How to Accessorize a Coral Dress
Ways to accessorize a coral dress
Don't call me pink. Nah! I'm not orange either. I'm a perfect blend of the girly pink and the fierce orange; the color that flatters most skin tones. This is why ladies address me Coral Crush! The only thing that you may find...
Fashion Tips for Women Over 50
When you are in your 50s, the enthusiasm to dress up, wear bright colors, use makeup, wear heels, and carry trendy handbags simply begins to wane. This Buzzle article brings some great fashion tips for women over 50 years of age.
Is Fashion Harmful to Society?
Fact about negative effects of fashion
Fashion is one of the ways to express yourself and exhibit to the world more about who you are. We all agree that the fashion industry has become very popular and influential, but how does it affect our society? This Buzzle...
Making Fashion Affordable
The media in the United States and elsewhere sends women the message that they should be ashamed if they can't afford clothes from ritzy mall stores. This article explains the phenomenon and its potentially dire consequences,...
Fashion Over 60
Fashion for those over 60 is all about wearing elegant and sophisticated clothes, accessories, and makeup, which will make the concerned person look classy.
Fashion Over 50
Fashion over 50 can be trendy, classic, formal, casual - it can be anything that the woman can carry off with sophistication and elan. Read on for some interesting fashion advice for women over 50.
Wardrobe Basics
Have you got your wardrobe basics right? Here's a must read article for all those men and women who want their wardrobe to be filled with perfect sets of clothing. Just scroll down and gear it up...
How to be a Scene Kid at a Young Age
Scene kids are cool and trendy. They wear loud clothes and makeup, and simply enjoy being who they are. This article lists some tips on getting you into the scene crowd, right from scene clothing, hair, and attitude, to the kind of...
How to Wear Clothes that Flatter You
With a few tips and tricks, you can dress your best to stun everybody around you. This article helps with some tips to wear clothes that flatter you and in turn enhance your personality.
Fashion in the Middle Ages
Fashion has never been constant at any stage and this is revealed by the ideas followed since ancient times. Here's a look at fashion in the Medieval period...
5 Ways to Accessorize a Little Black Dress
Accessorizing an LBD
Make the Little Black Dress your canvas. Use accessories to style it in different ways. Buzzle gives you some tips and outfit ideas that may just be the inspiration you need.
How to Wear Polka Dots
Wear a polka-dotted dress
Minnie Mouse has competition as fashion divas around the world embrace polka dots, and make the print their own in a stylish way. Here's how you can wear polka dots without looking like a five-year-old all dressed up.
10 Belts Every Woman Should Own
Belts every woman should own
Function and aesthetics―a belt is that rare accessory that serves both purposes. Buzzle gives you a list of the 10 belts that a woman simply must own.
Must-have Fall Fashion Accessories
Must-have fall fashion accessories
Do you have what we like to call attention-seeking-through-accessories behavior? If yes, then firstly, we applaud you with utmost sincerity for having the courage to give accessories their time in the limelight. And secondly, we...
7 Tips to Spot a Fake Hermés Belt
Tip to spot a fake Hermes belt
Hermés belts are a combination of high quality and excellent workmanship. With so many fakes flooding the market, is it possible to keep someone from fleecing you? Yes, by remembering the simple tips given below.
7 Fashion Essentials for Geek Chic
Essentials for geek chic - horn-rimmed glasses
The geeks have taken over the world. And this time they are stepping it up in their fashionable best. Here's how you can join the group by getting the style right.
Fashion Advice for Women Over 50
Fashion advice for women over 50
Who says women over 50 can't have all the fun? Learn to be comfortable and fashionable, no matter what your age!
Fashion for Women in their 30s
Women in their 30s
A woman's life changes in many ways in her 30s. On the professional front, she is shouldering new responsibilities, while at home she has her bundle of joy to care for or at least a family of her own. While doing this balancing act...
