Cute Outfits for School
Hey girls! Looking for some cute outfits for school? Buzzle assists you to dress up, and also lists some wardrobe essentials meant to be worn at school. Check them out!
What to Wear with a Purple Shirt?
Fashion tips for wearing a purple shirt
Purple is one of the most exciting colors on the fashion scene right now, and you'd love flaunting it as well. But are you unsure of what to wear with a purple shirt, or which pants, ties, and shoes complement this royal color? Well...
What Colors Go Well with Purple Pants?
Purple and white combination in fashion
You just got yourself a purple pant, but don't know what to wear with it? Purple - a color that instantly draws attention, and looks stunning and regal. But, you need to pair it right! This Buzzle post will guide you on wearing...
Outfit Ideas to Look Good in Gray Jeans
Tip to pair gray jeans
Color always steals the show, and black and white are classics. What remains out of the limelight is gray. A stunning pair of gray jeans is a wardrobe must, b'coz you can flaunt it in varied ways. Check some outfit ideas to look...
12 Stylish Ways to Wear a Fedora Hat
Stylish way to wear a fedora hat
Hats have the power to make or break an outfit. A perfect fedora can instantly make you look stylish. With its versatility and comfort it makes an absolute must-have accessory. Know how to flaunt it, in this Buzzle write-up.
Cool Outfit Ideas to Wear a Denim Shirt
Ideas to pair denim shirt
A timeless classic, denim shirt looks good with almost everything, right from pants to skirts, and dresses to shorts. You can wear this versatile piece of clothing in numerous ways. Check some outfit ideas in this Buzzle write-up.
What Colors to Wear with Orange Clothes
Orange color outift for women
Oh, so you finally got a very pretty orange blouse, but aren't sure what color to pair it with? We tell you about all things orange, and help you make the right clothing choices in this Buzzle post. Read on.
What are the Best Colors to Wear
Have you often been confused and wondered what are the best colors to wear? Well, here are some cool tips to choose those that blend excellently with your skin tone.
Excellent Ideas for Casual Chic Clothing
Ideas for casual chic clothing
Casual chic finds its place in the middle of casual and club attire, which can be deemed appropriate for a variety of social occasions. With this Buzzle post, both men and women will learn how to dress casual chic with dressy and...
Color Combinations for Clothes
Colors add life to the wardrobe. How we look has a lot to do with the colors we select. Wearing and matching the wrong colors could be detrimental for the overall look of your ensemble. Follow us as we navigate the color wheel to...
What is the Difference Between Cropped and Capri Pants?
Capri pant or cropped pant, confused? I am going to sort out this confusion for you. The basic difference between a capri pant and a cropped pant is their length. Read more in the paragraphs below.
Preppy Clothes
Preppy clothes are all the rage now, thanks to shows like NYC Prep and Glee. If you want to learn, how to dress in this unique style, read on to learn about the various elements and fashion tips regarding this style.
Club Attire
There are plenty of options when you are thinking about dressing up to go to a club. Check out the article below to know more about nightclub attire.
Fancy Dresses for Juniors
Need some fancy dresses for juniors? Here are some ideas that you can use to design some of the most chic and smart dresses. Continue reading for some interesting wardrobe choices.
How to Iron-On Patches
Looking for some instructions on ironing-on patches? The following article will help you learn how to do the same in a step-by-step method.
Cute Outfits
Do you know that you can create really cute outfits with some of the clothing items such as skirts, jeans, and leggings, in your wardrobe, by just using some creativity? Scroll down for unique ideas which will ensure you look good...
How to Dress Well
So you are finally opting to go in for that long overdue makeover, and you want to ensure you are truly transformed? In this article, we tell you how you can ensure that you are always well turned out.
What to Wear to a Rave
Going to a rave party? Wondering what to wear to a rave party? If the answers to these questions is a 'Yes', then you need to read the following article for help...
