Magnetic Earrings for Men
In case you are in search of more information on magnetic earrings for men, then you have come to the right place. Read on and find out more about the various styles, trends, and tips for wearing them.
Making Beaded Earrings
If you love wearing and creating jewelry, making beaded earrings is something you can easily do on your own and at home. Learn here how to make beaded earrings.
Funky Earrings
Earrings are one of the most adored fashion accessories for women. Finding a matching pair for each outfit is a tricky task, women won't ever get tired of! Here's more about the funky earrings for women.
Safety Pin Earrings
Who would have thought that a simple fastening device could become a fashion accessory? But now that the unthinkable has been done, how do you go about creating your own earrings from safety pins. Well, here is how.
A Guide to Buy Earrings for Sensitive Ears
Tip to buy earrings for sensitive ears
Hypoallergenic earrings are made of, titanium, etc. They are not very expensive and are readily available in almost all jewelry stores. If you face problems finding them in your local store, check on the Internet as there are many...
A Guide to Help You Choose the Right Earrings for Your Face Shape
Earrings for every face shape - Danglers
Can a pair of earrings actually make or break your look? Did you think that was impossible? Well, time to face reality. Those ill-matching earrings that don't suit your face may be the reason why you can't unleash your full-beauty...
19 Different Types of Earrings for Women
Dangle earring with French hook
Considered as the most basic and essential jewelry wardrobe piece, earrings are an accessory that majority of women can't live without. This Buzzle post gives a compilation of 19 different types of fashion and piercing earrings for...
9 Types of Earrings for Guys
Diamond stud earrings for guys
Hiya Guys! Thinking of getting some trendy ear jewelry for yourself? We would say, pick a earring that best compliments your face. Buzzle explores the different types of earrings for guys, the ones that showcase cool earring styles...
Expert Tips to Choose Earrings that Perfectly Suit Your Hairstyle
Earrings suiting hairstyle
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Instructions to Make Chandelier Earrings
Did you know, you can make a pair of chandelier earrings on your own just by following some basic instructions? The following article will provide you the steps to make your own pair of chandelier earrings.
Pearl Earring Sizes
The price of a pearl earring depends on its size. For this, you need to have basic knowledge about the same. Read the following Buzzle article to know more.
Cartilage Earrings
As cartilage piercing has become quite popular amongst youngsters, most of them are looking for earrings that they can use to flaunt their piercing. If you are one among them, this article will be useful as here you will find...