How to Look Hot
What looking hot means
Looking hot isn't just about outfits and makeup, it entails having the right attitude and personality. Fortunately, these attributes can be developed. If you want to add that 'oomph factor' to your personality, you've got to move...
Accessories That Go With Beige Dresses
Accessories that go with beige dresses
You could give a new lease of life to your beige dresses by wearing them differently. Mixing and matching new and bold accessories that have been color-coordinated can really change the way a dress looks on you.
How to Accessorize a Gray Dress
Accessorizing a gray dress
Tired of your little black dress? Need a splendid, yet doable fashion formula? Take a look at this Buzzle post for wonderful looks that can be achieved with a gray dress.
Accessories That Go With Pastel Dresses
Accessories that go with pastel dresses
Wearing pastel hues requires the right accessories to enhance the outfit. Look chic with the fashion tips given here, and pull off the perfect pastel dress for you.
What to Wear to a Music Festival
Music festival fashion and style
With dozens of music festivals scheduled every summer, dressing appropriately for the occasion is a must. Let Buzzle provide you with the right attire choices so that you can remember these moments for the rest of your life.
11 Outfits to Wear with Wedge Sneakers
Tip to wear wedge sneakers
With a unique and stylish design that makes you appear taller, wedge sneakers are a must-have in your wardrobe. Buzzle will show you how to assemble elegant outfits to wear with wedge sneakers.
Stylish Ways to Wear a Beanie
Stylish ways to wear a beanie
With so many options to choose from, you can easily rock a beanie while making your hair look great. Go through this Buzzle post to find stylish ways to wear a beanie and look gorgeous.
106 Famous Quotes and Sayings on Fashion
Giorgio Armani quote
Fashion is not only about mastering the styling tricks by pursuing hot trends and wearing fashionable clothes, there's more to it. Buzzle will shed light on this line of thought with the help of some famous quotes on fashion.
Ways to Style a One-shoulder Dress
Ways to style a one-shoulder dress
Unsure of how to style your not-so-usual-one-shoulder-flaunting dress? We understand. Asymmetrical necklines can often be a challenge to style. But with Buzzle's guide on how you can wear the dress, you should have absolutely no...
How Women Can Stylishly Wear Brogues
How to wear brogues
Brogues? For women? What? Wipe that look of astonishment off your face, and get ready to meet the latest addition to must-have shoes in your wardrobe, and check out how you can wear them in style.
Tips for Choosing White Fashion Accessories
Tip to choose white fashion accessories
Matching white accessories that complement your outfit takes extra work and understanding. Buzzle provides tips for choosing white fashion accessories that won't clash with one another.
What to Wear with Ballerina Flats
Team nude ballerina flats with any outfit
Pretty, dainty, feminine: these are all adjectives that we assign to the style of footwear known as ballerina flats. But stylish, chic, fashion-forward: these aren't terms considered even slightly synonymous. Buzzle tells you how...
Ways to Style Your Hair with a Scarf
Ways to style your hair with a scarf
Fed up of the usual hair accessories? Welcome a brand new one into the fold. Learn how to style your hair with a scarf in nine different ways.
What to Wear with a Turtleneck
What to wear with a turtleneck
Turtleneck sweaters and tops always make an entrance in winters. Understand and apply the fashionable techniques of wearing a turtleneck the right way.
5 Ways to Style a Sleeveless Dress
Ways to style a sleeveless dress
Feeling conflicted as to how should you style a sleeveless dress? Read this Buzzle article for answers on 5 unique ways to style your dress for several occasions.
15 Elegant Ways to Wear Yellow Clothes
Yellow outfit to wear in summer
A popular summer trend, yellow is a color that can easily brighten up your day. To give your outfit that extra flair, add yellow elements to your wardrobe. And to help you do so, Buzzle gives you 15 elegant ways of wearing yellow...
10 Chic Ways to Style a White Dress
Chic way to style a white dress - clutch and jewelry
From casual to dressy, a white dress makes for an excellent backdrop to show off unique accessories and styling ideas. Here is Buzzle's attempt at giving you 10 chic ways to style a white dress with very little fuss.
