Film Schools in Mumbai
Film Schools in Mumbai are choc-a-bloc. Admissions are simple but not cheap. Here's a low down on the way these schools work.
Documentary Filmmaking Techniques
While making a documentary, a filmmaker is bestowed with a lot of responsibility towards his audiences because a documentary is made to throw light on a grave matter, or an issue concerning the public at large. Therefore, he has to...
How to Produce a Movie
Have your eyes set on filmmaking? Here is a basic and precise guide on how to produce a movie, which will certainly give you an idea of what all is involved in getting a story to feature on the silver screen.
How to Write a Screenplay
Screenplays are the most challenging forms of writing to go for. This article shares some tips on writing one, for beginners. Writing one and selling it, takes loads of hard work and patience. Read to know how a movie takes shape,...
Film Production: Tips, Services, and Equipment
The complex process of film production and the intricacies of filmmaking are areas that pose as intriguing elements in the world of film. Learn how film production works when it comes to movies, documentaries, short films and the...
Screenplay: Writing Movie Scripts
Writing movie scripts is an intricate and involved process that requires both imagination as well as writing skills. Here are a few pointers for screenplay writing.
15 Useful Cinematography Tips and Tricks for Beginners
Cinematography tips for beginners
Cinematography is what you have seen in movies so far. Yes, we are talking about the art of motion picture photography. Cinematographer is the person behind all the creative scenes that you see in movies and videos. Are you an...
Docudrama: Meaning, Characteristics, and Examples
Docudrama meaning and examples
Docudrama is a fascinating concept that has created some noteworthy work over the decades. Buzzle gives you the meaning, characteristics, and examples of a docudrama.
Types of Camera Shots and Angles in Movie Making and their Impact
Camera shots and angles
As cameras get more and more affordable, movies are being made in huge numbers around the globe. What lacks quite a few times is the look and feel of a movie that does justice to the story and its characters.
How to Become a Cinematographer or Director of Photography
Cinematographer skills
A picture is worth a thousand words. A moving picture is worth much more. They speak in space and time, in color and form. In cinema, the person behind all of this is the cinematographer. With the process of movie making getting...
Job Responsibilities and Duties of a Grip
Job responsibilities of grips
A grip is a person responsible for the set up and maintenance of the camera support system in a film or video production. The key grip is known as the first in command, who supervises the best boy grip and the dolly grip. Get to...
History of Cinematography
History of cinematography
Interestingly, the history of cinematography originates to a great extent in the art of photography. Inventions and experiments from several photographers, scientists, and enthusiasts, have together helped develop the art and...
What Makes a Great Movie?
Elements of a great movie
The designation of "great" is highly subjective when talking about movies, but there are a few elements that almost everyone can agree are important. This Buzzle article takes you through the factors that go into making a...
Things to Consider Before Shooting a Video
Have you been looking for some useful tips on how to make a video that is truly remarkable? Worry not, for here's help. Just go through this article before you start shooting one, and get ready for compliments galore!
Things to Keep in Mind While Hiring a Video Production Company
Tips to hire a video production company
There are several things to keep in mind while hiring a video production company as it will call for a huge investment of time, money, and resources. This Buzzle article has some essential pointers.
Job Description and Average Salary of a Script Supervisor
Job description of a script supervisor
Movies, though glamorous, have always had a stressful and hectic schedule behind the scenes in making it work. The person who makes the whole process seamless is the script supervisor. This article tells you all about the job...
What is Dutch Angle Shot in Photography?
Dutch angle shot in photography
Dutch angle is one of the simple camera techniques that will help you click better and effective photos. It is basically done by tilting a camera. This Buzzle article tells you what a dutch angle shot is and other effects of the...
A to Z Glossary of Cinematography Terms
Cinematography term - dope sheet
Also known as the art and process of capturing visual moving images on camera for filmmaking, cinematography involves the use of several terms which might not be easy to understand for a beginner. Buzzle gives you an A-Z glossary...
The Colorization of Black-and-white Movies
Techniques for colorization of black and white movies
The process of adding color to black-and-white films, sepia films, or monochrome moving pictures is known as film colorization. This article gives you the details on how black-and-white movies are colorized.
Greatest Movie Directors Of All Time
That a film director's job certainly isn't a cakewalk is common knowledge. He's the one who is in charge on the sets, and in charge of the movie's fate as well. It might sound daunting to most, and it actually is, but here's a list...