Royal Poinciana Tree
One of the most popular ornamental trees, appreciated for its eye-catching beauty, the Royal Poinciana tree, will be the topic of our discussion in this article.
Facts about the Mimosa Tree
The mimosa tree, a beautiful ornamental plant with pink, soft, and silky fragrant flowers, gets its name from the Greek word 'mimos', which means 'mimic'. Find out other amazing facts about this tree in the following excerpt.
Azalea Care
Like every other plant, the azalea too, needs appropriate care and conditioning. In this article, we give you tips and tricks, which when used, will yield big, healthy, and beautiful azalea.
Flowering House Plants
Do you want to bring in the beauty and fragrance of flowering plants into your house? In this article, we give you an overview of some plants that will suit your needs.
Pruning Azaleas
Pruning of azaleas should be done in such a way that the natural, graceful shape of the bush is maintained. Here are guidelines that will help you prune these bushes properly.
Bee Balm Care
This perennial plant that produces pink, red, and white or new double colored flowers can be seen in many gardens. Bee balm plants are aromatic mint plants commonly found in eastern North America.
How to Grow Indoor Azaleas
Capable of thriving in a wide variety of growing conditions, azaleas make a wonderful addition to your backyard, garden, and porch. Read the Buzzle article to find out how to grow these plants indoors, and take proper care of it.
How to Care for Hollyhock Plants
Tips to care for Hollyhock plants
During the summer months, there are few plants which add to the beauty of a garden like a hollyhock. In this article, we shall discuss the best methods to grow and care for this plant, to get its maximum potential and greatly...
How to Grow and Care for Columbine Flowers
Tips to grow and care for Columbine flowers
Very beautiful and colorful, columbine flowers can be a very attractive addition to your garden. They are very low-maintenance and easy-to-care-for flowers. This Buzzle article tells you how to grow and care for columbine flowers...
Few Facts About Cyclamens
Chic and delicate, Cyclamens are flowers that will fascinate with their beauty provided that you know their little secrets. Take a look to see what they need.
Interesting Facts about Bleeding Heart Plant
One of the popular ornamental plants, the bleeding heart plant has heart-shaped flowers with dangling tips. Go through this article to know more about some bleeding heart plant facts.
White Flowering Trees
The elegance of white flowers is simply incomparable to others. If you think there are very less varieties of white flowering trees, reconsider this thought again. This article provides you a list of evergreen and deciduous trees...
How to Harvest Petunia Seeds
The viability of petunia seeds makes them ideal for propagation purposes. You can harvest these seeds on your own, and use them for next year plantation. This Buzzle article provides some tips that you can follow for growing...
Angel Trumpet Plant
Angel trumpet is a plant that is known for its fragrant, trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom throughout the year. This Buzzle article provides some great information about this plant, and how to grow and care for it.
Astilbe Care
Astilbe plants have a glossy, fern-like foliage and beautiful flowers. Mentioned in this article are care instructions for astilbe, that will help you in growing healthy plants...
Amaryllis Care
The trumpet-shaped flower, amaryllis seeks no attention, yet manages to garner it. To ensure that your flowers do well, leaf through a few care tips given here.
Fuschia Plant
Fuschia are flowering plants that grow long shoots and are wonderful indoor and outdoor plants. The following article provides information about the various tips on how to keep your plant healthy.
Mandevilla Plant
The bright reds, a soulful pink, or a shimmering white is what a mandevilla plant will offer. Enjoy viewing its twinning vines and large blooms with some information furnished below.
Clivia Plant
A burst of sun is what clivias offer when planted and cared for the right way. Grow this plant in your garden and enjoy its beauty.
Flowering Plants That Grow in Shade
Many flowering plants prefer not being in direct sunlight and receiving indirect light while staying in shadowed areas. Read on to know some of the popular plants of this type...
Bridal Veil Plant Care
Bridal veil plants have delicate white flowers, and lush green foliage. This article tells you how to take proper care to keep it hale and hearty for a very long time.