How to Tie a Sarong
A sarong is an attractive piece of clothing, and a perfect, colorful addition to your wardrobe when you are traveling. For those who do not know how to tie a sarong, this article provides 5 interesting options of tying a sarong...
Trendy Clothes for Juniors
There are a few things that one must consider before selecting trendy clothes for juniors. Read the article for further information about the same.
Fashion Tips for the Body Shape
The fashion world comes up with new trends every year. However, break these trends and use the following fashion tips to dress as per your body shape, and welcome a brand new version of you.
Haute Couture Clothing
Haute is French for high/excellent/elegant and couture refers to sewing or making clothes/dresses. So haute couture means high/excellent dressmaking/sewing. It is concerned with the creation of exclusive, handmade clothes made to...
Teenage Summer Fashion
Celebrate the summer season in a riot of colors and designs. This article lists a few ideas for teenagers to beat the heat in style.
Common Fashion Blunders
If you feel that you are the butt of all jokes, due to your dressing sense, then maybe it's time you wake up to the fact that you need to revamp your wardrobe. Mistakes in fashion can be committed by anyone. Here are a few...
What to Wear on a Cruise
Going on a cruise can be an enjoyable way of spending a vacation. It relaxes you from the inside out and removes all of your stresses.
Garden Party Dresses
If you have been invited for a garden party, you will be wanting to know about some ideas for suitable dresses for the function. This article will provide you with some information on the kinds of dresses that you can wear for a...
Exotic Club and Dance Wear Styles
If normal is boring for you, then this article helps you take a look at some of the exotic club and dance wear options available.
Ancient Greek Fashion
Ancient Greek fashion
Greek fashion can be summed up in three words―simple, comfortable, and chic. This can be verified by just having a look at some of the cool and popular fashion trends of ancient Greece.
5 Cool Ways to Accessorize Your Red Dress
Accessorizing a red dress
Since a red dress is a bold fashion statement in itself, the accessories you opt for have to be elegant and feminine. To learn different ways to accessorize your red dress, read this Buzzle post.
Ways to Mix and Match Outfits
Ways to mix and match outfits
Say goodbye to the constant, everyday exclamations of 'I don't have anything to wear'. This simple guide to how you can mix and match will tell you exactly how you can get the most out of a wardrobe that you think is limited.
Fashion Rules You Can Break
Fashion rules you can break
Break those boundaries! Tear up your fashion rulebook! Leave those weird and bizarre fashion no-nos in the past. Here are some fashion rules that you can... no wait... you should break.
What to Wear with Bright-colored Pants
What to wear with bright-colored pants
Throw away the boring blacks, blues, browns, and grays. It's time to experiment with brighter shades and indulge in perky colors. Buzzle gives you all the ideas you need, to wear your colored pants with panache.
Dressy Casual Attire
Dressy casual attire
Perhaps a fashion oxymoron. The name itself tends to confuse many people. The question what is a dressy casual attire may have bothered you when you were expected to don this look for a particular occasion. Not that difficult though!
Outfit Ideas for a Concert
Outfits for a concert
An outfit choice for a concert basically depends on the type of show you are attending. There are a variety of outfits that you can wear to different types of concerts that have different genres of music playing.
Outfit Ideas for School
Outfit ideas for school
As teenagers, you may feel the need to wear clothes that are stylish, elegant and trend-setting. Sticking to the school's code of conduct and simplicity you can still experiment with your dressing style, keeping up to the latest...
Cute Outfits and Accessories to Wear to a Country Concert
Outfits to wear to a country concert
Stay comfortable, yet look like a fashonista while going to a country concert. We've provided a few ensemble ideas that'll work great for the concert.
Outfits and Accessories to Wear with Boat Shoes
Tip to wear boat shoes
Boat shoes have a unique design and construction, which make them a must-have in your wardrobe. Let Buzzle serve as a guide to assemble interesting outfits and accessories to wear with boat shoes.
