Butterfly Quotes
Beauty, vibrant colors and ceaseless action... well, that's what you see when you spot a butterfly. However, if you look beyond this external charm, you will also see hope, celebration and transformation and that's what these...
Quotes about Violin
The violin, also known as the queen of instruments, plays a distinctive role in the field of music. The following article mention some quotes that are related to violins.
Famous Quotes from The Tragedy of Macbeth
Quote from 'The Tragedy of Macbeth'
The Tragedy of Macbeth is the shortest of Shakespeare's tragedies and is considered as one of the most powerful and the darkest of his works.
Famous Hippie Quotes of All Time
Ken Kesey quote
They say, everything good is young, wild, and free, and they who say so are hippies themselves. Hippie is a cult movement defined by young and the restless, who believe in living free and loving generously. Here's taking a look at...
35 Quotes About Magic
W. B. Yeats quote about magic
Whether we admit it or not, we all believe in magic. We may have become slaves of the daily grind of our life but a part within us wants to emancipate itself from it and hopes for something magical to happen. We bring to you 35...
40 Famous Work Ethic Quotes
Margaret Thatcher quote on planning
Work ethics define an individual's personality and attitude towards work. Buzzle has compiled some famous quotes on work ethics.
Holden Caulfield Quotes
The quotes of Holden Caulfield are some of the most famous words said by a fictional character. The following article on "The Catcher in the Rye" will try to cover some of the interesting words said by this controversial...
Goodbye Quotes
Goodbye quote by Dr. Seuss
There are times in your life when you have to say goodbye to people and places. Be it willingly or unwillingly, saying goodbye is one of the most difficult things in life. There are some beautiful quotes, which aptly represent the...
Strong Women Quotes
Strength quote
Words of wisdom often strike a deep chord in our hearts, giving us a glimpse of a world from where we can derive courage, inspiration and joy, especially in moments of adversity and despair. The speeches, the sentences and the...
Single Mother Quotes and Sayings
Quote on single mothers
Single parenting is not easy. Sometimes, after tiring and stressful times, all you need is some motivation to keep going. If you too struggle, being a single parent, here are some inspirational quotes and sayings for you that will...
Best Wishes Quotes
Quote by Aristotle
Best wishes are mostly offered to people on some joyous occasion, like a birthday, anniversary, birth of a baby, or a promotion at work. Whatever the occasion may be, you would like to wish your friend or relative well in some way....
Thinking of You Quotes
Thinking of you quote
Missing someone? Can't stop thinking about him/her even for a second? Want to send them a message but don't know what to say?
Amazing Quotes
James Dean quote on life
Quotes inspire us, and gives us a fresh perspective in life. Sometimes these words of motivation are all we need to encourage us in our endeavors.
Emotional Quotes
Emotional quote by George Lansdowne
Our emotions and our control over them defines who we are. These emotions can make us very happy, or they can take us to the lowest abyss.
Quotes for Teenage Girls
Quote for teenage girls
While teenage years give you some of the best memories of your life, sometimes, they are really trying. There are several cute, funny, and inspirational quotes for teenage girls that etch out different emotions a teenage girl...
Best Quotes from Songs
Quote from a song
Best quotes from songs tend to inspire one and all through melody and just a few words. These inspiring and motivational quotes from songs, at all times prove to be a melodious read.
Catchy Quotes and Sayings
Quote by H.D. Thoreau
"It's a recession when your neighbor loses his job: it's a depression when you lose yours." If you like to read such catchy quotes and sayings about life, this is the place to be.
Famous Quotes and Sayings about Eyes
William Henry quote on eyes
Tell me, what is the first feature you notice about a person? Obviously the eyes. One look into them and you can understand a person. It is no wonder why, they are called the window to a person's soul.
Awesome Quotes
Awesome quote by Mark Twain
Meaningful quotes and sayings can be a great source of inspiration and can give us a perspective on life. If you are looking for awesome life quotes, go through this collection of awesome quotes and sayings.
Quotes About Missing Someone
Quote about missing someone
When someone you love has left your side, there's this feeling of missing a part of yourself. If you wish to feel a little better about the situation, however, you could read some tender quotes about missing someone. Though they...
