Maddening Malapropisms
The term 'Malapropism' is derived from the French term mal a propos, which translates as 'ill to purpose'. This article lists some hilarious malapropisms made by famous people, and some by the not-so-famous.
Understanding the Usage of Facetious with Proper Examples
Example of facetious
Facetious is an often confused word. Being facetious is sometimes a little risky, and at other times can be refreshingly amusing. This piece talks about what exactly the term means, with a few explanatory examples.
Facetious Vs. Sarcastic
Example of facetious and sarcastic
The English language contains a complex web of words borrowed from across the globe, and often their meanings overlap each other, making it difficult to judge when to use one over the other. Buzzle gives you the difference between...
List of Commonly Used Latin Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes
Commonly used Latin roots, prefixes, and suffixes
Most of the words we use today are derived from Latin. So, why not understand how certain English words came about? Buzzle gives you information on the most commonly used roots, prefixes, and suffixes, and also chooses to give you...
List of Commonly Used Greek Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes
Commonly used Greek root
Greek is one of the languages that has influenced English. Getting familiar with the common roots and affixes will be a big plus for your vocabulary, aiding you to guess unknown words! Buzzle keeps you informed about some commonly...
Collective Nouns Explained with Examples
Collective nouns examples
A collective noun is used to name a group of persons, animals, or things. Buzzle provides a few examples of collective nouns along with a list of the most commonly used ones.
A Complete List of English-speaking Countries
Fact about English being an official language in many countries in the world
English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. In this article, Buzzle compiles a list of all the nations where English is spoken.
How to Create a Pun
Creating a pun
Do you intend to have some pun-ny fun? Here is an itinerary that will guide you on how to create a pun. The ingredients to make your pun-wit work wonders with your audience is presented in this post.
Explanation of Complex Sentences with the Help of Examples
Explanation and example of complex sentences
A group of words comprising a subject and a predicate, a simple sentence conveys a complete idea. It consists of a main or independent clause. Sentences that have a main clause and one or more dependent clauses are called complex...
How to Avoid Crutch Words in Your Speech
Crutch Words in Speech
Crutch words or fillers like umm..., you know... and like... make their way into a speech unknowingly. These words do not add meaning to the sentence, and often just make a person look like a blabbering fool. Buzzle lists some...
Words in English Language that Begin with Consonant Trigraphs
Words beginning with consonant trigraphs
Did you know that a single sound is produced from a three-letter combination? Yes, you guessed right, a trigraph it is. For example, the sound of 'igh' in high. Buzzle gives a comprehensive list of most common words in English...
Abstract Nouns
Fact about abstract nouns
If there were no abstract nouns, the world of words would indeed be a dreary place. Know all about these types of nouns, which are indicative of all the ideas that make us human.
Cool Words to Say
Words that sound cool
Are you looking for some cool words to impress your friends? If yes, you are at the right place as here you will find a list of cool words that you can use during informal conversations.
Examples of Consonance
The usage and meaning of consonance is often mixed up with 'alliteration' where it is understandably confusing to differentiate the two. Let's delve deeper into how these two terms are closely related, yet quite different by their...
Figuratively Speaking: What Does It Mean
An attempt to literally explain what figuratively means.
Figures of Speech - Examples
Learn how to improve your writing and oratory skills by using various figures of speech, which can be understood with the help of the following examples.
Ensure Vs. Insure
Not only do they sound similar, ensure and insure have similar meanings too, thus resulting in a confusion about how they should be used, and when one can be used as a synonym for the other. Here's some help to dispel your doubts.
Effective Vs. Affective
It is easy to get confused with the proper usage of the words effective and affective as they sound similar, and have similar spelling. However, it is the meaning that splits them apart.
Euphemism Examples
Euphemism is a literary device that helps an individual sound politically and morally correct in the midst of others. Simply put, it makes bad things sound relatively good. In this article we'll give you some euphemism examples...
Phonetic Alphabet
Phonetic alphabets are sets of symbols that are used to represent the individual sounds in the written form. This article will let you in on its details...