Heliconia Care
Heliconias are these beautiful flowering plants that every gardener wants to nurture. If you too, want to live in their delighting presence, then this Buzzle article will tell you all about how to take care of them, so that they...
Philodendron Care
Caring for a philodendron is all about providing the plant its favorable growth conditions. Philodendrons are however, not very difficult to grow. Find out more about these plants, and how to care for them through this Buzzle...
Sedum Plants
Sedums are flowering plants. Sedum plants are quite easy to grow and care. These plants provide bright, deep fall colors to a garden.
Vinca Vine
Vinca is a genus of herbaceous plants, that are commonly grown in gardens as ground cover. These herbaceous plants are known for their vigorous growth, which explains why they are usually recognized as invasive plants. Learn more...
Star of Bethlehem Plant
The Star of Bethlehem derives its name from the star that led the wise men to the birth place of Jesus. Though beautiful, this flowering plant is considered a nuisance, owing to its trait of encroaching onto other plants and...
Clematis Plant Care
Clematis plants are amazing flowering plants that can be grown in house gardens. This Buzzle article will help you tend to the plant to reap a full blossom.
Winter Flowering Plants
Grow varieties of winter flowering plants, and make your landscape a colorful one that everyone will adore. This article highlights some of the hardy varieties that will surely beautify your garden in winter.
Daphne Plant
Daphne is actually a genus of shrubs that are deciduous, and evergreen too. A native of Asia, Europe, and north Africa, this Buzzle article tells you more about this plant.
Butterwort Facts
If insects are a constant menace to your garden or in your home, then you can consider buying yourself a lifesaving butterwort plant. Let's see why they're such great plants for homes.
Anthurium Care
The different aspects of anthurium care are presented in this following article. Anthuriums which are easy to care for can produce healthy flowers with proper care.
Flowering Plant Reproduction
Flowering plant reproduction takes place by means of both asexual and sexual methods. The asexual method in flowering plants is simple, while the sexual method is highly complex and organized.
Virginia Creeper Vine Facts
The Virginia creeper is from the Vitaceae family and is also referred to as the 'five-leaved ivy, among other names. Let's find out more about this kind of vine, in the following facts.
Japanese Anemone
Introduce yourself to the beauty that abounds. Japanese anemone plant is a subliminal sight to behold. Learn all about this breathtaking bloom through this article.
How to Take Care of a Silver Lace Vine
Thinking of growing silver lace vine in your garden? What a lovely idea. This eager-to-grow plant works well for spaces that require additional aesthetic, like fences, brick walls, and archways. Let's take a look at how to take...
Anemone Plant
A genus of flowering plants belonging to the 'Ranunculaceae' family, 'Anemone' are often seen as garden plants. The following Buzzle article tells you more.
How to Take Care of a Chinese Lantern Plant
Chinese lantern plants can brighten up your garden with their flashy orange seed covers. This article will provide you with some tips about growing this plant.
How to Care for a Trumpet Vine
The Southeastern region of the United States is considered to be the native place of this gorgeous flowering vine. Know how to take care of this popular plant from this article.
Mexican Sage
The perfect purple flowering plant for summer and fall gardens, Mexican sage is a hardy, evergreen perennial bush. Even in droughts, this sage produces beautiful flowers. This article explains what a Mexican sage is, its...
Vinca Plant
Vinca plant is a favorite among plant growers as it loves heat. Come sunshine and you will find your plant flourish. Let us have a look at some related information.
Russian Sage Plant
Russian sage is a common garden plant appreciated for its lovely flowers and its resistance to dry conditions. Easy to grow and requiring minimal care, you can grow healthy sage in your garden as well as in containers.
Platycodon Grandiflorus
Platycodon grandiflorus is a beautiful perennial flowering plant which will add color and vivacity to your garden. This article tells you how you can grow this plant in your garden, and how you can use this plant to create a...
Butterwort Care
Are you planning to grow a butterwort plant in your garden? Do you need instructions on butterwort care? Go through this article to find out more about this plant.
