A Brief Introduction to the Characteristics of Down Syndrome
Characteristics of Down Syndrome
Down Syndrome is a chromosomal disorder, resulting in impaired physical and cognitive abilities. Children suffering from Down syndrome show minor or major differences in their stature and physical attributes. Here is some useful...
Down Syndrome Facts
Fact about Down's syndrome
Down's Syndrome is named after John Langdon Haydon Down, the British physician who first described it. A genetic condition, DS changes the life of the person diagnosed with it. What causes it and how to manage it, are the questions...
Mosaic Down Syndrome Symptoms
Mosaic Down syndrome is a genetic disorder, wherein an affected individual possesses two types of cell, some with 46 chromosomes, and others that contain an extra copy of the chromosome 21. The presence of an extra chromosome in...
Down Syndrome Effects
Down syndrome is a chromosomal disorder that can be detected at an early stage, i.e., in the womb or at birth. It affects one's physical and mental state. Take a look at the Down syndrome effects.
Do Animals Suffer from Down Syndrome?
Fact about animals suffering from Down syndrome
Down syndrome, a birth defect that is usually diagnosed in humans, can also occur in animals. Quite a few chimpanzees, that are closely related to humans, did exhibit symptoms that were similar to Down syndrome. The following...
Famous People with Down Syndrome
Karen Gaffney - Famous person with Down Syndrome
Down syndrome, the most common genetic disorder in humans, neither broke their spirit, nor did it set them back in life. If anything, these strong individuals have risen higher and shone brighter than the rest. In this Buzzle...
What Causes Down Syndrome
Down syndrome happens to be the most common genetic disorder that causes learning disabilities in children. There are three types of Down syndrome―trisomy 21, translocation, and mosaicism. This Buzzle article will explain...
Teaching Children with Down Syndrome
Teaching children with Down syndrome involves special initiatives, accommodations, and curriculum modifications in the classroom. Read this article to know more about the teaching strategies applied in this case.
Down Syndrome Life Expectancy
There has been a significant increase in the Down syndrome life expectancy over the years. Read this Buzzle article to know more about the syndrome, which usually leads to several health problems.
History of Down Syndrome
Down syndrome is a birth defect that occurs due to the presence of an extra chromosome in the cells of the body. The children born with this genetic disorder are characterized by flat facial features, small mouth, protruding tongue...
Can Down Syndrome be Cured?
Down syndrome is a chromosomal disorder and has no cure. Considering the ongoing research in this field, we can hope for better ways to treat its symptoms.