What to Wear with a Cape Coat
What to wear with a cape coat
The moment you say the word cape, most people think of a style challenge. How do you wear this neither-a-jacket-nor-a-shawl conundrum? Would it be just safer to avoid this big fashion trend? Conquer your cape fears as we tell you...
8 Chic Ways to Tie a Belt
Way to tie a belt
With the advent of cute, super-slim, and colorful options, there are so many different and creative ways to tie a belt, whether it is on a dress, a high-waist skirt, or a blazer. They make very trendy additions to your wardrobe,...
What is Fashion Forecasting and Why is it Important?
Fashion forecasting meaning
There's something about which we all are alarmingly conscious about all time - fashion. Nobody wants to put a fuddy-duddy show anywhere as the ignominy that comes along with a faux pas is too much for the modish mortal to bear. Did...
What to Wear with Women's Oxford Shoes
Outfit to wear with Oxford shoes
A pair of Oxfords is all you need to make a powerful style statement. Here's how you can create five different looks with a simple pair of old-fashioned Oxfords.
6 Ways to Accessorize a Metallic Dress
Accessorizing a metallic dress
Metallic dresses are back on the fashion scene. Are you wary of going for one coz you don't know what to wear with it? Fret not, accessorizing a metallic dress is actually very easy. All you need is confidence to rock it!
Cool Ways to Wear Suede This Season
Suede outfit ideas
Suede is back with a bang! This soft, light fabric can be part of your wardrobe in numerous exciting ways. So now, you don't have to wonder how to wear suede.
Deadliest Fashion Trends Ever
High heels - a deadly fashion trend
We've always been creatures who love to admire and be admired. In our constant struggle to seek approval of our appearances, we have neglected the wellness within. This has always been evident in the fashion trends followed...
How to Make an Eye Patch
There are two reasons why one would need an eye patch - to protect the eye or to use it as an accessory for a costume. Either way, an eye patch can easily be made at home if you have the right things.
Brooches for Dresses
Brooches have got a bad reputation for being old-fashioned and matronly. If you associate brooches as something that is worn only by grandmothers, then it is time to rethink your views. Brooches have made a comeback, and are now a...
Fashion for Women Over 60
Fashion for senior women
This article would be a wonderful treat for women who are above sixty. We have presented some excellent ideas on fashion over sixty and the ways to uplift your style quotient. Keep reading...
Military Inspired Fashion Trends
Military-inspired fashion trends
I don't know if it is about the uniform or about the person in the uniform, but military uniforms have captivated the minds and hearts of civilians for a long, long time. It's one of those styles that look cool and hot at the same...
What Kind of Jewelry Looks Good with a Black Dress
Jewelry to wear with a black dress
A black dress is one of the fashion classics, that is incredibly flattering, extremely versatile, and unbelievably timeless. Here are 9 gorgeous ways in which you can wear jewelry that looks good with it.
8 Types of Forehead Accessories You Must Try
Pearl band as forehead accessory
You adorn the rest of your body with glitter and jewels; you might as well consider decking out that ignorant yet significant part, your forehead. Take a chance, try wearing any of the following types of forehead jewelry and let us...
6 Accessories that Go with a Strapless Dress
Accessory for a strapless dress - statement necklace
A strapless dress can only be deemed complete with the right accessories. This Buzzle article gives you 6 elegant and stunning ideas to pair accessories with your choice of dress.
How to Style a High-Low Dress
Styling a high-low dress
Vibrant and flowy, the high-low trend is a great way to demonstrate your "in vogue" style. So, if you wanted some tips on how to style a high-low dress, take a look at this Buzzle article for useful suggestions.
Accessories that Go Well with Teal-colored Clothes
Teal and gold combination for outfit
Forget about browsing through countless magazines as this Buzzle post gives you everything you need to know about adding accessories with teal-colored clothes. Whatever the occasion, with these 9 perfect pairings, you'll be rocking...
