Fennec Fox as a Pet
The fennec fox, which is native to some parts of the Sahara Desert and the Arabian peninsula, is popular as an exotic pet. Here is a brief overview about this animal as a pet.
Meerkats as Pets
Meerkats are wild animals, and keeping them as pets is a bad idea, not to mention without the lack of proper permits, illegal. This article provides more information about these wild animals.
Pygmy Slow Loris
The pygmy slow loris feeds by hanging its body upside down and using both hands. It is very small, measuring about 20 cm in length and 1 pound in weight. Leaf through this article to get an insight about pygmy slow loris information.
Sunda Slow Loris
A growing demand in the exotic pet trade has made the Sunda slow loris a vulnerable animal species. The information on Sunda slow loris presented in this article, throws light on the reasons behind this situation. Scroll down to...
Exotic Freshwater Fish
Let us look at the 10 most exotic looking freshwater fish, which you can put in an aquarium...
Weird Pets
Apart from the regular cats, dogs, horses, etc., there are strange creatures in the world that can be reared at home. This article gives information about some of these unique creatures that can be raised as pets safely.
Prairie Dogs as Pets
Are you considering keeping prairie dogs as pets and want to gain some information that can help you take the right decision? This Buzzle article will give you a brief understanding about these creatures, and more.
Doves as Pets
Doves are known to make great pets and are easy to care for as well. There are different types of doves that can be kept as pets. This article lists a few types.
Turkish Van Cats
Turkish Van cats have luxurious coats with distinct markings on the forehead and tail. What makes them truly unique and sets them apart from their species is their liking for water! This article elaborates more on the history,...
Emus as Pets
Keeping Emus as pets is an unconventional yet increasingly popular trend that is catching up. These are large, exotic birds, and must be taken care of with extreme attention to detail and patience.
Facts About the Exotic Cat
Pet owners across the globe keep identifying animal breeds to meet their specific requirements. The number of exclusive and specially bred pet varieties have increased manifold during the last few decades, and one of the amazing...
The Largest Newt As a Pet
Newts are creatures that can regenerate their entire bodies. Just as lizards grow back their tails, newts grow back their legs, jaws, hearts, and other organs. This article provides information about the largest species of this...
Newt As A Pet
Newts are amazing creatures, able to regenerate their little legs, eyes, spinal cords, hearts, intestines, and jaws, just like lizards grow back their tails. A cute little pet, the newt is easy to upkeep, as you only have to feed...
Top 10 Pet Reptiles for Beginners
Top pet reptiles for beginners
Pet reptiles are a growing sector of the pet trade, and these low-maintenance pets are already popular in many parts of the world. This Buzzle post lists the best 'first pets' for reptile lovers.
Lemurs as Pets
Fact about lemurs
Native to the island of Madagascar, lemurs are intriguing primates, whose endearing personalities are making them sought-after pets. Getting a lemur has become the hottest fad lately, however, is it ethically right to keep lemurs...
Is it Wise to Keep Groundhogs as Pets?
Reason why it is not wise to keep groundhogs as pets
Groundhogs can be extremely cuddly adorable little creatures to look at, but do they make good pets? This Buzzle article has got the lowdown on whether it is wise to keep groundhogs as pets.
Tips to Keep a Worm Snake as a Pet
Worm snake diet
Caring for worm snakes can be difficult because of their specialized needs. But this is no reason to get disheartened, as Buzzle tells you how to take care of an eastern or western worm snake.
Can You Keep a Sloth as a Pet?
Sloths as pets
Buying a pet is not an easy task, earlier people used to opt for usual animals like dogs, cats, rats, and birds. But, nowadays everybody is fascinated and thrilled to bring home an exotic pet. One such animal is the sloth. Many pet...
Things to Consider before Keeping Kangaroo as a Pet
Requirements for a pet kangaroo
A kangaroo is a very unique and interesting animal. Surprisingly, it is quite a popular choice as a pet! Buzzle lists some facts about pet kangaroo care, and the important things to consider before getting one home.
Is it Wise to Keep Capybara as Pets?
Fact about keeping Capybara as pets
Capybaras are wild rodents that are becoming popular as exotic pets. Buzzle takes a look into whether they make good pets, the specific care that they require, and the drawbacks of keeping them at home.
Can You Keep Wombats as Pets?
Fact about keeping wombats as pets
Wombats are undoubtedly cute and cuddly in appearance, and this is also one reason that people want to own them. However, many are unaware that these animals can also be dangerous as pets.
Risks Associated with Keeping Wolves as Pets
Risk with keeping wolves as pets
We all are fascinated with the idea of keeping wild animals as pets, at first it may seem quite attractive; however, it does require a lot of hard work to maintain these animals, not to mention the risk associated with them. We...
Is it Wise to Keep Crows as Pets?
Reason why crows cannot make good pets
If you are an individual who loves to observe wild crows, eventually you will feel like keeping one as a pet. But hold your thoughts there, mate! Crows and ravens are wild animals and you certainly can't treat them the same way you...
Should People Be Allowed to Keep Exotic Animals as Pets?
Reason why people should be allowed to keep exotic animals as pets
The issue of keeping exotic pets is a divisive one. Animal rights activists are up in arms over it, while there is also no consensus among experts. This Buzzle article will shed some more light on this debate.
Slow Loris as a Pet
How is slow loris as a pet? Is it legal to have it as a pet? If you have such doubts, go through this article, for some details about this animal.
Slow Loris
Slow loris is one of those cute little animals with huge round eyes and furry bodies. Let us take a look at some interesting information about this animal, and its prospects as a pet.
Exotic Animals and Pets
Exotic animals
While the experts may advise against it, the trend of keeping exotic animals as pets is fast becoming a rage across the world. Interestingly, the list of exotic animals which are sold as pets today includes some species which you...
Most Weird Celebrity Pets
Kristen Stewart owns a wolf-dog
Exotic pets are in vogue especially for our celebrities who have decided to ditch the dogs and cats as pets, and instead own some really weird creatures. From George Clooney's beloved pet pig and Reese Witherspoon's donkeys to...
Octopus Species That Can Be Kept as Pets
Octopus species that make good pets
Octopuses are known to be exotic pets. Very rarely do people opt for these animals as pets, and not all octopus species can be tamed. Here we give you some species of octopus that can be brought home.
7 Exotic Pets That are Easy to Care for
Exotic pets that are easy to care for
Exotic pets are often considered very difficult to maintain. However, there are many that are, in fact, very easy to care for. Read on, to know more about exotic animals that can be easily looked after.
Anteaters as Pets
Giant anteaters are listed among the 'endangered' species in the world. Their habitat is being destroyed by our kind continuously, which arises the need to work on some damage control. There are many people who are willing to take...
Exotic Pets May Pose a Health Risk in the United States
Thousands of exotic animals enter the U.S. each day with very little screening procedures in place for disease. As a result, Americans are always vulnerable to a deadly outbreak.