Difference Between Kinetic and Potential Energy
Difference between kinetic and potential energy
Energy is something that is at work everywhere around us all the time. This post gives the explanation and differences between kinetic and potential energy, the two types of energy.
Types of Transducers and Their Applications
Microphone as an example of pressure transducers
There are hundreds of transducers used in industrial, domestic, as well as other applications. In order to be able to study them, they are classified based on a few different criteria. Click here to learn about the different types...
13 Types of Energy
Types of energy
The enigmatic quantity called energy can be roughly defined as the ability of any physical entity to do work against exerted forces in the surroundings. Learn about various manifestations of energy, along with working mechanisms...
Understanding Electrical Energy with Examples
Electrical energy definition
Electrical energy is one of the most common, yet confusing, forms of energy. It is used in many forms and applied extensively.
22 Examples of Mechanical Energy
Fact about satellite
Energy is required to do any form of work. The total mechanical energy of a system is the sum of the kinetic energy of the system and its potential energy. Given below are 22 examples of mechanical energy.
Chemical Potential Energy: Definition and Examples
Chemical potential energy example
Simply put, chemical potential energy is the energy stored in atoms and the chemical bonds between them. This Buzzle post explains the concept better, with the help of examples.
Thermal Energy Facts
In all forms of life on this earth, energy exists as one dynamic process. It has several interpretations and its types vary widely. One such type of energy, is thermal energy, which is also a renewable source of energy. In this...
Things You Need to Know about Energy Deregulation
Fact about energy deregulation
Energy deregulation is the process of direct supply of electricity via individual providers. Buzzle here enlists some of the things you need to know about energy deregulation.
Pros and Cons of Energy Deregulation
Pros and cons of energy deregulation
Energy deregulation implies lesser or no regulation of the government in the energy sector. It allows private entrants in the market. Though it has been a welcome change in the traditional monopolized market, there are several...
Examples of Thermal Energy
This article on examples of thermal energy provides useful information about how and where this energy is used on industrial, commercial, and domestic levels.
Different Types of Natural Energy
With conventional energy sources looking depleted, it has become absolutely necessary that we look towards renewable alternatives. Various different types of natural energy sources offer a hope to humanity in the face of this...
What is Thermal Energy
If you are curious about what is thermal energy and what are the prime sources of thermal energy, this article will be an insightful read. Here I describe the nature of thermal energy and present the thermal energy equation for an...