake of calories on a regular basis. People with high calories are prone to being or becoming overweight. People consuming high calories are prone to many heart diseases and other ailments. They even face trouble in continuing with the regular work process of their life. A food calorie list helps such to live better by suggesting the perfect diet that can help shed those extra pounds. It allows individuals to form a proper diet for maintaining the required health and acquiring the energy that is required to perform regular functions.

It is seen that carbohydrates, proteins, fats, etc., contain calories and their proper intake is necessary for everyone. Referring to this food calorie list is a medium that allows a person to know the diet required for proper functioning of the body, without having to spend on other ways for weight loss.
It is seen that carbohydrates, proteins, fats, etc., contain calories and their proper intake is necessary for everyone. Referring to this food calorie list is a medium that allows a person to know the diet required for proper functioning of the body, without having to spend on other ways for weight loss.