Butterwort Plant
The butterwort plant is a carnivore which feeds on insects. Butterwort in the house can have a dual advantage - one keeping the house insect-free and the other adding beauty to the room it is placed in...
Agapanthus Plants
Agapanthus plants produce clusters of violet or blue flowers, right from late spring to summer. Though these plants are perennial, digging up the fleshy rhizomes before the arrival of cold winter months is crucial to overwinter...
How to Care for Agapanthus Plants
Caring for Agapanthus plants revolves around providing sufficient moisture according to the prevailing environmental conditions. Learn how to grow and care for these plants from the following article.
Flowering Quince
The flowering quince is one of the most gorgeous plants that can adorn your garden. Just read below for some information on this beautiful plant.
Heliotrope Plant
The heliotrope plant is cherished for its highly-fragrant flowers, that appear in clusters during midsummer. This remarkable plant is known for its tendency to turn its leaves towards the sun. Discover more about this flowering...
Gloxinia Plant
Gloxinia plant which is of the species of 'Sinningia speciosa', is a beautiful plant that bears bright, bell-shaped flowers. Here are instructions on growing this plant.
Tropical Flowering Plants
If you do not have tropical flowers in your garden, you are missing some of the most strikingly beautiful blooms. This article discusses some of the hardy tropical flowering plants that you can include in your garden.
Dicentra Spectabilis
The Dicentra spectabilis is one of the cold climate plants, known for its unique, heart-shaped flowers. The information about this flowering plant is provided, in short, in this article.
Indoor Flowering Plants
Bringing a slice of nature inside your home is never a bad idea. Especially flowers, as they add to the aesthetic values. Buzzle aims at helping you choose such plants.
Types of Flowering Trees
There are over a hundred types of flowering trees that one can plant in their garden to beautify the landscape. This article will tell you all about some of them.
Amaryllis Bulbs: Growing Instructions and Care
Amaryllis bulbs can be grown successfully in gardens as well as pots. This article provides the instructions and care needed for growing these bulbs.
Flowering Plants for Shady Areas
Flowering plants that thrive in shady areas are not at all difficult to find if you know what to look for. They are basically those plants that have a tendency to thrive where the sunlight is minimal.
Purple Flowering Plants
Purple is one of the most preferred flower colors when it comes to creating variation in a flower garden. Here are some fascinating purple flowering plants for your garden.
Flowering Pear Tree Varieties
Flowering varieties of pear trees
The pear tree comes to life every spring, and covers itself with beautiful clusters of white snowy flowers. There are quite a few varieties of flowering pear trees, and you will be spoiled for choice when you start deciding on...
Flowering Plum Tree
A flowering plum tree in the garden is every gardener's dream. Not only are they attractive, but the full bloom display they hold can have quite a startling effect on the beholder.
Flowering Pear Tree Care
The flowering pear tree or Callery pear can be a delight for the landscapers, if properly taken care of. Learn how to care for this beautiful tree in this Buzzle article.
Tips to Take Care of Mexican Cigar Plants
Mexican cigar plants care tip
Cigar plants are profuse bloomers that produce bright orange-red flowers throughout the summer. Here are some useful tips to grow these plants.
How to Grow and Care for Angelonia Plants
Angelonia plant care tips
Otherwise known as summer snapdragons, angelonia flowers resemble snapdragons. Unlike snapdragons, angelonias bloom through the summer. Buzzle has some tips regarding angelonia care.
How to Care for Snapdragon Flowers
Snapdragon flowers care tips
Very popular as garden plants, snapdragons are profuse bloomers with brightly colored flowers that develop on tall spikes. Here are some guidelines regarding snapdragon care.
How to Grow and Care for Balsam Plants
Balsam plant care tips
Balsam plant is grown for ornamental as well as therapeutic purposes. Here's a brief overview of balsam plant care.
Muscari Plants: Blue Magic in Your Garden
Muscari plants
Muscari plants are very popular for their bright, lovely blooms that resemble grape bunches. Here is some information about these plants.