Consonance Examples
What is consonance? A figure of speech that uses the repetition of consonant sounds to create an effect, it is easiest to understand with the examples that are given in this article. Read on to understand the concept.
British Spelling Vs. American Spelling
British and American words
Having doubts regarding American vs British spellings and words? Here are the most commonly used words that might be the cause for confusion...
Figures of Speech List
Improve your language skills by learning how to use figures of speech. Read on to know about figures of speech list.
Complicated Words
Did you know that "Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis" (a type of lung disease) is currently coined as the longest word of the English language? Fascinating, isn't it? There are many more long and complicated...
Double Negative Examples
Double negatives are used so casually but they can sometimes be extremely confusing. Here's all you need to know about them with the help of useful examples.
Limerick Format
Limericks are fun, five line poems, with specific rhythm patterns that are extremely easy to compose if you know the correct format of a limerick. In this article, we discuss the prevalent format of this fun poem to enable you to...
Rhetorical Figures
Put simply, rhetorics is the art of effective and persuasive speech. What are rhetorical figures and devices? Read ahead to find out.
List of Unusual Words and their Meanings
Everyone knows that English is a funny language! It is a strange language with many unusual words, which many of us don't even know exist. Find some such words in the list provided in this Buzzle article, and learn when to use them.
Stereotype Examples
Understand the concept of stereotypes by looking into some very common examples that are prevalent world over.
Examples of Palindrome
You must be familiar with one-word palindrome examples, like "dad" and "civic", but did you know that there are long palindromic sentences and phrases? Yes, this Buzzle article has listed out some famous...
Longest Word In The World
Did you ever think that the longest word in the world would have a total of 189,819 letters? Learn more about the words of the English language that have baffled people over the years with their very existence.
What Does Circa Mean
What does circa mean? Have you been asked this question but not been able to answer? That's about to change with this article.
Types of Sentences
There are 4 types of sentences that are generally used in the English language. These types help add some interest when used in written as well as oral communication.
Limerick Examples
What are limericks? Read this Buzzle article for some examples that will help you understand this interesting form of poetry.
How to Spell a Word
Do you have problems spelling? If you want to learn to spell better, there are many different techniques that you can use to make the task at hand easier.
Kinds of Sentences
Do you want to understand the different types of sentences? Read on to learn more.
Improve Your Vocabulary
While inculcating a reading habit is the best way to build your knowledge of words, playing word games and familiarizing yourself with new words will also help. This write-up provides some simple ways that may help you to improve...
Longest Word in the English Language
Which is the longest word in the English language? How many letters long is this word? Well, this article provides information on not only the longest word in terms of letter size, but also throws light on some other interesting...
How to Speak with a British Accent
Want to know how to speak with a British accent, for official reasons or maybe just for the kicks? Read on to know all that you need to get the perfect accent.
How to Spell
After relying on spell check software for so long, spelling words off the top of your head becomes difficult. This article lists some effective ways of remembering how to spell.
Types of Nouns
Nouns are a very pivotal part of the English language. No message, conversation, or expression can be complete without a noun as the subject. However, people often have issues in understanding them. This article explains the...
What is the Difference Between Affect and Effect?
Understanding the difference between affect and effect can be a little difficult. This article looks into the difference between the two terms with the help of some examples.
Commonly Misspelled Words
There are a myriad of words which people tend to misspell. This article will give you some of the most commonly misspelled words in English.
How to Improve Vocabulary
With the Internet, texting, and TV constantly morphing the language, kids today have a rather weak grasp on their language speaking skills. Here's some help...
Compliment Vs. Complement
In this article, you will learn how to get over the confusion about when to use compliment and when to use complement. Read it, understand it and you'll know how to use them.
Most Commonly Misspelled Words
Are you looking for the most commonly misspelled words? Well, I was looking for them too and after a few days of hunting tactics, I have a list for you. Make sure you pick up the correct words and not get confused with the wrong...
English Restoration
No, English Restoration does not mean a renewed interest in the English language and an attempt to revive it! That's what some students think in my History class actually! But, do 'you' know what English Restoration actually means?