Thoughtful Quotes
Thoughtful quote by William James
Short and simple, yet inspiring - thoughtful quotes about life, love and friendship don't just cheer you up, but also motivate you to live life in full swing. Stumbling into such inspiring quotes helps you rise when you are going...
Weekend Quotes
Weekend quote by Bill Watterson
Suffering from Monday morning blues? Here are some weekend quotes to keep you going and have you looking forward to yet another weekend.
Rainy Day Quotes
Rachel Carson quote on rainy day
Rain catches the fancy of children and adults alike. Some see it as a sign of joy, while for the lonely souls, it spells depression and gloom. Through tears and smiles, the sound of falling rain on a rainy day, is certainly what...
Cheer Up Quotes
Walt Whitman on cheering up
They say words can heal a broken soul and patch wounds up in no time. It's true you know. If you've ever read a few cheer up quotes, you'd know how meaningful they are.
Good Luck Quotes
Insightful quote about luck
Felix felicis: also known as liquid luck, is a fictional potion that gives the drinker a feeling of 'extreme good luck'. Unfortunately, the real world doesn't have something like this to offer. But we do have some great quotes on...
Quotes About Being Alone
Quote about being alone
They say that loneliness isn't as beautiful as some people think it to be. However, if you have a positive approach towards life, even loneliness will turn into solitude.
Growing Up Quotes
Chili Davis quote on growing up
Growing up is like being at a platform between two trains. One tells you that you need to go back and one tells you that all you have to do is go ahead. Surely a time for mental chaos and confusion.
Unique Quotes And Sayings
Benjamin franklin quote on saving time
Understanding the complexities of life is quite difficult. But, these unique quotes and sayings will help you get a better insight on life and also motivate you to live it to the fullest.
Popular Cliches
Popular cliche on money
This is a popular cliche used to warn a person who is extremely money-minded. We can hate cliches, but we can't seem to stop using them. These phrases which have been overused to the point of language teachers demanding that we...
Being Independent Quotes
Quote about being an independent woman
Self-reliance is one of the most important attributes of personal freedom. Reading quotes about being independent will teach you interesting things about self-reliance, independence, and living a life of freedom.
Confusing Quotes
Yogi Berra on deja vu
As their name suggests, these quotes are bound to confuse you initially. But, on a closer look, you will find that they actually make sense. This collection of confusing quotes will definitely make you think.
Christian Quotes and Sayings
Christian quote
All of us feel lost in life at one point. Sometimes we fear it, at times we see no hope in the future, sometime we loose the sense of what is right or wrong. At these difficult times we need help from something that is greater than...
Famous Cartoon Quotes
Bugs bunny quote
Regardless of how old you are today, going through the compilation of famous quotes coming from some famous cartoon characters is bound to stir up some good old memories.
Girly Quotes and Sayings
Girly quote
Every woman once in her life needs some inspiration. Reading some inspiring girly quotes at such times might shed some light.
Independent Women Quotes
Quote about independent women
The women of today are far from their presumed image of the past. They are no more fragile and weak, quite the contrary, they are opportunists who have risen, independent of their male counterparts. Welcome to a world of the brave...
Apology Quotes
Robert Brault quote on apology
If you are in a state of regret at having caused someone trouble or pain, remember that you must definitely apologize. If you are unable to form a good apology, look up for some apology quotes; they'll help you apologize.
Best Quotes of All Time
Rae Smith on love and life
Why are quotes sometimes so important for us and in our lives? Whenever we can't find any answers or feel that the entire world is turning on us, we become motivated to search for them to bring us peace. That's what some famous...
34 Famous Black and White Quotes and Sayings
Andri Cauldwell quote on seeing in black and white
Just as every yin needs a yang, every positive needs a negative, likewise everything that is white needs a black to have a sense of dichotomy and to feel complete. While colors breathe life into our lives, black and white bring a...
Emo Sayings
Quote about moving on by anonymous author
Emo sayings or emotional sayings are those that touch our hearts and pull at our heart strings. Sometimes, they can really soothe us and helps us sail through a bad time.
Quotes About Girls for Guys
Lilith Saintcrow quote
Are girls made of 'sugar and spice, and everything nice' or 'sarcasm, wine and everything fine'? There are many a quote which describes girls and can help guys to know more about them.
