Hemorrhoids is a condition which on occurrence, draws your complete attention. Be it day or night, at home or at work, your mind is constantly distracted by the discomfort associated with it. The best way to get rid of it is to know exactly what it is and why it occurs. Avoid activities that can result in hemorrhoids, as prevention is always better than cure. However, if you are suffering from it, there is no need to panic, as there are various ways to cure this condition.
In general, this ailment occurs due to the inflammation of the veins present in the vaginal and the anal areas. It primarily happens due to the insufficient flow of blood to this region. Other major causes are prolonged constipation, excessive cleaning, and usage of tissue paper with perfumes and dyes.
Workouts for Hemorrhoids
Improved blood circulation in the affected area is the most effective way to cure it. As blood brings in nutrients and removes toxins, it easily restores the vagina and the anus to its normal state. It is, thus, obvious that exercises which stimulate the blood flow to this part of the body, are an essential part of the treatment. It is vital that it is treated as soon as possible, as when left untreated, it often results in thrombosed hemorrhoids due to blood clotting.
Exercises such as jogging, walking, swimming and climbing stairs help a lot. Start with any one of these and get the desired results by following a disciplined regime. These exercises are less strenuous; however, they are most promising in activating the blood flow to all parts of the body and have always proved to be of great help, when done on a regular basis.
Kegel Workout
Kegel exercises are of great help, not only in curing the condition, but also in preventing it. This consists of contracting and relaxing of' the pelvic floor muscles. It involves the P-C muscle (pubococcygeus muscle) and so it is very important to identify it. One common way to identify it, is to sit on the toilet seat with your legs wide apart and then control the flow of urine by starting and stopping it. It can be accomplished only with the help of the P-C muscle. This is called the Kegel exercise. It's recommended that this workout must be performed 5 times a day, each set consisting of 10-15 contractions. The P-C muscle, just like any other muscle, can get sore at times, due to over-exertion. In such a situation, take a break for a couple of days; however, make sure you resume it with consistency. One very good idea is to start with a low number of contractions and increase it day by day, finally reaching the recommended number. Once you know the correct position of the P-C muscle, you can perform the exercise, while driving, standing in a line, watching TV, or even while lying on bed.
Certain yoga techniques are very effective in preventing hemorrhoids. These mainly include stretching and bending, involving the abdomen and the thighs. One very simple stretching exercise is to stand straight, then lift each leg, one by one, to the level of your waist. Initially, do this for three minutes, and then gradually increase the intensity to ten minutes. This, when done especially in the morning, helps in curing and preventing hemorrhoids in the long run.
Other Exercises
Another exercise that can be performed is the anus exercise. Push your anal area down, as if you are going pass stools, then relax. Initially, start with five times and then increase it to at least 20 times a day. It is a difficult exercise to perform; however, it has always proved to be of great help.
Brisk walking for about 30 minutes in the morning, is also recommended. It is an aerobic exercise which stimulates blood circulation to all parts of the body, including the anal and the vaginal areas. Walking also raises the heart rate, thereby increasing the respiratory circulation. Increased blood flow and respiratory action, ultimately, flushes out toxins from the affected region.
As already mentioned, constipation leads to hemorrhoids. Thus, it is very important to prevent constipation, in order to reduce the risk. A very simple thing that can be followed is to drink two glasses of warm water, just before passing motion, in order to facilitate and ease the process.
All the above mentioned exercises are effective enough to help you get rid of the most painful and frustrating hemorrhoids. You need to practice them regularly and consistently and follow the recommended instructions. Most people recover from hemorrhoids. However, if you are a special case and have not benefited from these exercises, then you must visit a doctor to obtain appropriate and suitable medical treatment. Being careless about the treatment of the condition is not a wise thing to do, as it may escalate to even greater and extremely painful complications, if not cured on time.
Disclaimer: This article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.