Types of Employment Discrimination
In the United States, employment discrimination takes place when an employer or any of his representatives singles out any of the employees or a group of them on the basis of their race, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation,...
Discrimination Against People with Disability in the Workplace
ILO on workplace discrimination against the disabled
Workplace discrimination against people with disability is a serious and sensitive issue that exists worldwide. This discrimination occurs in various forms and is both ethically as well as legally, unacceptable.
Gender Roles in the Workplace
Gender roles can be distinguished in every part of life. The following Buzzle article tells you about the gender roles in the workplace and the difference between their responsibilities.
Gender Discrimination in the Workplace
Gender discrimination at the workplace
Gender discrimination in the workplace is still rampant, despite the multitude of efforts taken to curb the same. Workplace gender discrimination is not only harmful to the professional growth of an individual, but also limits the...
Gender Discrimination at Workplace
Gender discrimination at work
Gender discrimination at the workplace is a serious type of employment discrimination. We look deeper into this disturbing act of harassment that occurs the world over...
How to Deal With Male Chauvinism at Work
Tips to deal with male chauvinism at work
Male chauvinism has been rampant since olden times, and still has not been completely erased out of the world. Even as women have broken the shackles and stepped into offices to hold high positions, there continues to exist some...
Hostile Work Environment and Employment Discrimination
A hostile work environment is a legal term that is used to describe a workplace where an employee is unable to perform at work due to discrimination from the employer. This article briefly explains the term and its legal...
Negative Effects of Nepotism at the Workplace
Negative effects of nepotism at the workplace
Nepotism is exhibiting favoritism at work with one's friends, family, or relatives. The Buzzle article below enlists the negative effects of nepotism at the workplace.
How to Deal with Nepotism at the Workplace
Tip to deal with nepotism at the workplace
Workplace nepotism means blindly favoring those employees who are related to you or are an important part of your personal life. This Buzzle article will tell how to deal with nepotism at the workplace.
Reverse Discrimination in the Workplace
Reverse discrimination refers to the discrimination on the basis of color or sex against individuals who are perceived to belong to a more dominant group. Reverse discrimination can be extremely threatening in the workplace and can...
Sexism in the Workplace
The following article will deal with the important issue of sexism in the workplace and the underlying issues of the same. Continue reading for more information.
Glass Ceiling Effect
We can see the glass ceiling effect in the professional arena all over the world. The following article is an attempt at analyzing what it is and what obstacles it poses to those who fall silent victims to this discriminatory...
Retaliation in the Workplace
In the workplace, retaliation mainly takes place due to the enormous powers that the employers or managers have over the employees. Here's more on this subject...
Age Discrimination in the Workplace
Age discrimination in the workplace, is a sort of harassment for older employees, due to which they find it more and more difficult to get employment or promotions in modern organizations today. Read ahead to know more...
Discrimination Against Women in the Workplace
Discrimination against women in the workplace is not a new issue. Talk about gender equality and this disparity to some extent is a major show dampener. Read the article below to explore this topic in detail.
Barriers to Employment
There can be a number of barriers in getting a job due to various reasons, but they all have a negative impact on those seeking employment. In this article, we have explained some of the common barriers.
Racial Discrimination in the Workplace
The law states that we are all born equal and must be treated equally. However, a vast number of cases that relate to racial discrimination in the workplace paint another picture, unfortunately a darker one.
Women and the Glass Ceiling
Glass ceiling is the mindset of the traditional patriarchal society habituated to discriminate women from basic rights. The term is particularly used for women at workplace who are denied pay equal for the same work as the opposite...