Spring Quotes
Neltje Blanchan on the fragrance of spring season
Springtime is undoubtedly the most loved time of the year when the entire world sways to the rhythms of the heart induced by the beauty of nature. Read these spring quotes by great names in history to know that nature treats all...
Thought-provoking Quotes
Jim Rohn inspirational quote
There are so many things that can get one's thinking wheels running. If you think about it, 'thinking' opens your thought processes. You become so much more aware of your surroundings and learn to question things. What happens in...
Famous Quotes and Sayings About Karma
Quote about karma
These one to two line quotes on karma convey how our past and present deeds have an impact on the future course of life. Our actions, good or bad, play a key role in changing our destiny.
Awesome Quotes and Sayings About Flowers
Gerard de Nerval quote on flowers
There are very few things in life that bring us unconditional love and happiness. And the sweet blossoming of flowers is one such event. Buzzle gives you a compilation of awesome quotes and sayings about flowers that will bring the...
Famous Quotes About Unity
Famous quote about unity by Helen Keller
The biggest strength of mankind lies in unwavering unity. This exact sentiment is put forth by some of the greatest leaders and persons who impacted the world in some way. Take a look at some of the priceless words that say so.
40 Famous Quotes and Sayings about Humanity and Human Nature
Quote about humanity by Dalai Lama
Humans are smart, creative, talented, and talkative creatures, and their nature is something that nobody can define clearly. They experience a plethora of emotions throughout the day on which their nature and behavior is based.
30 Beautiful Quotes about Guardian Angels
Quote about guardian angels from the Koran
Not even in the darkest hour of your life, think that you are all alone. There is always someone who may be unseen to your eyes, like an angel, to heal you and comfort you. All you need to do is believe. Here are some beautiful...
Famous Quotes Inspired by Nature
William Wordsworth quote on nature
"The mountains are calling and I must go." A quote by John Muir aptly defines the longing of man to learn the ways of nature. Life is quirky and inventive; don't make it a trail of pedestrian, pedantic mundaneness. Nature...
Famous Oscar Wilde Quotes
Oscar Wilde quote
Oscar Wilde was one of the most outstanding literary geniuses to have walked the earth. This post features some absolutely awe-inspiring and famous quotes by the legendary writer.
45 Famous Quotes on Art
Paul Klee quote on art
Art is like the interminable universe, we live in its infinity, but don't know how it came into being or where it is heading towards. It has no beginning or ending. This Buzzle article brings forth some incisive and inspiring...
45 Quotes About the Beauty of Clouds
Rabindranath Tagore quote about clouds
Clouds are something we are so familiar with, that we hardly pay attention to them. Or are you among those who can spend hours watching them? In their different shapes and colors, they look, yes, beautiful. Buzzle has compiled some...
35 Famous Hairstylist Quotes
Joan Crawford quote about hairstylist
They say no one can make you feel better about yourself, apart from your hairstylist, and we completely agree! Here are some famous quotes that we have compiled as a salute to this glamorous profession.
44 Famous Quotes About Sea and Sailing
Bible quote about sea and sailing
There's nothing more liberating and exhilarating than living life on the sea waves. Some of the greatest sailing expeditions unfurled the edges of the world. Through this Buzzle piece, embrace the vast entirety of the blue ocean...
Famous Irish Quotes
Sometimes a simple quote speaks volumes about the culture and beliefs of a particular country. Here is a collection of such famous, funny, and meaningful Irish quotes that will help you know more about Ireland and Irish people.
Going Away Quotes
Confucius quote about going away
Yes, you are walking away, it's hard, but you just gotta do it! There is a storm of emotions raging in your mind; and you are unable to express your myriad emotions in words. So you just walk away. The following going away quotes...
27 Best Quotes by Gollum
Quote by Gollum
Those who have read J. R. R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit" and its sequel, "The Lord of the Rings", know that Gollum plays an integral part in the series. Buzzle highlights 27 of the best quotes by Gollum that give us...
Best 'Game of Thrones' Quotes You Should Know
Daenerys Targaryen quote
The television series Game of Thrones has developed a huge cult following ever since it was first aired. This high-octave drama series has a perfect combination of plotting, scheming, shock value, and a hope for payback, which...
