Are Carrots Good for Dogs?
Carrots are good for dogs
If you are wondering whether carrots are good for your canine, then you should know that they can certainly be a healthy snack for them. Carrots provide the same benefits as they do to human beings.
Understanding the Dental Anatomy of Dogs
Dental anatomy of dogs
Dogs have a unique dental anatomy, with their teeth being divided into four different groups. Buzzle explains the dental anatomy of dogs with a labeled diagram, and also explains the importance of good dog dental care.
Which Essential Oils are Good for Dogs?
Cedarwood essential oil is beneficial for dogs
Humans have for long been using essential oils for their overall well-being. However, did you know that these oils can also be used to treat and protect dogs against a number of ailments. Buzzle talks about some safe essential oils...
Are Palm Tree Seeds Poisonous to Dogs?
Palm tree seeds poisonous to dogs
There are many parameters to keep in mind while having dogs as pets. Amongst the many factors, the most important one is the choice to have palms in your yard. Which are the palms that are poisonous and how can they harm your dog?...
How to Get Rid of Bad Dog Breath
Do you want to know how you can get rid of bad dog breath that your dog seems to be plagued by? Here is the solution to your problem.
Probiotics for Dogs
Probiotics are bacteria found in the intestine that can promote intestinal functions. Probiotic supplements can facilitate digestion and the absorption of nutrients. Go through this article to find out why pets need such supplements...
What To Do When Your Dog is Going to Have Puppies
preparation for the birth of pups
Helping to bring an animal into this world is something that words cannot describe. This Buzzle article lists what to do when your dog is about to have puppies, how to help her deliver, and also the stages involved in the process.
Can Dogs Get Colds?
Dogs can get colds
Colds in dogs are pretty common and are often caused by the various germs and viruses, just like in case of humans. The following article explains ways to treat common colds in dogs, and lists out other illnesses that produce...
Excessive Panting in Dogs
Causes of panting in dogs
Panting is a common dog behavior. But are you aware that excessive panting in dogs may be a symptom of some underlying disease or medical condition? This article will help you know more on excessive panting.
Sedatives for Dogs
Pet owners need to have some basic knowledge about these drugs in order to effectively manage anxiety and nervousness in their pets. Read this article to find out some commonly used prescriptions, as well as herbal sedatives for...
Natural Laxatives for Dogs
Natural laxatives for dogs
Constipation in dogs can get to be a major issue that can lead to several other health problems in them as well. To deal with this problem effectively, here are ideas for some natural laxatives for dogs.
What Causes Hiccups in Dogs?
Hiccups are caused due to involuntary contractions of the diaphragm. Here, we try to understand the causes of hiccups in dogs and see some cures, but remember, puppies often outgrow this habit.
Dog Health Questions and Answers
Dog health question about loss of appetite
If you are in search of answers to dog health problems, all you need to do is go through the list of common questions and answers given in this article.
Muscle Relaxers for Dogs
Muscle relaxers for dogs
Muscle pull, sprain, spasms, inflammations or stiffness are quite natural and common among dogs, as is for humans. Treatment for relaxing muscles is also similar for dogs, in the form of medications or natural home remedies. Muscle...
False Pregnancy in Dogs
False pregnancy in dogs
A condition called pseudocyesis or false pregnancy, is pretty common in dogs. If you are a dog owner, this article will help you in identifying the signs of false pregnancy in your dog.
Acidophilus for Dogs
Acidophilus is a widely known probiotic supplement that is used to treat health conditions such as diarrhea, dehydration and other such problems in dogs. Let's discover more on this useful supplement.
Natural Diuretics for Dogs
Wish to give your dog a more healthy diet? Natural diuretics help a dog get rid of excess fluids in its body by promoting better kidney functions. Learn more about natural diuretics for dogs, and how they can be incorporated in the...
Antibiotics for Canines
Antibiotics are used to treat various kinds of diseases that are caused by bacteria. To find out about the commonly prescribed antibiotics for canines, keep reading.
Melatonin Side Effects in Dogs
Side effects of melatonin in dogs
Melatonin is a stress-combating drug that is prescribed for reducing the anxiety levels felt by dogs. Though it is considered to be a fairly safe drug, it may cause certain side effects. The following Buzzle write-up provides...
Anti-Inflammatory for Dogs
If you own a dog, you should carefully select drugs and medication for the dog. The following article deals with natural as well as non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for dogs. Read on, to know common anti-inflammatory...
Meloxicam for Dogs
Meloxicam for dogs is prescribed as a painkiller to help reduce pain, inflammation and fever. The following article will cover some information on canine drug meloxicam.
Painkillers for Dogs
Painkillers for dogs such as Rimadyl, Deramaxx and Fentanyl provide considerable relief from pain caused due to arthritis and unexpected injuries. These drugs are also helpful to treat post surgical pain.
Glucosamine Dosage for Dogs
Is your dog moaning due to arthritis pain? Scroll down to know important facts about glucosamine dosage for dog arthritis. Glucosamine promotes formation of new cartilage in the affected joints. Read on.....
Dog Constipation: Symptoms and Treatment
Nearly all dogs are susceptible to constipation, which can be caused due to poor diet plan, lack of exercise, and dehydration.
Ibuprofen for Dogs
The administration of ibuprofen in canines for alleviation of pain is controversial, as this pain-relieving drug can lead to certain side effects. Know more about the administration and dangers of ibuprofen for dogs from this...
Is Ice Cream Safe For Dogs?
Fact about feeding ice cream to dogs
All dog owners know that dogs not only eat, but also love ice creams. But, are they really safe for dogs? There are a few factors that can determine if ice creams are safe or harmful for dogs.