Why You Should and Shouldn't Use a Thesaurus
A thesaurus can be a useful tool for anyone that needs to communicate with other people. What is it? Are there times when you shouldn't use it? Let's find out...
55 Funny Instances of English Language
English, unless you grew up with its eccentricities, can be a rather difficult and confusing language to learn. The rule is that the rule doesn't always rule. Enjoy this Buzzle article if you are one of those many language lovers!
Teaching English As A Second Language
If you are in the very noble profession of teaching English, you will also appreciate the difficulties involved in the job. Here are some original ideas with regards to how you can make the learning effective and fun.
Teaching English Lessons
We all know what a huge challenge teaching English lessons is. However, with a good deal of preparation for class, and by using some interesting devices, you can make your class livelier, and also impart a better quality of English...
History of the English Language
English has emerged as a global language in the last century. Very few of us usually assume Great Britain to be the origin of the language and do know very little about the same. Let's get to know more of this language, spoken...
Understanding the Clincher Sentence with Examples
Meaning of clincher sentence
As a part of academic writing, a clincher sentence plays an important role in resolving the claims and theories laid in the preceding paragraph. In this article, we will look at what a clincher sentence is, its purpose, and a few...
Puns in Romeo and Juliet
Mercutio pun in Romeo and Juliet
Puns are used when we want to play with words that may sound similar in pronunciation, but have a different meaning, and are used to create humor. Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is an apt case where several instances of humorous...
Examples of Figurative Language Used in Hamlet
Allusion used in Hamlet
As is true for every Shakespearean play, 'The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark' is rife with brilliant use of figurative language. This Buzzle post presents a compilation of figurative language examples in Hamlet.
EFL Vs. ESL - How Do They Differ?
Difference between EFL and ESL
The main difference between an EFL and ESL program is in the native language of the students, and that of the country the program is held in. Buzzle explains this in more details, by giving you an interesting comparison of EFL vs....
Understatement: Meaning and Examples
Understatement example
What can be said about a literary device which packs in a major punch, and yet remains as humble as ever? This Buzzle post defines and explains understatement, and to say that it will make a decent read is itself an understatement.
Examples of Figurative Language in Fahrenheit 451
Example of figurative language in Fahrenheit 451
A writer uses figurative language to develop the story and make it more interesting and effective. Fahrenheit 451 is one such example, authored by Ray Bradbury. This Buzzle post lists out figurative language examples in Fahrenheit...
Meaning and Origin of the Expression 'Wax Poetic'
Example of wax poetic
If you think the expression 'wax poetic' has got anything to do with polishing, beeswax, earwax or candle wax, then you are not alone to nurse the incorrect notion, since we too presumed the same. But after poring over it, we...
Sibilance Meaning and Examples
Sibilance meaning and examples
Sibilance refers to the way in which fricative and affricate consonants are articulated. These consonants make a hissing sound.
Understanding the Structure of a Periodic Sentence with Examples
Periodic sentence example
Periodic sentences add emphasis and structural variety by presenting the central thought in the form of a main clause at the end of the sentence. Buzzle presents the structure, definition, and examples of periodic sentences to help...
Asyndeton: Purpose and Examples
Asyndeton example
Asyndeton involves excluding conjunctions in words, phrases, or sentences where they should generally be used. This Buzzle post explains its definition, and gives some asyndeton examples of in literature, politics, and history.
Meaning of Anagram with Examples
Anagram example
The English language has a plethora of words that have been taken from across the globe to form one universal language. But if you look beyond the structure and grammar, there are many amazing things you can do with them. One of...
List of Common Latin Words Used in the English Language
English words derived from Latin
Many commonplace English words can be traced back to Latin, which probably will take you by surprise because you actually use them daily while conversing. So, let's not keep you waiting and instead list out the common Latin words...
20 Interesting Examples of Portmanteau Words
Portmanteau word example
Portmanteau is nothing but combining two words to form a completely new word. It was first described by Lewis Carroll in his literature work. Buzzle describes the story behind the formation of some interesting portmanteau words.
