Did You Know?
There are many RC toys out there which can actually be controlled by an iPhone, iPad, or iPodTouch. All you need to do is download the app, and take the toy out with your personal mobile device.
Your son's friend has just got a snazzy looking RC car for Christmas, and has he been grilling you to get one for him as well? Don't worry, you are not alone, but choosing the right remote-controlled toy is no child's play. This is because of the wide variety of RC toys out there, not just different types of toy vehicles, but also radio-controlled animals and dolls.

Before choosing the toy, it is important to first differentiate toy-grade RC models with the hobby-grade ones. Unlike toy-grade models, hobby-grade vehicles, such as cars and helicopters, are faster and bigger. They are also considerably expensive and require more skill and maintenance. Some of them have nitro engines for extra speed. In contrast, toy-grade models are simpler to use and inexpensive. While choosing, you need to find a toy-grade model that is sturdy and durable. Here are a few tips on how to choose an RC toy for your child.

Decide the Type of Toy

There are many types of RC toys in the market including cars, trucks, airplanes, helicopters, sailboats, motor boats, robots, and animals. The choice of the toy will also impact the intended use. For example, if your child plans to use his/her toy on flat paved surfaces, then he can opt for a car. Likewise, a buggy or truck is more suited to off road or rough terrain. Though most RC toys have a transmitter, receiver, and motors. There are toys that are powered by batteries or other power sources like a gas machine for RC cars. The type of toy you choose will depend to a great extent on what your child wants and where he wants to use it.

Choose an Appropriate Size

Most children would try and grab a large-sized toy, but if it is just too heavy and bulky for the child, then it will probably lie there unused. Instead, look for a smaller toy like a mini-car or helicopter that the child can carry around and store easily. Generally, most RC toys are suitable for older children and adults, so do check the child's age before buying the toy.

Should Have Easy-to-operate Controls

For a start, it is best to choose an RC toy with simple, easy-to-use controls. The controllers vary from one RC toy to another. While some have pistol-style controllers, others have buttons and sticks. For toddlers, it is best to pick two-button controllers which allows kids to easily maneuver the toy around. For slightly older kids, look for controllers with extra features. It is also a good idea to avoid helicopters or planes for toddlers as they require skill and dexterity to control.

Check Durability

You should also ensure that the RC toy you buy is durable. This is because, with children, you know that the toy is sure to suffer from plenty of crashes and hits. Look for durable toys that are made of hard plastic polymers, which are not very heavy, but still offer protection. Look for a heavy-duty body and large tires.

Check Out Extra Features

Does the vehicle have any extra features like auto door/boot opener, or lights and sounds. Although these features may seem trivial, but for a toddler, it is an invaluable aid in helping him learn how to operate the toy. Look for toys with flashing lights, colorful decals, horns, or engine sounds. An RC police car with a flashing lights and sounds is definitely going to interest a toddler.

Ensure Safety

Ensure that the toys are sturdy and durable, and do not contain sharp edges or small parts that can accidentally harm the child. The battery compartment should be secure, especially if you are handing over the car to a toddler. Avoid planes and helicopters for toddlers as they may end up crashing them and hurting themselves

Remember to ask your child about what exactly he wants. Also, check online reviews of popular models, and watch out for toy recalls before buying the RC toy for your child.