Layers of the Earth's Atmosphere
Layers of the Earth's atmosphere
The Earth is enveloped by an atmosphere that is composed of five layers, namely troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, and ionosphere. Read on to know the significance of each layer of the Earth's atmosphere.
Mesosphere Facts
Mesosphere fact
Mesosphere is one of the layers of earth's atmosphere, just above the stratosphere. Here are some interesting facts about the mesosphere that I am sure will intrigue you.
Thermosphere Facts
Fact about thermosphere
It wouldn't be surprising if the thermosphere facts provided in this article leave you amazed. After all, most of the people are not even aware of the existence of this layer, leave alone knowing that it is the largest layer of the...
Stratosphere Facts
Stratosphere fact
The stratosphere is one of the five layers of the Earth's atmosphere, and contains the ozone layer. Acquaint yourself with some facts about this layer of the atmosphere and its function in our planet.
The Science Behind The Beaming Pillars Of Light
Science behind beaming pillars of light
Ice crystals come in innumerable shapes and sizes, which is why when light from the Sun, Moon, or artificial light passes through a concentration of the crystals, optical illusions/apparitions such as halos, Sun dogs, and pillars...
Atmosphere Layers: Facts About the Atmosphere Layers
Atmosphere layers envelope the Earth to create a sanctuary for all the organisms. This article provides facts and information about the same.
Sundogs: An Interesting Atmospheric Phenomenon
Fact about sundogs
Sundogs, another name for parhelion, are a kind of an optical atmospheric phenomenon that is caused due to the refraction of light from the Sun. Many of you might have doubts about what sundogs really are and how they occur.
What are Crepuscular Rays and How are they Formed?
Formation of crepuscular rays
When the sunlight is blocked partially by obstacles, such as clouds, the brilliant beams of light that emerge radiating from beyond these objects are referred to as crepuscular rays. This phenomenon can also be seen when mountains...
Mesosphere Layer
Do you know, mesosphere holds the lowest temperature in the earth's atmosphere? Let's know some more facts about mesosphere layer and its characteristic features.
Exosphere Facts
A compilation of some interesting facts about the exosphere intended to shed light on this layer of the Earth's atmosphere, which is sometimes - though incorrectly, considered a part of the outer space. Continue reading....
Ionosphere Facts
The ionosphere is one of the most interesting layers in the atmosphere, which plays a crucial role in modern-day communication and is responsible for various natural phenomena. This article presents some interesting ionosphere...
Layers of the Atmosphere in Order
Every single layer of the Earth's atmosphere plays a crucial role in supporting life on the planet. The article will provide more information on each of these layers and their significance for us.
Composition of the Atmosphere
Have you wondered what the composition of the atmosphere is, under whose blanket lives propagate on the Earth? Here's how our blanket of survival works.
Nitrogen in the Atmosphere
Nitrogen in the atmosphere is more abundant than life-sustaining oxygen. This gas is needed by humans, animals, and plants for manufacturing proteins and other essential building units.
Composition of Air
The composition of the atmosphere air comprises four major gases, namely nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and carbon dioxide. Other substances are present in a very small amount, and hence, they are collectively known as trace components....
Why Is The Sky Blue?
Out of the myriads of 'Whys' in the world of science, is one question which provoked the thoughts of many when it was asked for the first time! 'Why is the sky blue?' Some may already know as to why, but not completely and some may...