Figurative Language Examples in The Great Gatsby
Example of figurative language in The Great Gatsby
'The Great Gatsby', a book which received accolades, is the story of Gatsby, a man who is in pursuit of his former lady love. Sadly, the story has a tragic ending, symbolizing the fading of the American dream. We enlist some...
Periphrasis: Meaning and Examples
Periphrasis meaning with example
Periphrasis is to use excessive language to make a short sentence long without changing its meaning. Buzzle will give you a complete understanding of periphrasis with loads of examples.
Idioms and Their Meanings
Idioms and their meanings
Have you ever been puzzled by a certain phrase? As the cliche goes 'English is a funny language' so does the sayings and idioms in the language. From the Biblical period down to the present, as the human fate and generations have...
Examples of Similes
Winston churchill quote-simile example
One of the first figures of speech we learn is a simile. The easiest to understand and use, the simile can be a great literary tool when you want to emphasize direct comparison with simple words.
Examples of Figurative Language in 'The Raven' by Edgar Allan Poe
Figurative language in 'The Raven' by Edgar Allan Poe
The Raven was a noir poetry that changed the conventional ideas, left the readers spellbound, and attained instant popularity. Here are some examples of figurative language used by Edgar Allan Poe in this poem.
List of Interesting Words in English
Interesting word - Quixotic
English language has a huge data of interesting words. As many attributes, traits the animate and inanimate world presents, so does the list increases and goes on; thereby making the learning process more interesting and twisty!
Words That are Difficult to Spell
Commonly misspelled words
The English language has thousands of words including plenty of hard words to spell that we tend to overlook. Some of these words may seem easy at first, but sometimes you might end up misspelling them.
Hyperbole Examples
Hyperbole example
A hyperbole is used regularly in both, written and oral communication. When we want to emphasize on something, we use a hyperbole. A hyperbole, as a figure of speech, or as a rhetorical device, is used in literature (poetry and...
Puns for Kids
Pun for kids
Puns are great for kids, as they are easy to understand and can also be a fun learning session, at times.
Japanese Words in English
Japanese words in English
There might hardly be a language in the world, which is not influenced by at least one or two languages. Just as many English words have proliferated into other languages, there are many foreign/non-English words that are commonly...
10 Songs That Have a Hyperbole in Them
Hyperbole example - Stole My Heart by One Direction
The hyperbole has always been a rather useful literary device in the arsenal of most song writers. In this Buzzle post, we've rounded up a list of 10 popular songs with a hyperbole in the lyrics; do take them literally, and have a...
Types of Figurative Language
Types of figurative language
What is figurative language and what are the different types of figures of speech? Here, we shall take a closer look at the concept.
Jargon Examples
Jargon example
We all come across jargon examples in everyday life. However we rarely pay attention to how much of our speech is peppered with phrases that wouldn't have made sense a few decades back. The very funny English language will never...
Influence of Sanskrit on English
Influence of Sanskrit on English
What has been the influence of Sanskrit on English? And what are the words that are derived from this ancient Hindu language from Northern India?
An ESL Conversation Card Game
An ESL conversation card game
This Buzzle post describes a fun card game that can be employed as a warm-up exercise, a conversation practice activity, or a backup activity in any ESL class. The game can be customized, and once the props have been created, it...
Use These Commonly Confused Words Correctly
Correct use of commonly confused words affect and effect
English language is a domicile to a legion of confused words. They are deceiving and elude our mental grasp. But fret not, we promise assistance in disentangling you from the maelstrom of commonly confused words.
Comparison of Long Vowels and Short Vowels with Examples
Examples of long and short vowels
Did you know that vowels can become long or short depending on the way they sound. This Buzzle post compares and explains long and short vowels, along with some examples.
British Slang Terms and Phrases You Should Know
British slang term and phrase
British slang is quite a little gem of the language, and deserves a wider user base. Here's the best British slang words that everyone can easily incorporate into their vocabulary.
Understanding a Run-on Sentence with Examples
Run-on sentence example
The sentence "he ran she walked" may make sense when read out loud. However, it may not seem so when written down. It is a classic example of a run-on sentence. To help you understand the concept in a better way, Buzzle...