Tips to Care for the Cat's Whiskers Plant
Cat's whiskers plant care
One glance at the cat's whiskers plant will tell you why it is called so. Buzzle provides information on cat's whiskers plant care, including the ideal location, soil type, light, and watering requirements for this plant.
How to Grow and Care for a Primrose Plant
Tip to grow a primrose plant
Known for the vibrant-colored flowers that bloom in early spring, primrose is a herbaceous, perennial plant. Buzzle provides information on primrose plant care, ranging from the right planting time to soil, light, and watering...
Geum Plants: Interesting Facts and Growing Tips
Geum plant growing tip
Geum refers to a genus of around 50 species of perennial herbaceous plants. Buzzle provides tips on growing and caring for geum plants.
Flowering Bushes, Shrubs and Trees
Flowering trees for the garden
A garden is a piece of joy to the owner. Adding shrubs, plants, bushes and trees are not only a good way of decorating the garden, but also a satisfying experience.
Facts About Rock Rose (Cistus)
Fact about rock rose (Cistus)
As the name suggests, Rock Rose plants are tough enough to stand cold winters, hot summers, and droughts. Buzzle presents some interesting facts about these plants and explains how easily you can enhance the beauty of your garden.
How to Grow and Care for a Chia Plant
Tip to care for a chia plant
The easy-care plant chia produces tiny seeds that are considered as 'superfood'. Harvesting chia can be great fun for children. You can grow your chia plant with the help of the tips provided here. The plant doesn't require much...
How to Grow and Care for Yesterday-Today-and-Tomorrow Plant
Yesterday-today-and-tomorrow plant care
The Brunfelsia Pauciflora or yesterday-today-and-tomorrow plant as it is commonly called is a tropical plant indigenous to Brazil. These flowers flaunt a fascinating bed of flowers. Buzzle tells you how to grow and care for your...
How to Grow a Kangaroo Paw Plant
Tip to grow a Kangaroo paw plant
Although the plant 'kangaroo paw' is native to Australia, it is now grown extensively right across the globe. Buzzle provides information on how to grow this exotic plant.
Ragweed Vs. Goldenrod: Tips to Identify the Difference
Difference between ragweed and goldenrod
Allergy sufferers are familiar with ragweed and goldenrod, as both these plants are notorious for causing hay fever. Lucky for them, as these plants are easy to identify. Buzzle provides you with handy tips on how to identify and...
Redbud Tree Facts
Redbud tree was George Washington's favorite
Learning about redbud tree facts is as interesting as seeing its spectacular blooms in early spring. Redbud trees beautify the landscape in every season, irrespective of the flowering period.
How to Grow and Care for Creeping Myrtle (Vinca minor)
Creeping Myrtle (Vinca minor) care tips
The short evergreen creeping myrtle plant is resistant to droughts, deer, and pests. It takes very little to care for the plant. Buzzle explains how it can be a solution for hard-to-grow areas.
How to Care for a Mimosa Tree
Steps for mimosa tree care
The mimosa tree is one of the most popular ornamental trees because of its beautiful, pink powder-puff-like blooms and delicate leaves. They easily tempt most eyes out there just by their presence. Peep in to know how to care for a...
Interesting Facts About the Lantana Flowering Plant
Fact about the Lantana flowering plant
When you think of weeds, all that comes to mind are thorny, ugly-looking plants that ruin your garden landscape. However, the lantana plant is a unique weed that bears clusters of beautiful flowers. It was originally cultivated due...
Tips to Take Care of a Desert Rose Plant
Fact about desert rose plant
A desert rose plant is one of the prettiest flower plants you'll ever see. Reason? Well, the bright flowers are reason enough I think! Plus, it's fairly easy to take care of a this plant.
How to Grow and Care for Moss Rose Plants
Tip to care for moss rose plant
Growing a garden takes years of effort and patience. However, it is still one of the most rewarding hobbies. Here's taking a quick look at how to grow and care for moss roses, which are the most easiest plants to decorate your...