Dos and Don'ts for Wearing Black Dresses
Do and Don't for wearing black dresses
Do you wear too much black? Did you just frown at that and think, there's no such thing as 'too much black'? Well, I concur. But if you want to do no wrong when you wear black, follow these dos and don'ts.
Tips to Wear Your Khaki Pants the Stylish Way
Tip to wear khaki pants stylishly
Be it a pair of pleated tan pants or casual cargo pants, khakis have been timeless. They look great with long sleeve shirts, tees, denims, and blend well with tops of different colors. Add these to your wardrobe and make it classy!...
5 Ways to Accessorize a Black and White Dress
Accessorizing a black and white dress
Discover a whole new world of accessorizing! We have the scoop on how you can transform an otherwise simple black and white dress into a glamorous showstopper!
4 Ways to Accessorize Your Silver Dress
Colors to wear with a silver dress
When we think silver, we think glitter, shine, sparkle, and other adjectives that have a gleam about them. If you have any apprehensions about bling, then you also dissuade yourself from wearing the color. But throw caution to the...
Colors You Can Wear With Brown Pants
Color combination with brown pants
Brown pants can look equally classy just like black pants. However, finding the right color combination with brown pants is not as simple a task as you might think. We'll suggest some colors that will match very well with your...
What to Wear with Skinny Jeans
Fashion advice for wearing skinny jeans
Pairing skinny jeans with the right, complementing clothing items and accessories can make a world of difference in your appearance. Find stylish outfit ideas for men and women with skinny jeans as you browse through the following...
9 Stylish Ways to Wear Geometric Prints
Stylish ways to wear geometric prints
For once, we're going to be running toward math, not away from it. Welcome the geometry of fashion into your wardrobes. Stock up on diamonds, circles, hexagons, triangles, and much, much more!
7 Tips for Wearing Mixed Prints
Tip for wearing mixed prints - accessories
Don't let the idea of wearing two prints together scare you. Let the seven tips given here help you ace the mixed prints trend in style.
How to Dress Like a Celebrity
No towering Jimmy Choos, no vintage Chanel dresses and no classic-cut Armani jackets either. This is your personal style manual full of steps that will help you rock the movie star look, sans the bankruptcy. Take a peek...
Stylish Ways to Wear a Halter Dress
Ways to wear a halter dress
The mere mention of a halter dress prompts iconic images of the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe trying to rein in her white halter dress. A halter dress is an instant attention-grabber, and you are sure to be the talk of the gathering if...
How to Look Cool in White Jeans
Tip to look cool in white jeans
Nothing looks more fresh than a pair of sexy white jeans with a bold jacket or a cozy flannel shirt. As there are countless ways to style white jeans, this Buzzle post gives you outfit suggestions for all 4 seasons.
What to Wear with Black Jeans
Denim jacket and black jeans combination
Both men and women can wear black jeans with just about any color top for a casual meet and greet with friends, or a fancier affair. But if you're still somewhat confused about your outfit choices, let Buzzle clear the air once and...
What to Wear with Brown Boots?
Fashion idea for wearing brown boots
Like all other types of footwear, brown boots need their fair share of attention. They not only add to your style statement, but given the varieties, look cool with plenty of options. This article explores colors that go with brown...
10 Dresses That Go Well with Sneakers
Dress and sneaker combination
Wearing killer sneakers with dresses looks adorable and freshens up your laid-back style. See how we've paired 10 dresses that go well with sneakers.
What to Wear with Ripped Jeans
Tip for wearing ripped jeans
Ripped jeans has always been considered inappropriate and sloppy. However, by pairing them with different apparel, you can get a complete makeover, and walk the streets in style.
6 Outfit Ideas That Go Well With Women's Loafers
Marilyn Monroe quote about right shoes for women
Generally, loafers were worn by men as casual or formal footwear. In recent times, women have spruced up and started carrying loafers flawlessly. Loafers are beautiful evolutionary shoes which work with or without socks. Be it pants...