Sarcastic Quotes
Steven Write on conscience
If there is anything that can mock the lamb out of a wolf, it is sarcasm. We give you the ultimate list of sarcastic quotes, quoted by some famous people, and some anonymous authors.
Misunderstanding Quotes
Misunderstandings tend to create so many problems between people in any kind of relationship. Here are some quotes that help you cope with misunderstandings all around you.
Short Meaningful Quotes
Meaningful quote on giving by Anne Frank
They say good things come in small packages, and so is the case with the pick of short, yet meaningful quotes that we have lined up for you in this article. Read...get inspired...inspire!
Stupid Quotes by Famous People
Stupid quote by George W. Bush
There are inspiring and smart quotes that famous people make and then there are the utterly stupid ones. If not their art, these are the quotes that sky-rocketed them to instant fame. Check out our collection and have a hearty laugh.
Winnie The Pooh Quotes
A A Milne quote in Winnie the Pooh
Winnie the Pooh, the cutest bear in the animated world, has been a favorite cartoon character for many. Here are a few quotes that have built the character, in the truest sense.
Quotes about Understanding Women
Clare Boothe Luce on the challenges of women
Is it possible to understand women completely? All the time? Here are quotes that will give you an idea on what women are all about.
Best Quotes Ever
Bull Phillips quote about being you
Are you looking for motivational quotations about life? If yes, then this article offers a compilation of some of the greatest quotations ever.
Alice in Wonderland Quotes
Alice in Wonderland is a treasure chest of witty quotes. In this article, we pick out some of the best quotes from a book that has been a popular work of fiction, read for many years now.
Quotes About Boys
I suppose you girls are looking for some really funny, cute, or maybe even mean (though I hope not) quotes about boys. So why don't you scroll down and have fun...
Confused Quotes
Michael Gelb on confusion and creativity
Confused quotes are for those who are struggling to understand their emotions and make up their minds. If you too are sailing in a wobbly boat, unsure of the direction you need to sail, then the following confused quotes will prove...
Really Good Quotes
Dr. Seuss on love
Looking for some really good quotes on love and life? Then here's a short compilation that you're sure to love... Have a look!
Senior Quotes
Irish saying about learning
Every graduating student writes some or the other senior quotes in his or her yearbook. If you're wondering what you should write, here's an article that can help you out. Read it and you'll know what I'm talking about!
Famous Sayings
Reading the following famous sayings and phrases will make you think about several aspects of life...
Deep Quotes
Deep quote about leap of faith
Here's a collection of deep quotes in times when you need a helping hand. The article will give you something different to think about at certain crossroads in life.
Popular Sayings and Quotes
Quote about happiness
The popular sayings can teach us a lot of things about life and the society in which we live. The man is like a bee and is always in search of wisdom and knowledge. Read this article to get some food for thought!
Best Quotes Ever Said
Einstein quote
What are the best quotes ever said? Do you know? Have you ever thought about it? Well if you search, you can find more than a million quotes said by global icons all around the world. However, in this article, you will find some of...
Communication Quotes
In this Buzzle post, we will list some of the best thought-provoking and inspiring communication quotes that will make you want to come again and read them over.
Cool Sayings for Tattoos and Facebook Status Updates
Here are some really cool sayings that you can use as a status update on social media, or even to get a tattoo done for yourself.
Quotes about Memories
Take a look at a some compiled quotes about memories with friends and family. Some of them may warm your heart, others may tickle your soul, while some may wet your eyes.
Emo Quotes and Sayings
Emo quotes and sayings about life relate to matters that a person wants to express but cannot say verbally. This article lists a few about love, humor, and other human feelings.
Famous Quotes About Change
Change is one of the mandatory things in life, and this compilation of quotes about the same tells you exactly why.
Famous Mottos and Quotes
There are only a handful of famous mottos and quotes that help us see a deeper meaning of life. Find such mottos and quotes in this Buzzle article.
Dance Quotes and Sayings
Dancing is an art. Every dancer knows the amount of hard work that is put in to achieve perfection. This article is contains inspiring and wise quotes coined by brilliant public figures.
Quotes for Teenagers
Are you on the lookout for quotes to inspire and motivate teenagers? Well, here is collection of great quotes that you can use as you deem necessary.