How to Grow and Care for Blanket Flowers (Gaillardia)
Tip to grow blanket flowers (Gaillardia)
Their rich bright color and hardy nature makes blanket flowers ideal for backyards or flower beds. Blanket flowers are easy to grow and attractive to butterflies, making them a favorite among gardening enthusiasts. Buzzle provides...
Tips to Take Care of the Gaura Plant
Gaura plant care tips
The gaura plant is one of the best options if you are looking for plants with a long blooming period. Go through this post for some guidelines on how to grow this low-maintenance plant.
Tips to Prune Penstemon Plants
Tip to prune penstemon plants
Though pruning is not indispensable for penstemons, it is beneficial for an extended blooming season, and for protecting them from harsh winter temperatures.
How to Grow and Care for Grape Ivy Plant
Grape ivy plant care tips
Otherwise known as Boston ivy, grape ivy is a vigorous climber that is perfect for fences, trellises, walls, etc. Buzzle provides some guidelines for growing this plant.
How to Grow and Care for Black Bat Flowers
Black bat flowers care tip
The black bat flower plant is ideal for those who love to grow unusual plants. Here are some tips to grow this plant, which is very popular for its fascinating and unique flowers.
How to Grow and Care for Campanulas
Campanula care tip
You might have seen Bluebells and Canterbury Bells adorning tabletops, adding some life and color to the room. If you are a gardening enthusiast, you might have even wanted to plant these beauties in your garden.
Million Bells Plant Profile and Caring Tips
Million Bells plant profile
Most gardening enthusiasts, especially those who love flowering plants, would agree that Million bells are a must-have in the garden. With their vivid colors and trailing habit, these are perfect for hanging baskets. Buzzle...
How to Grow and Care for a Nasturtium Plant
Nasturtium plant care tips
While the trailing variety of the nasturtium plant can be placed in hanging baskets, the compact variety is a great choice for flowerbeds. Buzzle provides instructions on growing nasturtium from seeds, along with information on...
Characteristics of Monocots
Characteristics of monocots
Monocotyledons, also called monocots, are a class of flowering plants that have only one seed leaf in the embryo contained in the seed. Buzzle provides information on the characteristics of monocot plants.
How to Grow a Moonflower Vine
Moonflower vine growing tip
Imagine a white blossom that blooms when its dark, perfumes your yard, shines in the moonlight, and shuts in sunlight. If you're patient, you can watch them unfurl right before your eyes. Moonflowers are magical. Growing and...
18 Sedum Plant Varieties with Pictures
Sedum plant varieties
No garden or landscape is complete without the presence of the hardy, easy-to-grow, and succulent sedum plants. They exhibit a number of beautiful varieties. Buzzle briefs you on 18 sedum plant varieties with their pictures.
Eryngium Plant Profile and Varieties
Eryngium plant varieties
Flowers are known to be fragrant, brightly hued, and smooth in texture. But sometimes, in contrast, flowers can be a little coarse too, yet bewilder us with their phenomenal beauty. Buzzle tells you about the eryngium plant and its...
How to Care for an Esperanza Plant
Esperanza plant care tips
Esperanza is an ornamental plant that adorns many gardens. The beautiful and bright yellow flowers not only catch your eye, but also attract many beautiful creatures in the garden. This makes it an appropriate plant to have in your...
Things You Need to Know About Ixora Plants
Fact about Ixora plants
Ixora can easily be identified by its attractive cluster of flowers and leathery leaves. But, it's not known to many, that along with being grown in gardens, this plant also has medicinal uses. Buzzle will deal with such facts,...
Cyclamen Plant Care
The cyclamen plant is a beautiful flowering houseplant and has minimal care requirements. It is an ideal plant to start off a gardening hobby with. Here we discuss its minimal care requirements so you can see its beauty in full...
Mandevilla Care
Proper care is a must for Mandevillas to ensure that these plants survive for many years, and in all types of climates. Read this post for more information on Mandevilla plant care.
