Where Do Elephants Live
The geographical range of elephants spans the continents of Asia and Africa, wherein their natural habitat is primarily made up of dense forests and vast open grasslands.
African Bush Elephant Facts
The African bush elephant doesn't just boast of being the largest of the three species of elephants, but is in fact the largest animal living on land ... and the second largest living animal on the Earth, after the blue whale.
Evolution of Elephants
The evolution of elephants, the largest land mammal, traces back to an ancestry shared with hyraxes and sirenians or sea cows. Gene comparisons of the order Proboscidea reveal a connection with a wider elephant genera, including...
How an Elephant Uses its Trunk?
The trunk, to an elephant is what hands are for us humans. That speaks volumes about the importance of the trunk for elephants―the largest living land mammals.
Differences Between the African and Asian Elephants
Difference between the African and Asian elephants
For starters, they're both huge and gray, but there are a few telling differences between the African and Asian elephant. Allow this Buzzle post to explain.
Cute and Funny Names for your Baby Elephant
Funny name for baby elephant
To get home a baby elephant may or may not be an easy task, but to name them certainly can be a difficult job. Baby elephants are cute and cuddly in spite of their huge size.
African Elephant Habitat
Fact about African elephants
The largest land animal which mostly occupy the areas of Africa are the African Elephants. These creatures are declining due to poaching, but the efforts to increase their numbers are going on.
16 Fascinating Facts About Woolly Mammoths
Fact about woolly mammoths
We were reacquainted with woolly mammoths all thanks to the super-successful animated film series, 'Ice Age'. Let's learn more about these fascinating creatures who became extinct around 4,000 years ago.
Facts About Asian Elephants
How elephants communicate over a long distance
Did you know that female Asian elephants do not have tusks? And that only some male ones do? Here are some interesting facts about the Asian elephants.
Facts about African Elephants
Facts about African elephants
Gentle to some, threatening to others, African elephants continue to be a subject of interest for many animal lovers. This Buzzle post provides some interesting facts about these magnificent creatures.
What Do Elephants Eat?
Things that elephants eat
Elephants are magnificent creatures who consume massive amounts of food. They are one of the largest land animals that belong to the family Elephantidae. This Buzzle article demonstrates to you what eat elephants eat.
Elephant Habitat
Aristotle, one of the greatest thinkers ever to walk the Earth, had this to say about elephants, "The beast which passeth all others in wit and mind". Isn't it an apt description of elephants? Elephants are said to be one...
Interesting Facts about Elephants
Fact about African elephant's tusk
Do you know elephants sleep in standing position? And what about the gestation period of elephants that lasts for nearly two years? Read on to know more about interesting facts on elephants.
Are Elephants Endangered Species?
Why are elephants an endangered species and what is causing their population to dwindle so rapidly? The biggest threat comes from humans and from our actions, which are destroying the elephant's natural habitat.
Endangered African Elephant
African elephants are the largest land animals, with large ears and huge tusks. Here is a brief overview about this animal, that is enlisted as endangered.
African Bush Elephant
The African bush elephant is the largest land mammal on the planet. It has a very high level of intelligence, and also exhibits human-like strong ties within its clan.