Extinct Birds in the Last 100 Years
But obviously, the list of birds that have become extinct over the last 100 years is bound to come as a surprise for many. Whilst focusing on saving tigers, rhinos, and other large animals, we seem to have failed to notice that we...
Information About the Diplodocus
Diplodocuses were one of the largest varieties of dinosaurs to have walked the Earth. More on them...
Japanese Sea Lion
The magnificent Japanese sea lion of the genus Zalophus japonicus is believed to be extinct. Its behavioral differences and habitation preferences in comparison to the California Sea Lion have been debated since the 1950s....
Cloning Extinct Animals
Scientists claim that they can bring back mammoths and dinosaurs to life! Are you scared? Is it possible to do so? Read more about cloning extinct animals in the write up mentioned below, and get the answers to these questions.
Facts About Meganeura (Giant Dragonfly)
Fact about Meganeura
Many would be surprised to know about a gigantic creature that once existed and was similar in appearance to a dragonfly. This post enlists some facts about this enormous extinct insect species named meganeura.
Extinct Animals in the Last 100 Years
Extinct animals
With species like the Barbary lion and western black rhino featuring in the lengthy list of animals that have become extinct in the last 100 years, it is no longer plausible to turn a blind eye to the alarming rate at which...
16 Fascinating Facts About Woolly Mammoths
Fact about woolly mammoths
We were reacquainted with woolly mammoths all thanks to the super-successful animated film series, 'Ice Age'. Let's learn more about these fascinating creatures who became extinct around 4,000 years ago.
Facts About Gigantopithecus blacki
Fact about Gigantopithecus blacki
How much can be known about a species that existed 300,000 years ago if we find its fossilized teeth and jaw bones? If we are to go by the facts about Gigantopithecus blacki, definitely a lot. We shed light on a species that must...
Causes for the Extinction of the Yangtze River Dolphin (Baiji)
Cause for the extinction of the Yangtze river dolphin (Baiji)
The extinction of the Yangtze River dolphin is one of the most striking examples of species falling prey to human greed. We will tell you how this river dolphin species had to pay the price for industrialization in China.
Interesting Facts about Manatees (Sea Cows)
Fact about Manatees (sea cows)
Manatees are docile and friendly sea mammals. Curious by nature, they keep interacting with humans regularly. Although called sea cows, they are actually related to elephants. This Buzzle article lists some interesting facts about...
Pros and Cons of De-extinction
Pros and cons of de-extinction
Some people seem elated by the fact that we could be resurrecting extinct species. Others have some serious doubts about the idea. While it will take some time for the de-extinction concept to materialize, we can definitely...
Top 10 Extinct Animals
Extinct animal - Irish Elk
A brief write-up on the top ten extinct animals which will provide all the details about how these animals disappeared from the planet with human onslaught and nature's fury coming into play. Read on....
Triassic Period Animals
If reading about prehistoric creatures fascinates you, then this article on the Triassic Period animals will definitely make for an interesting read.
Extinct Animals List
Know about the immense loss that Nature had to incur! Learn about some of the most amazing animals which vanished in the doom of extinction, from this article on the extinct animals list.
List of Extinct Bird Species
While we were busy taking long strides in the name of development, we failed to notice the extent of damage we were causing to the environment and fellow inhabitants of the planet. That's what this list of extinct birds seems to...
Almost All Birds Native to Hawaii Threatened with Extinction
A new government report says that nearly all the birds that are native to Hawaii are dwindling in numbers. Here's a closer look...
Farewell, Docile Creature: Caribbean Monk Seal Declared Extinct
It is because of human disturbance, the Caribbean monk seal has vanished from the face of the Earth. Sad, but true. Here's more...