8 Awesome Ways to Wear Purple
Two ways to wear purple
Can't do without having purple in your wardrobe? Fear not because Buzzle gives you not 1 or 2, but 8 awesome ways to wear purple and look foxy.
11 Trendy Ways to Wear Trench Coats
Ways to wear trench coats
A trench coat is a timeless piece of clothing and an absolute wardrobe must. There are numerous stylish ways to wear this classic, as it goes with literally any outfit. So whether you're wearing a dress or a pair of shorts, it's...
Ways to Wear Gladiator Sandals
Ways to wear gladiator sandals
Flats, heels, or wedges, gladiator sandals of any style look great with just about anything! If you're still wondering as to how to wear them, we've got the answer to that, and more!
Classy Ways to Wear Polo
Wearing a polo
With the mercury rising heavenwards like nobody's business, we shed our heavy clothes and opt for the lightweight collection instead. Cooling down doesn’t necessarily mean you go all shabby; cue polo shirts. From woolen full sleeve...
What Colors Go Well With Red Pants
Color that goes well with red pants
Apprehensive about wearing red? Don't be. This bold and beautiful color is a must in your wardrobe, and pants are like the safest piece of red clothing you can flaunt. And flaunt like how!
Fashion Clothing for Women
The latest fashion clothing for women are all about slim fits and bright hues. We are going to discuss all about fashionable clothing for women that are trendy right now.
Outfit Ideas to Wear to a Club
Outfits to wear to a club
Do you stand in front of the wardrobe and wondering what you have to wear each time you have to go clubbing? Well, you are not alone, there are many who spend hours thinking what should their attire be, before going to a club. This...
Victorian Fashion
If you love elaborate dressing and vintage fashion, then you would surely love to take a trip through the Victorian Era and know all about the fashion at that time. Take a look at the various styles of Victorian clothing.
Accessories to Wear on a Beach Vacation
Accessories to wear on a beach vacation
There are never sufficient accessories to carry for a seaside holiday! To be on the safer side though, always prepare a separate checklist of the accessories you need to wear and the stuff you need to carry, to avoid confusion. For...
What to Wear with Chinos
Classic combination with chinos
Versatile, stylish, and right on trend, a pair of chinos should definitely be a part of your wardrobe. Not only does it suit almost everyone, it is the go-to piece of clothing for anyone who needs a chic makeover. We, at Buzzle,...
Ways to Accessorize Your Leopard Print Dress
Ways to accessorize a leopard print dress
Want to bring out your "wild at heart" side with fun and vibrant accessories for your leopard print dress? Read this Buzzle article for some fashion tips to style your dress for the occasion.
Cool Rave Party Clothes for Girls
Want some out of the box ideas to dress up for the upcoming rave party? Your search ends here! Find out some cool clothes you can do for a rave party in this article - and set the mercury rising!
What to Wear to a Christmas Party
What to wear to a Christmas party
Elegant, classy, glamorous, stylish―pick the adjective and we have the outfit that you should wear to the Christmas party this year. Make all the right sounds on the party circuit and establish your credentials as a style...
Scene Clothing Fashion Tips
If you want to look uniquely stylish and bold, it's time to add some scene clothing to your wardrobe. This will give you that hot, flashy, and an extremely trendy look.
Victorian Fashion for Women
It is very ancient, yet, Victorian fashion still holds a special place in women's hearts (and wardrobes). This article is an introduction to this classic style. Pick up tips and tricks to dress up like Queen Victoria by adding a...
Casual Dresses for Juniors
Searching for the best styles in casual dresses for juniors? Wondering what's 'in' this season? Then here's the information about what you can opt for.
The Fashion Trends to Look Forward to in 2015
Fashion trends of 2015
New year brings with it new fashion trends, and all the style-conscious individuals out there want to be up-to-date with them. So, in this Buzzle post, we tell you some fashion trends you can definitely look forward to in 2015.