Suggestive Quotes
If you're looking for suggestive quotes, here are some that certainly made me laugh really hard or at least produced a chuckle and all in the intense embrace of the varied tinctures of realization.
Quotes about Being Yourself
If you feel that you have lost your true self in this maddening crowd, read these quotes to for some mental strength.
Short Famous Quotes
Out of the myriad short famous quotes, this article presents to you some of the most popular and appreciated ones of all times.
Quotes About a Pessimist
Pessimists are people who believe that life is always hard, and that even good things lead to bad outcomes. This Buzzle article portrays some famous quotes about people with a pessimistic outlook towards life.
Well-Known Quotes
Find a nice collection of well-known quotes and sayings about love, life, from the Holy Bible and movies.
Sentimental Quotes
Take a look at this compilation of sentimental quotes, which will help you get through a rough patch or simply keep you going at any point in time.
Quotes for Girls
The following article jots down some serious, meaningful, and funny quotes for girls to enjoy, think, laugh, and ponder over.
Honesty Quotes
Honesty is one of the greatest virtues in human beings. Read the following quotes that elaborate more on this fact.
Teacher Quotes
Show your favorite teacher how much he or she means to you, with the quotes mentioned in this article.
Quotes on Beauty
What does one mean by beauty? Does it define one's appearance or demeanor? This Buzzle article enlists some interesting and meaningful quotes on beauty, which are nothing but honest attempts of renowned writers' to explicate this...
Quotes about Teachers
Teachers are the people who shape and influence children greatly. This article presents some quotes about teachers.
The Tongue and Quotes about It
The most difficult to tame, the tongue has been a subject of interest for many thinkers, famous people, kings and philosophers. See some of their quotes in the article below.
Practice and Quotes about It
Practice is essential; you learn most by doing a certain thing repeatedly. See some more about its importance plus some intelligent quotes from famous people regarding the same.
What Does the Bible Say About Mercy?
God is merciful. We see that in everything around us and in His Word as well. The Bible describes this characteristic of His and also advises us to act the same, by showing mercy to others.
Pigs and Sayings About Them
Why are people reluctant when it comes to pigs? Filthy and stinky, a pigsty is where you don't want to be or even come close. If you have passed by pig farms, it is impossible to not have sensed that the disgusting odor can be...
Bible Quotes about Peace
Peace is such an important ingredient of our lives. In Christianity, it is part of the fruit of the Holy Spirit, and it can be multiplied. The following article mentions some Biblical quotes, which can help us to attain peace.
25 Classic Elmer Fudd Quotes
Elmer Fudd quote
Elmer Fudd: The adorable eggheaded character from Looney Tunes who is eternally after hunting wabbits opps! rabbit a.k.a Bugs Bunny sure mouths some amusing lines. This Buzzle article lists out some classic Elmer Fudd quotes and...
Transcendentalism Quotes
This Buzzle article brings to you some wise quotes about transcendentalism from some of the most famous transcendentalists of all time.
Quotes About Missing Your Mom
Janet Fitch quote on mother
There are times when we sincerely miss our mom, but we often don't tell her. How about sending her a "miss you" card? Not finding words to pen down your feelings? Buzzle helps you with that. This post has a collection of...
40 Most Famous Zombie Quotes Ever
famous zombie quote
Most of us are fascinated by zombies, and love reading about them or watching zombie movies. This Buzzle articles lists some quirky, funny, and interesting zombie quotes to thoroughly entertain you.
Famous Quotes from Popeye the Sailor Man
Popeye the Sailor Man theme song
Who can ever forget our favorite spinach man?! Popeye was, without doubt, a memorable part of everyone's childhood. This Buzzle article compiles the most famous quotes from the comic as well as the 1980s' movie "Popeye".
Best Doctor Who Quotes You Should Know
Doctor Who quote
Celebrate the Doctor's journey as he helps ordinary people, right all the wrongs, and educates through time travel in this long-running sci-fi series produced by the BBC. Buzzle brings you some famous Doctor Who quotes that fans...