Understanding the Literary Term 'Chiasmus' with Examples
Literary term 'chiasmus' example
Chiasmus is a literary term that we come across every day without realizing. Buzzle explains this term, and also provides many examples to help understand it better.
Meaning of Antimetabole with Examples
Antimetabole example
There are many figures of speech in English literature that serve the purpose of making a said word more interesting. An antimetabole is one such example, that has the power to make any sentence more effective and memorable. Buzzle...
Most Confusing English Sentences That Are Grammatically Correct
Example of confusing english sentence that is grammatically correct
Accept it or not, the English language can be very confusing sometimes. Ill-formed sentences can make sense, and at times, some grammatical sentences leave us bewildered. Buzzle lists out such confusing English sentence examples...
Examples of Zeugma in Literature
Example of zeugma in literature
There are so many things in English grammar that not all of us are aware of. One such interesting thing that adds a flavor to English literature is a zeugma. Let's find out with some examples, what it is and how it spices up your...
Words Whose Meaning Changed Over Time
Example of word whose meaning changed over time
Evolution is for real, people! Lest we ruffle quite a few conservative feathers, we're referring to the English language here. Take a look at this incredible list of words that have changed meaning over time.
Explanation of a Declarative Sentence Using Examples
Declarative sentence meaning and example
One of the commonest types of sentences that are used in everyday life are declarative sentences. They are used in all types of communication. This Buzzle post gives the definition, meaning, and examples of declarative sentences.
Examples of Rhetorical Question to Understand It Better
Examples of rhetorical questions
Have you noticed how many questions cross your mind on a daily basis or how many you ask the people around you? Do you ever stop to wonder if these rhetorical questions really provide a satisfactory answer to what your seeking?...
Comparison Between a Disc and Disk
Difference between a disc and disk
Although pronounced in the same way, disc and disk are two words that are distinguishable from each other. We explain to you the meaning of disc and disk along with their differences in this Buzzle post.
Understanding Transferred Epithet (Hypallage) with Examples
Transferred epithet (hypallage) example
Transferred epithet is a figure of speech that is taught early on in school, and is used by everyone in their daily lives. This Buzzle post attempts to explain this popular literary term.
Homonyms Vs. Homophones
Homophones vs homonyms
There are many confusing words in the English language that spell the same, but mean different and some sound the same, and also spell the same, and, wait what? It's so confusing, isn't it? Well, don't worry because we have some...
List of English Words that Start with Common Consonant Digraphs
Examples of common consonant digraphs
English language is composed of many speech sounds. We are all familiar with the sound of vowels, consonants, etc. What happens when these consonants (or vowels) blend together? They form a new sound known as a consonant blend....
List of Long Words and their Meanings
Meaning of arachibutyrophobia
For the longest time, lexicographers have been debating about the legitimacy of certain words as possible entrants to the English dictionary. For me, the longer the word and the more the number of syllables in it, the more...
How to Speak English Fluently
English is a globally accepted universal language; one that you can use to communicate with, in almost all parts of the world. Nonetheless, if you are facing problems learning the language, here is your chance to speak English...
List of Puns
The best puns are created unintentionally, and manage to evoke maximum number of laughs. But the moment you try making one, all the humor in your head dries up. Worry not, though. We have a list of puns to your rescue...
Pun Examples
Paronomasia or pun is a word play, exploiting different meanings of the same word or a string of words, or similar-sounding words. This article gives you different examples of puns.
Tautology Examples
Tautology is nothing but repeated use of words or phrases that have a similar meaning. Simply put, it is saying the same thing twice. In this article we'll give you some easy and funny tautology examples that you might be using...
Fluency Enhancers for Adult One-to-one ESL Lessons
Storytelling for enhancing fluency and vocabulary in children
Being able to speak in a foreign language is always a difficult task, especially if one gets little practice. So for ESL teachers, fresh activity ideas for speaking practice are always welcome in order to give students as much...
New Year's Resolutions - An EFL Conversation Lesson
This article provides some ideas for leading an English conversation lesson around the topic of New Year's Resolutions. Great for pre-intermediate to advanced students, this lesson is a lot of fun around the holidays!