How to Transplant Amaryllis
For all those who have had the beautiful amaryllis plant indoors all through the winter season, but now want to transplant it in the garden, here is a post sharing the right method to do it. So go ahead and read on to know about it.
List of Biennial Plants
Biennial plants
Biennials are a smaller group of plants that have a two-year growth cycle. Following is some more information about biennial plants along with their characteristics and a list of biennial vegetables and flowering plants.
Vinca Major Vs. Vinca Minor - What's the Difference?
Difference between Vinca major and Vinca minor
Vinca major and Vinca minor, the popular ornamental plants, are known for their dense glossy evergreen foliage and delicate purple-blue flowers. What's the difference between these two species? This Buzzle article provides the...
Information to Grow and Care for Torenia Plants
Torenia plant care
Torenias are low-maintenance, shade plants that are ideal for flower beds, containers as well as hanging baskets. This Buzzle article provides some information about the basics of torenia care.
How to Care for Your Lily of the Valley Plant
Tip to care for Lily of the Valley plant
If you have been waiting to cover the long stretches in your yard, or if you have been waiting to get some wonderful fragrant flowers in your garden, you should have the lily of the valley planted soon. Once you make this decision,...
Know All about the Varieties of Canna Lily
Varieties of Canna lily
If surrounding yourself with colors makes you feel happy, then canna is the right path to gain happiness. Canna lilies are among the most colorful summer bulbs. They grow in a huge variety, with flower colors ranging from vibrant...
Traditional and Medicinal Uses of Mimosa pudica
Medicinal uses of Mimosa pudica
Every part of the plant, be it the seeds, leaves, and the roots is said to have high medicinal value. The following Buzzle article elaborates more on the traditional and medicinal uses of Mimosa pudica.
Flowering Plants Vs. Non-flowering Plants
We all know a little bit when it comes to flowering vs. non-flowering plants. Flowering plants reproduce with the help of male and female parts enclosed within the petals, while non-flowering plants do not have flowers at all. Read...
Heliconia Plant
Heliconia plant produces one of the most beautiful flowers in the plant kingdom. We tell you how to care for this plant.
Ajuga Ground Cover
The ajuga ground cover is one of the most beautiful choices that one can make for their gardens. The Ajuga reptans are beautiful flowers that make for excellent ground cover in gardens. Read the following article to know how to go...
Bee Balm Plant
A Bee Balm plant can be easily recognized by its unique appearance. Here are some facts about this pretty flower.
Pink Flowering Trees
Pink flowering trees are quite a sight to behold. This article will take you through the numerous, colorful trees preferred by people for their gardens.
Petunia Care
Petunia is a flowering plant that can be grown in pots or flower beds. Ample sunlight, well-drained soil, and proper watering will ensure multiple blooms. This write-up provides tips for growing and caring for this plant.
Purple Flowering Tree
If you are living in a drab and colorless neighborhood, then you can bring some life to it by planting some colorful flowering trees. Read this article for information about different purple flowering tree varieties in this article.
Information about Petunia Flowers
One of the most widely grown flowering plants, petunias are very popular for their bright flowers and green foliage. Here is a brief overview about petunias.
Crabapple Tree
The pink flush of flowers on your crabapple will leave you with beautiful memories to come. The following passages give more information on growing this beautiful tree.
Cassia Tree
The beautiful yellow cascade of cassia flowers will enchant you long after they fade away. This informative Buzzle article tells you all you need to know about it, and also provides tips on taking care of the plant.
Flowering Pear Tree Diseases
A flowering pear tree is a valuable landscaping tree, and is susceptible to diseases like fire blight and leaf spot. Buzzle explains the occurrence of such diseases, and also suggests some preventive measures that can be taken to...
Types of Flowering Cherry Trees
The most significant sign of the onset of spring is the cherry tree. There are many sub-species of this tree. To learn about the physical and biological characteristics of each of them, read on ...
Life Cycle of a Flowering Plant
The life cycle of a flowering plant starts with a seed. The seed germinates to produce a sapling, which matures into a plant. This plant then reproduces to form new seeds which then begin the next life cycle The following article...