Famous Quotes of Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Gabriel Garcia Marquez quote on love
Gabriel García Márquez opened up a realm of magical perspectives and some thought-provoking concepts with his books. Such was the magnitude of his words, that they shall resonate even after his death. Buzzle puts forth a small...
Famous Quotes About Racism
Ayn Rand on racism
Whether we believe it or not, racism affects and influences us in one way or the other. In this Buzzle article, we have compiled a list of strong and empowering quotes about racism, and hope that we get the strength to fight for...
Senior Quotes for 2013
Looking for some good senior quotes for your yearbook? This article on senior quotes for 2013 contains some special quotes, including a section with quotes worded only for the class of 2013!
Quotes by Famous Serial Killers
Dennis Radar quote
Serial killers are people who induce utter disgust, and their acts are insane to say the least. The world has witnessed many gruesome acts committed by them, which have disturbed us. We, at Buzzle, bring to you a few quotes by...
Greatest Quotes Ever
Quote by Michel de Montaigne
The following article will give you an extensive list on some of the greatest quotes ever used. Continue reading for some interesting perspectives on life through these quotes.
Single Mom Quotes
Louie Giglio inspirational quote
The following article concentrates on giving you some of the most inspirational single mom quotes. Read the article if you or anyone you know is a single mother and might be looking for some words of comfort and strength...
Famous Music Quotes
If music is the elixir of the soul, then what could be better than listening to some good old blues and reading famous music quotes to keep the spirits high? Here is a handpicked compilation of some of the best quotes about music...
Compassion Quotes
Compassion quotes make for a very interesting read, no doubt. But beyond that, they also try and teach us how to look within ourselves and find the ability to feel for others. In the following article we will be looking through...
Quotes to Think About
Quotes, wise sayings, or even dialogues from your favorite movie make you think and ponder about the realities of life. Given in this article are such quotes which will surely get your mind working and make you think about life on...
Quotes from Songs
While listening to certain songs, you can't help but love a few lines. This article on quotes from songs gives you such lines that always make a difference, whenever they are heard...
Quotes About Teenagers
Quotes capture the essence of moments and life. Teenage, a time difficult for the ones going through it, i.e., parents as well as the teenagers themselves, has been captured in a few quotes in this article.
Best Quotes
What's on your mind? Are you feeling low, happy or want to get inspired? Here are some of the best quotes, that you can relate to...
Dance Quotes
Read this article to go through some of the most amazing dance quotes ever written. They will not only entertain you but also make you feel the magic that comes with dancing.
Summer Quotes
Summer is lively, fun, and joy. The cute summer quotes help in explaining the beauty of this awesome season. Here is a compilation of quotes by famous people.
Diversity Quotes
A compilation of quotes about diversity, which celebrate the meaning of unity in diversity and highlight the fact that it has become a part of our lives.
Irish Sayings
Looking for some great Irish sayings? Look no further. Read the following article for some great Irish sayings on varied subjects.
Kindness Quotes and Sayings
Kindness is one of the greatest virtues of human beings. Here is a compilation of some famous kindness quotes that tell us the importance of being good.
Sherlock Holmes Quotes
Is there anyone in this world who hasn't heard of Sherlock Holmes? Let's revisit some of the most his famous quotes.
Quotes that Make You Think
There are many inspirational quotes by famous people that provoke thoughts. Here is a compilation of such famous quotes that will make you think and ponder. Read on.
Insightful Quotes
Wise and meaningful sayings give us an insight on different aspects of relationships in life, like love, friendship, etc. Here is a compilation of many such quotes that will inspire you.
Quotes About Dreams
It is always said that dreaming big and setting a goal plays a major part in achieving success. The following quotes throw some light on dreaming and reaching your goal.
Aging Quotes
Old age is that time of life when you don't know if you're happy or sad that it's all coming to an end. Let us look at some of the aging quotes that will help us get in touch with the plethora of emotions that old age brings with it.
Presidential Quotes
When the President of the United States speaks, the whole world listens; the presidential quotes we have compiled in this Buzzle article tell you why that makes perfect sense.
Random Quotes and Sayings
Feeling loaded with responsibilities and intricate complications of life? There are a number of random quotes and sayings that will help you de-stress and freshen up...
Interesting Quotes
Words of wisdom always help you when you hit rock bottom. There are quotes and sayings for every mood and occasion. Read the following Buzzle article to know more.