Examples of Hyperboles
Do you know what a hyperbole is? This article will help you understand hyperboles using interesting examples...
Stereotypes List
Stereotypes are as common as there are phrases in the English Language. Let us look at some of these stereotypes in the following article.
Empathy Vs. Sympathy
Are you confused about the usage of the words, empathy and sympathy? The use of the word empathy versus the use of the word sympathy has been a cause of mistake for several speakers of the language. This article tries to explain...
Metonymy Examples
There are many figures of speech in the English language, one of them being metonymy. One can find metonymy examples in literary works like poetry, prose, drama, etc. Read on to know what is metonymy and about examples of metonymy.
Difference Between Common and Proper Nouns with Examples
difference between common and proper nouns
Nouns are mainly divided into common nouns and proper nouns, and it can be quite difficult to differentiate between the two. Buzzle makes it simple for you by giving a list of commonly used nouns, along with various examples to...
Do You Speak British or American English? - Take This Quiz to Know
American and British english words
This is not about how good you are in English, but about your style (word usage) of speaking. Do you speak British or American English? Take this quiz. Who knows! You might just be surprised.
35 Common Phrases You've Been Saying Incorrectly
Common phrases you've been saying incorrectly
Do you believe that all the terms which you commonly use in everyday conversations are correct? You might just be in for a shock! There are many phrases you're probably saying wrong. You disagree? Take this quiz and see what comes...
List of Common American Slang Terms and Phrases
Common American slang term and meaning
Well, 'selfie' has indeed made it to the hallowed pages of the Oxford Dictionary, which is a definite indication of the changing times. Buzzle brings you a definitive list of American slang terms and phrases, all for your amusement...
Glossary of Literary Terms
Not only do literary terms give greater relevance to words and their meanings, but also add to the beauty of a language. Most often, we use these terms without understanding the rules of usage behind them. And then when we hear the...
Anadiplosis Examples to Understand it Better
Anadiplosis example
Anadiplosis is used to add rhythm to the sentence and build the reader's intensity to know the climax. This Buzzle article helps you understand this literary device better, with the help of several examples in poetry and literature.
Explanation of Concrete Nouns with Examples
Explanation of concrete nouns with examples
Concrete nouns are nouns that can be seen, heard, touched, tasted, or smelled; in other words, perceived by the five senses. We at Buzzle explain this type of noun with a list of concrete nouns and their examples.
English Slang Terms and Phrases of the 1920s
English slang term of the 1920s - flapper
Let's turn back in time and slip into the Jazz Age of the 1920s, relive the era by getting zozzled on some jag juice - it will be the bee's knees! Don't have a clue about what we're saying? This Buzzle article is a comprehensive...
What is Figurative Language?
The subtlety of the English language is not unknown to anybody. What can be said literally can also be transformed easily into a beautiful flow of words that adds so much profoundness to what has been said. This is what figurative...
Printable Alphabet Letters
Toddlers love colors. Now, teaching them to read alphabets gets all the more easy with colorful printable alphabet letters. These alphabets are easy and fascinating to use, and can be printed and reused as and when you please.
Principle Vs. Principal
When to use principal and principle is one of the most confusing things about the English language. This article will attempt to remove this confusion once and for all!
Insure Vs. Ensure Vs. Assure
In this article, I present a comparison between the meaning and usage of insure, assure, and ensure, that will clear out the confusion regarding them. Keep reading to clarify your understanding of these three words.
Metonymy Vs. Synecdoche
Metonymy vs synecdoche has been a hot debate for quite some time now. If you want to drive away your confusion about the meaning, usage, and difference between these two figures of speech, read this Buzzle article.
Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is one of the longest words in the English language. Did you know that it is name of a disease? This article will tell you more on the meaning and pronunciation of this word.
Rules of English Grammar
Here is an article which aims to guide you through the rules of English Grammar.
Dr. Johnson's Dictionary
Although not the first English dictionary, it remained the definitive and most widely consulted one for over a century. Even after being upstaged by the Oxford Dictionary in later times, many of its definitions and quotations have...