Cute Outfits to Wear to a Rock Concert
Outfit idea to wear to a rock concert
Any rock music enthusiast will wish to portray the rock-punk vibe at a concert. To that, Buzzle gives you tons of ideas on cute outfits to wear to a rock concert, and 'wow' the people around you.
What to Wear on Easter Sunday
Outfit ideas for Easter Sunday
To select an Easter attire, it is important to determine where and when you'll be celebrating it. Buzzle gives you a few options on what to wear on Easter Sunday for men, women, and children of all ages.
Stylish Ways to Wear Hats
Stylish way to wear Panama hat
To glamorize an everyday outfit, a simple addition like wearing a hat can be stylish, fun, and adorable. Let Buzzle provide some stylish ways to wear hats for both men and women.
Fashion Trends Women Should Look Forward to in 2014
Fashion trends for women 2014
Another year and it's time to rehaul that wardrobe of yours. So, what goes out and what goes in this year? Which clothes can you still wear outside your house and which styles do you need to add to your have-to-ace-this list? Get...
Gorgeous Ways to Wear Green Clothes
Ways to wear green clothes
It's a secondary color, one that surrounds us. A color that is soothing and refreshing to the eyes. A color that is a part of pretty much every wardrobe. So, how do you get more out of it? How do you wear it differently? This...
Top 9 Fashion Magazines for Women
Top 9 fashion magazines for women
Flipping pages of a magazine to pass time is common. But if it is a fashion magazine that you are browsing through, then chances are that the gorgeous images and features in the same will stop you in your tracks. Here are our picks...
Top 7 Perfect Gifts for Fashionistas
Perfect gift for a fashionista
A style maven can be extremely difficult to dazzle with a gift. Buzzle gives you seven brilliant gift ideas that will leave a fashionista speechless, and probably tearing up with joy.
14 Must-read Books for Fashionistas
Must-read books for fashionistas
Are you one of those people who eat, sleep, and breathe fashion? Do your conversations start and end with a tidbit about the latest trend doing the rounds of the catwalk? For a person who is so much in love with fashion as yourself...
What is Slow Fashion Movement?
Slow fashion movement
They say, fashion fades. But nowadays, fashion is fading so fast that, before buying a new pair of jeggings, you may wonder if this fashion trend has already gathered dust on the streets of high fashion. Slow fashion proponents...
Are You a Fashion Victim? - Quiz
Are you a fashion victim quiz
Fashion, a visual treat, has its dark side too! Succumbing to its charm can come at the cost of social mockery, and a hole in your pocket. Find out whether you are one of those, who cannot go a week without spending on haute couture.
Spring Fashion 2012
Spring fashion in 2012 is all about bringing in new colors, new prints, and new silhouettes to your wardrobe. In this article, we tell you all about the trends that have been scorching the runways.
Spring Summer 2012 Color Trends
Knowing about spring summer 2012 color trends will help you make good fashion choices. In this article we are going to discuss spring summer color trends of 2012 in fashion, makeup and accessories.
Fashion Trends 2012
If you are looking for fashion trends 2012, you are on the right page. In this article we are going to discuss some of the latest 2012 fashion trends.
Spring Summer 2012 Trends
If you want to be trendy and fashionable, then you should know the spring summer 2012 trends in fashion, makeup and jewelry. In this article we are going to discuss the spring summer trends for 2012 that will help you to look the...
Fashion Advice for Women
Keeping up with fashion trends is nothing less than a herculean task. So how do you clear the clutter in your head regarding fashion diktats and decide what works for you? Any article on fashion advice will tell you that the best...
Famous Italian Fashion Designers
Versace, Prada, Armani and Gucci - these are only a few of the many talented Italian fashion designers that form an integral part of Italian fashion. Read on for some interesting bits and bites about famous Italian fashion...