Many women are regularly searching for methods for weight loss that work, in order to achieve that legendary size-zero figure that they so crave. The reasons for this uncanny obsession are the numerous magazines that show super thin models, and this ultimately makes perfectly healthy women feel that they are overweight. The unusual skinniness of these models is actually proving detrimental to society, because it is influencing women in unimaginable ways. While drastic weight loss methods may suit some people, it may harm others as well. Be warned that this is not a healthy way of going about losing weight. By starving your body, you will endanger yourself to many risks and diseases, and this is not worth the trouble you will take. Be smart and exercise enough, while supplementing your body with enough rest and nutrients to get that desirable figure and enable fast weight loss. If this doesn't work, just accept that some people are built differently, and learn to love yourself just the way you are.

Drastic Methods for Weight Loss

There are many ways one can lose weight drastically, but most of these will have some serious long term effects on the human body. One will end up feeling weak and malnourished, and it would be very easy to contract many viruses and illnesses as well. It is highly recommended that you follow these measures after carefully considering all the consequences.

Extreme Fasting

This is the most effective way to lose weight drastically. By simply starving your body, you are ensuring that no new calories are entering your body, and that all the existing calories that are stored in your body are being used up to maintain your strong urge to lose weight. By restricting yourself to a liquid diet and mere morsels of food, you will ensure that you will be worthy of a cover shot on Vanity Fair, but at what cost? Your body will ultimately start protesting, because simply put, it needs food to survive. If you're lucky you won't end up doing some permanent damage to yourself, and will come back to your senses before such a thing happens. Extreme methods that involves fasting for many hours in a day is very dangerous indeed.


Nothing is more extreme than opting for a surgery to get rid of extra weight. It sounds good, and it sounds effective, but how desperate would you be if you are actually considering this as a serious option. This procedure will be extremely expensive, and it will most certainly leave your body open to a lot of dangers. The storage of fat that you will drastically remove is working to sustain your body, and getting rid of it traumatically may throw your body into a brief state of shock.

Moreover, these methods will do nothing to change your lifestyle and eating habits. Inevitably you will gain all that weight back, and you will end up ruing the decision to spend all that money in order to get weight loss surgery.

Diets and Diet Pills

Drastic weight loss diets and workout plans are advertised extensively by the manufacturers of these pills and creators of these fad diets. But do not be fooled. These people have nothing noble in mind, they are simply trying to make more money by playing on something that most people are sensitive about. There are plenty of diets that claim to help you get rid of many pounds in a week or in a few days, but these only curb your hunger.

By doing so you are again depriving your body of vital nutrients that it needs, and sooner or later the side effects of these pills and diet plans will catch up with you. Do not fall for fancy advertising. Use your common sense to make decisions instead.

Weight loss takes time, and it is something that needs to be managed in the right way. One must visit a qualified and well-known nutritionist and take his/her advice for losing weight. Proper gym training will ensure that the weight gets transformed into muscle. Along with getting the right kind of exercise and eating healthy amounts of nutritious food, one should also get enough rest and avoid leading stressful lives that take a toll on the mental and physical system.

The best tips are those that keep your well-being in mind and do not throw up the possibility of incurring damage to your body. You may hear about a lot of people for whom these tricks have worked, but you must be smart before you embark on one of these methods for yourself.

Disclaimer: This Buzzle article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.