Causes and Effects of Desertification
Causes and effects of desertification
Amongst several causes of environmental degradation, desertification is on the rise, and has led to a number of adverse effects on the environment. Buzzle offers an insight into the causes and effects of desertification on the...
Effects of Ocean Acidification on Marine Life
Ocean acidification effect
Ocean acidification is a term used to describe the decrease in the pH levels of the ocean over a period of time, primarily due to the intake of excess amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Let's understand how these...
How Do Fertilizers Affect the Environment
The use of fertilizers has helped mankind yield massive crop production to meet the food supply of the growing population. However, in order to do so, we have disregarded the adversity that lies ahead in its worst form. This Buzzle...
Why are Companies Going Green?
There are numerous companies all round the world, which are opting for environmental-friendly technologies, in order to reduce the carbon footprint. But how do these large organizations go green without incurring huge costs to...
How to Reduce Food Miles
If you want to contribute to the conservation of the environment, you can consider reducing food miles. The following article will tell you how to do so.
Environmental Problems and Solutions
Our environment faces a lot of trials and tribulations due to the various processes involving human beings. The important environmental problems and solutions are described in this Buzzle article.
Causes of Environmental Degradation
Environmental degradation is very rampant these days because of the irresponsible use of our natural resources. Here's a look at its many causes, and effects.
Global Environmental Issues
A compilation of some of the major environmental issues which are directly threatening the future of the Earth and indirectly, our existence.
Environmental Degradation
While the definition of environmental degradation refers to the deterioration of the environment, there is a lot to understand about this issue which is threatening the basic existence of life on our planet.
Environmental Ethics
Environmental ethics is not a new subject and yet very few might actually know about it. In the following article, we will take a look at this issue and what it entails.
Ways to Help the Environment
You don't need Einstein's brain to realize that we are fast running out of time to save our planet. If you intend to do your bit for this cause, here are some simple ways by which you can help the environment and save it from being...
What is Acid Mine Drainage?
Acid mine drainage is the phenomenon where metallic compounds react with the surrounding water and air to produce sulfuric acid. This is then drained in the form of streams. The effects of such drainage are very harmful, and the pH...
Earth Day History
What were the exact events that led to the creation of Earth Day 40 years back? Find out everything about Earth Day along with some interesting facts, from the following article.
What are Externalized Costs
An important factor of consideration in modern economics is externalized cost. Here's a brief explanation.
Ways to Reduce Ecological Footprint
Man is dependent on nature for a variety of things. In order to sustain life on this planet, it is important to follow different ways to reduce our ecological footprints.
Earth Day Games And Activities
The 22nd of April is celebrated with great joy the world over as Earth Day. Here are some games and activities that can be carried out specially for this day.
The Role of Trees in Our Environment
The Earth is getting destroyed. We humans are at fault. Let us work together to save it. Save it for ourselves and for future generations.
Facts About Earth Day
Earth Day is celebrated on the 22nd of April each year, dedicated to generate and inspire an awareness towards the health of our natural environment. The day coincides with spring time in the northern hemisphere, and the beginning...
Ecological Footprint
Ecological footprint is a method of measuring the consumption of resources in relation with the planet's capacity to regenerate them. It is a tool that endorses the need to save Earth. To know more about the ecological footprint,...
Globalization and Its Impact on the Environment
Impact of globalization on the environment
Globalization has helped in the immense growth in international trade and finance. It has made countries to work more closely with each other and has led to several innovations in science and technology. However, it has contributed...
How Does Cultural Eutrophication Occur
How does cultural eutrophication occur
Cultural eutropication is the eutrophication that results from human activity. It is the process through which addition of nutrients, in the form of phosphates and nitrates, to water bodies takes place. Excessive growth of aquatic...
Difference Between Bioaccumulation and Biomagnification
Difference between bioaccumulation and biomagnification
Despite the fact that both revolve around the build-up of toxic substances in the bodies of organisms, bioaccumulatiion and biomagnification are two different concepts.
How Does Eutrophication Affect the Environment
Effects of eutrophication on the environment
Eutrophication is one of the biggest environmental problems caused due to modern methods of agriculture. Here is some more information about how this phenomenon affects the environment.
How do Humans Affect the Environment
How humans affect the environment
Climate change, extinction of species, and pollution of life-supporting air and water has become a growing concern for nations all over the world. Knowing about the various ways in which humans have affected the environment will...
How does Mining Affect the Environment
Effect of mining on environment
Mining refers to the process of extracting metals and minerals from the earth. Gold, silver, diamond, iron, coal, and uranium are just a few of the vast array of metals and minerals that are obtained by this process. Mining...
Current Environmental Issues
Current environmental issues
There are several environmental issues plaguing planet Earth, which have gotten to be a major concern today. Most of these come about as a result of various man-made activities.
Simple Ways to Save the Environment
Ways to save the environment
Thinking of ways to save Mother Earth? It's high time we do, as the planet we live on is suffering. We are extracting all it has - oil, ores, water and more. We are cutting down trees, we are killing animals, we are exploiting...