What Color Shirts Go Well with Blue Pants
White shirt blue pants combination
Steal a page from your favorite celebrity's or model's style book, and pair your blue pants with classy and preppy shirts. For inspiration and suggestions, let this Buzzle post be your go-to guide.
What is the Difference Between Chinos and Khakis?
Difference between chinos and khakis
Tapered khakis can resemble chino-styled pants. Since they have a lot of similarities, people often feel that these chic and comfy pants are interchangeable. Buzzle becomes your fashion guide and points the major differences...
25 Black Outfits that are Nothing but Classic
Classic black outfit idea
Fashion trends will come and go, but black outfits will forever be a wardrobe staple for almost every woman. In this Buzzle post, you will get to see 25 ideas for wearing an all-black outfit that are nothing but classic.
Trendy Ways to Wear Denim
Trendy denim outfit idea
Regardless of the weather, denim fashion can never go out of style. With numerous combinations and options for both men and women, let Buzzle be your guide in finding hot and trendy ways to wear denim.
How to Layer Clothes Stylishly
Tip to layer clothes stylishly
Layering clothes is not only a way of creating an insulation on cold days, but also a way of looking stylish in a casual way. So, we've put together a few looks that will make you look classy, sexy, and all set to beat the winter...
Cool Ways to Wear a Cardigan
Cool ways to wear a cardigan
With winter setting in, it's time to layer up with sweaters and cardigans. But that does not mean you need to sacrifice on your style quotient. Buzzle becomes your style guide and tells you how you can wear this winter essential.
How to Wear Plaid
How to wear plaid - layering
It's a classic look that has stood the test of time. But now it's time to upgrade the look and make it more stylish. Buzzle showcases 27 different ways in which both girls and guys can wear plaid.
7 Expert Tips for Styling Your Sweatshirt
How to style a sweatshirt
Some think gym, others think catwalk. That's how the image of the sweatshirt has changed in the minds of people. Can't believe it? Check out how you can style a sweatshirt, and look drop-dead gorgeous.
What to Wear with Bright-colored Shoes
Outfit idea with bright-colored shoes
Bright. Flamboyant. Loud. Garish. Gaudy. Whatever you call bright-colored shoes, they've stolen the show from their more submissive counterparts and how! From celebrities to fashion bloggers to self-confessed fashion junkies,...
Top Clothing Brands 2018
Today, a myriad of clothing brands are available for people to choose from. Every year, a few amongst these brands rise to popularity becoming the brands of the year. Meet the fashion A-listers that rocked the ramps this year.
Famous Clothing Brands
Some of the most famous clothing brands are those that rule the market and dictate the fashion in all seasons. In this article we are going to discuss some famous clothing brands in the world.
How to Dress Well on a Tight Budget
Convert your dress into a skirt
The ever-increasing prices of everything has everyone looking for cheaper alternatives to things. But how can one possibly find an affordable yet stylish option for good clothing? Learn about some easy to follow tips on dressing...
How to Look Taller
So you think you're shorter than normal and need to find ways to look taller. Here's how to look taller by following some very simple techniques.
Tattoo Sleeve Shirt
Do you want to try out the latest fashion trend; the tattoo shirt? If yes, then this article will tell you everything you need to know about this trend that has caught the attention of all those, who are fashion forward.
How to Dress Emo
So you want to know how to dress emo. Then, I must say, that there is a lot of work to be done. Read this article to know what clothes and hairstyles you must have, to do this.
Designer Clothing
Oozing high on the oomph factor, the creative portfolios of many fashion designers can leave any person asking for more. Let's go behind the scenes of some of the top brand labels and take a look at the success stories behind the...
Urban Fashion Clothing
The street defines urban fashion clothing. However from its grungy origins, urban clothes are stepping into more sophisticated looks these days.