Artificial Insemination in Cattle
Artificial insemination in cattle is a technique by which the semen from a bull, is artificially introduced into the vaginal opening of a cow, with the purpose of conception. This article provides information on this technique and...
What Should a Sheep's Diet Consist Of?
Fact about sheep's diet
Sheep are herbivores and primarily graze on pastures for their survival. Apart from eating pasture and hay, they may also need grains to meet their increased nutritional requirements.
Facts about Rinderpest
Rinderpest is an acutely contagious viral disease affecting most bovine and ovine species, including cattle, sheep, and goats. It is also known as cattle plague.
What is a Cow Share?
Understanding cow share
The local food movement has been a boon to small farmers, and has also benefited us consumers through the very incredible fresh-from-the-farm food. But what if you can't store a whole cow? You share with other foodies like yourself...
Farm Animals List
If you are looking for a farm animals list, then this article will help you for sure. Just go through the article and find out a list of animals which come under this category.
What does Free-range Chicken Farming Mean?
Free-range chicken farming meaning
Free-range chicken farming allows chickens to roam freely for some part of the day rather than being caged. Buzzle delves deeper into what free-range chicken farming means.
Pros and Cons of Factory Farming
Pros and cons of factory farming
Factory farming refers to raising farm animals in a restricted space to provide for consumption. The Buzzle article below will enlighten you about the pros and cons of factory farming.
Raising Alpacas and Building a Profitable Alpaca Business
If you are an animal lover, and you wish to make a long term investment, then I recommend you to raise Alpacas. The following article will tell you about the ways in which you can successfully raise Alpacas for a profitable business.
Alpaca Farming
Alpaca farming is quite popular in America, and is a good supplementary investment for diversified farming. Read more about the requirements and investments required to begin with it.
Farm Animals
A list of farm animals is something every child can do with. Read this article for one that will be easy to learn and understand.
Cattle Farming
Cattle farming is the best form of livestock farming as it ensures maximum returns at minimal inputs. Read on to know more..