List of Environmental Problems
Examples of environmental problems
The earth's environment has become a pervasive and global problem. The Earth's environment is in a sorry state, with no hope of it getting better anytime soon. There is a growing awareness about the need to conserve our...
What are Environmental Ethics?
Principles of environmental ethics
Environmental ethics is a branch of environmental philosophy that studies the ethical relationship between human beings and the environment. This field has given a new dimension to the topics of conservation of natural resources...
Why are Birds and Fish Dying
Causes of mass deaths of fish and birds
Mass deaths are usually attributed to bad weather, spread of infectious disease, poisoning, etc. The birds didn't fall dead from the sky, but actually died after hitting the ground. This makes way for the theory which suggests that...
Sustainable Living Ideas
Idea for sustainable living
As the ecological balance of the environment is degrading day by day, we need to switch to sustainable living. Adopting this kind of lifestyle does not really demand drastic changes in your living.
Interesting Facts About the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Great Pacific Garbage Patch fact
Isn't it an irony that the world's biggest garbage dump is located in the world's biggest ocean. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, or the Pacific Trash Vortex, is an endless stream of garbage debris that can be found between the...
Why is Palm Oil Bad for the Environment?
Environmental impact of oil palm plantation
Among the 17 major edible oils and fats produced globally, palm oil has one of the highest consumption rates. It also has a plethora of uses. However, extensive plantation of oil palm can have a devastating impact on the...
Human-environment Interaction: Meaning and Examples
Human-environment interaction meaning
The current crisis of climate change around the world can be better understood with the concept of human-environment interactions. But what does human-environment interaction mean? Buzzle answers this question with a few examples,...
How Do Wind Turbines Kill Birds?
Bird deaths due to wind turbines
Wind turbines have been installed by almost all countries as an alternate source of energy. Though this source is highly beneficial, the threat it has posed to birds cannot be ignored.
How Does Sonar Affect Marine Life?
Effect of sonar on marine life
Off late, there has been a lot of hue and cry about the negative effects of sonar on marine life. We will try to figure out whether active sonar affects marine species, the cetaceans in particular, and if yes, how?
Top 10 Environmental Issues
Three environmental issues
Global warming is one of the biggest threats to this planet. Read on to know what are some of the top 10 environmental issues that need to be addressed with immediacy.
Environmental Issues List
Take a look at the list of environmental issues presented here, to get an understanding of the severity of the dangers that the changing environment can now pose to mankind.
How to Save Our Environment
Just by making a few small changes, you can make a big contribution and save our environment. Find out how you can do your bit.
List of Environmental Issues Today
The earth needs your help. Check out the list of environmental issues today mentioned in this article and join hands to save it.
Environmental Issues in Europe
The article deals with some of the major environmental issues in European countries. This write up presents the fact that even in a continent like Europe, where environmental conservation is a top priority, degradation of natural...
Environmental Activism
Environmental activism has achieved major success over the years and has helped in creating awareness among the general public on environmental protection and conservation. The failure of climate change conference and emergence of...
Environmental Issues in Africa
There is a huge list of environmental issues in Africa, which is turning out to be a threat to the global environmental condition. Some of the aspects of these issues are discussed in the article below, along with some measures...
Reasons Why California is Going Through the Worst Drought in History
Low levels of snowpack - reason why California is facing drought
California is suffering from one of its biggest droughts ever, which has heavily impacted the economy of the state. This crisis has forced civilians to cut down their water usage. The parched lands still see no ray of hope, as...
26 Biggest Man-Made Disasters
Worst man-made disasters
Environmental disasters, such as hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes, are largely out of human control. However, some of the most destructive calamities in history were caused by humans. Here's a list comprising 26 of the worst...
Keystone XL Pipeline Project: Pros, Cons, and Other Facts
Keystone XL pipeline project
The Keystone XL pipeline project is expected to create thousands of jobs for Americans. However, it has been torn apart by critics over its harmful environmental effects, which they believe far outweigh any benefits to the economy....
The Economy Vs. Environment Debate
A vision to create a world where economic progress meets environmental conservation is the need of time. One cannot achieve much by just blaming the rampant industrial development witnessed in the 20th and 21st century. Changing...
Environmental Issues in Florida
Florida, the Sunshine State, faces many environmental issues due to global warming and human activities. Read on to know more...
Environmental Issues 2011
The environmental issues 2011 are discussed in short, in this article. One should also find the information to be useful from the point of understanding the underlying causes of different environmental issues.
Environmental Issues in China
Great progress comes at a great price. This can be seen in the form of environmental issues in China, which threaten to wreak havoc on one of the potential candidates in the global superpowers race.
Why Are Birds Dying in Arkansas?
The recent incident of birds dying in Arkansas, with no possible explanation in sight, has put the whole world in a sort of dilemma. Join us as we evaluate the speculations that are being put forth as the causes of this alleged...
Conservation of Natural Resources
We've all begun to experience the effects of the depletion of natural resources. To live comfortably in the coming years, conservation of natural resources is extremely essential. Just doing a little bit, can make a vast difference...