Most Rare Eye Color
Brown, blue, hazel, are common eye colors we get to see in people. Wondering, what is the most rare eye color in humans? Read on..
Hazel Eye Color
Hazel is a very rare eye color. This article tells you the genetic factors that determine the reason of having this beautiful eye color.
What Color Are Hazel Eyes
The term hazel eyes is used to describe several eye color shades. This article will give you more information on the exact color shade of hazel eyes and make up tips for the same.
Rare Eye Colors
Rare eye color - green
Eyes are perhaps the most beautiful part of your body, and they come in many attractive shades, varying from the darkest of browns to the lightest of blues. However, there do exist some rare eye colors that occur in some chosen...
Eye Color Percentages
Eye color percentage fact
People are born with different eye colors and some eye colors are truly unique. Let's take a look at eye color percentages in the world.
Natural Eye Colors
Natural eye colors
Eyes are one of the most striking and noticeable feature in a person. They are the mirror to a person's heart. Love, hatred, anger, pain, happiness - all the countless emotions are expressed every second through these small eyes....
How to Change Eye Color
Tip to change eye color
Our eye color is basically determined by the amount and the pattern in which melanin is present in the layers of the iris, which is a circular muscle that controls the amount of light entering the retina. This Buzzle write-up...
Eye Color Chart
Eye color chart
The subject of genetics of eye color is a bit complicated, and thereby, difficult to grasp. The eye color chart given in this article provides information about the different eye colors along with associated shades.
Eye Color Meaning
Does your eye color define why you behave the way you do, and why you are the person you are? If you think it does, it is probably simply a coincidence, as there is no theory to prove that eye color and personality traits are...
What is a Limbal Ring?
Limbal ring meaning
The limbal ring is the dark ring surrounding the iris. It appears darker in toddlers and youngsters, while its color diminishes with increasing age.
What Causes Different Colored Eyes in Humans?
Fact about mismatched eye color
Different colored eyes, considered to be quite uncommon, is often a hereditary condition. Also, a blunt eye injury and elevated intraocular pressure observed in eye conditions like glaucoma are some of the other causes of different...
Eye Color Genetics
Read about eye color genetics in the following article to lift the veil off this biological intrigue.