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There are many mobile apps, such as Feed Baby - Tracker & Monitor, that allow you to record baby feeds―breast, bottle, or solids―with just a touch of a button.
Whether you are breastfeeding your newborn, or introducing your child to solids, feeding a baby can either be a fun or a harrowing experience depending on how picky your little one is, and how well-prepared you are. Regular baby feeding is a round-the-clock commitment and is among the top concerns that every new parent has.

Thankfully, for all those harried parents out there, there are a number of baby feeding products that make feeding time easier for everyone. From different types of baby bottles to various cute bibs, choosing the right feeding products for the baby is essential. Whether you are bottle feeding, breastfeeding, or starting solids, in this Buzzle article we provide an essential baby feeding products list that can make your baby's mealtimes easier and much more fun.

Breastfeeding Products List

Unlike the popular notion, breastfeeding is not easy. While some babies latch on easily, others just refuse to breastfeed. This can lead to sore, painful nipples, leaky breasts, and painful latch-on. There are a number of feeding products that help in easing the process, and allow you to work through the challenges of breastfeeding. Products such as nursing creams soothe sore and cracked nipples, while breast pumps allow you to store breast milk for later use. Here is a list of some essential nursing accessories that ease the process of breastfeeding.

Nipple creams and ointments
Nursing bras and pads
Nipple shields
Nursing pillow
Nursing cover
Breast pump and storage bottles
Breast pump sterilizer
Burp cloth

Bottle Feeding Products List

If you have decided to bottle feed the baby, there are a list of things that you would need. Yes, you would need bottles and teats but along with that, you would also need sterilizing equipment, baby formula, bottle brushes, and a whole lot of other accessories. Moreover, with the dizzying array of bottles in the market, you need to select ones which your baby prefers! This means, buying five to six types of baby bottles, and allowing the child to choose what he/she likes best. Here is a list of bottle feeding equipment that you might need.

Baby bottles (5-7)
Nipples (5-7)
Baby formula
Bottle brush
Electric or microwave steam sterilizer
Dishwasher basket
Bottle drying rack
Receiving blankets
Bottle warmer
Insulated bottle carriers
Training cups
Formula powder containers and dispensers

Solid Food Essentials List

At around six months of age, you can start giving your baby solid foods. This is an important milestone in a child's life as he/she is now able to sit upright and has control over the tongue-thrust reflex. Whether you make the food at home or use jarred food, there are certain essentials that you should definitely keep at hand. From bibs to baby food makers, here are a list of all the tools that would make it easier for you to introduce solid foods.

Small, plastic bowls
Toddler plates
Long-handled spoons (3-4)
Baby cereal
Jarred baby food
Steamer (for making homemade food)
Baby food blender or food processor (for making homemade food)
Storage bags and freezer trays (for homemade food)
High chair
Sippy cups (2-3) with transitional spouts (if needed)
Toddler forks and spoons
Bibs (4-5)
Drop cloths
Snack cups
Snacks such as Happy Baby Organic Puffs

Apart from these essentials, you can also invest in some niceties, like a rocking chair or a glider, to soothe the baby while he/she is bottle feeding or breastfeeding. The variety of feeding products in the market can leave you dumbfounded. Before choosing a product, do check its quality and safety. For example, ensure that the baby bottles are BPA-free, and the baby plate for your toddler is non-breakable, dishwasher and microwave safe. This will help you choose the best baby feeding products that will make feeding a wonderful experience for you and the baby.