Common Sayings
Want to know some common sayings used in day-to-day conversations? Then read the article given below and learn some popular English sayings.
Boredom Quotes
Kill your bored state of mind for a little while at least by reading some of the most famous, witty, and funny quotes, which indicate that all men with varying intellectual capacities have been afflicted by boredom sometime or the...
Meaningful Sayings
Meaningful quotes and sayings inspire and motivate people in their life. Presented below is a collection of such inspirational sayings about life, love and family.
Meaningful Quotes on Love and Friendship
No one can possibly do without love and friendship, where these strong bonds are what keeps us going. Let's look upon a couple of quotes that best signify these bonds.
Freedom Quotes
These quotes don't just highlight the importance of freedom for proper functioning of the state, but also tell us how the entire state can come down without this basic right.
Famous Hamlet Quotes
This article provides a list of popular quotes from the famous play written by Shakespeare, 'Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark'.
Feminist Quotes
Some feminist quotes are thought to be quite provocative, while some are hilarious and funny. The article given below provides a short compilation of some of the most popular feminism quotes.
Famous Military Quotes
A compilation famous military quotes which were used by the Presidents, Generals, and Commanders to raise the spirit of their soldiers and countrymen.
Famous Quotes on Books
When you read a book, you bury within yourself a treasure so deeply embedded that nothing can rob you of it in eternity. Find out what some of the greatest intellects in history thought about books, in this article. You may find...
Quotes and Sayings
Some sarcasm here :-) And of course, no offense to anyone, just the thoughts of a rambling mind...
Opposite Quotes
Life is a contradiction at times - as are we! Here are some opposite quotes that will make you think about life in another way.
Thinking And Quotes about It
The following article mentions some quotes about thinking. They can help you a lot in order to master your life.
Envy And Quotes About It
Here are some quotes about one of the many traits of man―envy. Know what the Bible has to say about it.
Quotes About Diamonds
What do famous people say about diamonds? Find out from this article on some famous quotes about diamonds.
Light And Quotes About It
The following article mentions some great sayings about light, which are inspiring and very meaningful.
Music and Quotations about It
Famous people agree that music is something we couldn't do without. It is a God-given gift to humanity. See more about what they have to say in their meditations and quotes.
Quotes About Piano
"Life is like a piano, what you get out of it depends on how you play it." The following article mentions famous quotes related to the piano.
Famous Age Quotes
What is a day? What is a year? The real age is the age your heart feels. You feel young, you are young. Be happy and live with intensity every moment of your life.
Questions and Quotations About Them
The following article mentions some famous quotes that are related to the subject of questions.
Famous Animal Quotes
Animals bring joy and warmth in our lives. See some famous quotes about them in this article.
Quotations About Autumn
There is a harmony in autumn, as it is a strangely reflective, and a melancholic season. The following article mentions some of the quotations related to this season.
Power Quotes
Power is the ability or capacity to do something or behave in a particular way. The following article provides you with quotes to help your understanding.
Ignorance and Quotations about It
Ignoring something because you simply didn't have the information, it is excusable, you simply have not heard about it; however, when the information is at hand and you still willingly ignore it, this attitude can lead to terrible...
Character and Sayings Regarding It
Character starts in the brain, in the heart. This article provides you with some inspiring quotes from outstanding personalities.
Ideas and Sayings About Them
A new idea can be like a newborn baby. In that cradle, there might be the solution for one of the most feared problem of humanity. Read the following article that will help acquaint you with such thoughts, and what important...
Love from the Song of Songs - Solomon
A groom's love for his bride expressing their romantic love in a love song is what makes this book written by Solomon so special. The couple's love for each other as seen by Solomon is however under the canopy of marriage, as...
Focus and Quotations About It
Mentioned below are some famous people's quotes, which tell us about the importance of concentration and a focused mind.
Fools and Quotes About Them
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Enthusiasm and Quotations About It
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Intelligence and Quotations About It
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Irish Quotes
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Quotes About Integrity
Integrity is a quality that cannot be taught by any school or an institution. It is the most important element of the character, and one should inculcate it into his/her personality.
Educational Quotes
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Quotes About Change
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Famous Last Words
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