Is Consumption of Dogwood Berries Safe for Dogs and Cats?
Dogwood berries can be mildly toxic for dogs and cats
It is not safe to feed dogwood berries to your pet (cat or dog), as this fruit can trigger gastrointestinal distress, and cause diarrhea and vomiting. Read this Buzzle article to know about the toxicity level of dogwood berries for...
Is Ciprofloxacin Safe for Dogs?
Fact about ciprofloxacin safety in dogs
Ciprofloxacin is unsafe for dogs who haven't yet reached 1 year of age. During this period, dogs are still growing, which cannot be sustained if medications like ciprofloxacin are given. To be more specific, the antibiotic may...
Vitamin E for Dogs: Dosage and Health Benefits
Health benefits of vitamin e for dogs
Vitamin E for dogs can help maintain a healthy coat, improve fertility, strengthen the immune system as well as reduce the risk of cataracts. The following Buzzle article discusses more on the benefits and dosage of vitamin E for...
Kaopectate for Dogs: Uses and Side Effects
Uses of Kaopectate for dogs
Diarrhea, one of the most common symptoms of gastrointestinal (GI) problems in dogs can be treated with kaopectate. The medication targets the bacteria that are often responsible for this. The following Buzzle article elaborates...
Pros and Cons of Prozac (Fluoxetine) for Dogs
Prozac (Fluoxetine) for dogs
Using Prozac for dogs can cause a number of side effects, some of which can be quite serious. The following Buzzle article throws some light on the pros and cons of Prozac for dogs.
Is Bacon Safe for Dogs to Eat?
Bacon is not safe for dogs
The most important thing about pet care is having knowledge about what you can and can't feed your dog. So if you are planning to feed bacon to your dog, stop right there and take a moment to read this article to decide if dogs...
Is it Safe to Feed Cheese to Dogs?
Fact about feeding cheese to dogs
As caring pooch-owners, you may sometimes feel compelled to share everything you eat with your dog, including cheese. But, is it safe to feed cheese to your dog? Yes, why not! But prefer the low-fat version, such as cottage cheese,...
Why do Dogs Eat Dirt?
Reason why dogs eat dirt
Sometimes dogs do the strangest and funniest things. And while some can be fun to watch, others might be a case of serious concern. Dogs eating dirt is one such example. If your dog is eating dirt, and you are wondering why, this...
Uses and Side Effects of Metoclopramide for Dogs
Uses of metoclopramide for dogs
In dogs, metoclopramide induces motility in the gastrointestinal tract, which works to resolve issues such as delayed emptying of the stomach. This helps in keeping nausea and vomiting at bay. This Buzzle post provides more...
Cefpodoxime Proxetil for Dogs: Uses and Side Effects
Use of cefpodoxime proxetil for dogs
Cefpodoxime proxetil for dogs is an oral antibiotic and has a broad spectrum of antibacterial activity. Be it skin infection such as abscess or bladder infection, the antibiotic is found to be an extremely effective against various...
Dexamethasone for Dogs: Uses and Side Effects
Uses and side effects of dexamethasone for dogs
The administration of dexamethasone to dogs has, indeed, proven beneficial for the treatment of various health conditions. However, there are various possible side effects that could arise as a result of improper use. This article...
Methocarbamol for Dogs: Uses and Side Effects
Use of methocarbamol for dogs
A muscle relaxant, methocarbamol for dogs is primarily used to stop involuntary movement of muscles, commonly associated with exposure to toxic substances.
Is it Safe to Give Hydrogen Peroxide to Your Dog?
Fact about giving hydrogen peroxide to your dog
Many pet owners are unsure whether or not it is safe to give hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting in dogs. This Buzzle article addresses this issue.
Risks Associated With High Protein in a Dog's Diet
Risk associated with high protein in a dog's diet
High protein in dog's diet can aggravate preexisting kidney problems as well as make the dog overweight and obese when it is not active. So, should you feed your dog any protein at all? This Buzzle article will answer this question...
Is Fish Bad For Dogs?
Fact about feeding fish to dogs
Can dogs be given fish meat? Yes, they can but only occasionally so that your canine does not run the risk of mercury poisoning. Also, make sure the fish is well-cooked, as raw fish is contaminated with certain type of parasites,...
Alprazolam (Xanax) for Dogs: Uses and Side Effects
Use of alprazolam (xanax) for dogs
Alprazolam (Xanax) can be helpful to relieve anxiety problems in dogs. However, prolonged use of Xanax in dogs is not recommended as it may cause physical dependence and lead to withdrawal symptoms.
Is Tylenol Safe for Dogs?
Fact about giving tylenol to dogs
Over-the-counter pain relievers like Tylenol can be the number one cause of pet poisoning. Read this Buzzle article to know how Tylenol can be dangerous for dogs in case of improper administration, incorrect dosage, or when used...
How to Identify and Treat Your Dog's Tail Injury
Signs to identify your dog's tail injury
When a dog injures its tail, there may be certain symptoms that are observable. However, there are times when you are unaware of the accident and there are no visible symptoms as well. In such cases, you need to observe and...
How to Take Care of a Dog that has been Hit by a Car
Tip to take care of a dog that has been hit by a car
Your pet dog getting hit by a car, may naturally cause you to worry and panic as you may be confused about what should be done. This article helps you with the things you can and should do in case your dog meets with a road accident.
What to Do if Your Dog Swallows Gum?
Swallowing gum can be harmful to dogs
Xylitol-containing gum is dangerous to dog health and causes hypoglycemia symptoms within a short time. So what to do if your dog ate gum? Your pet has to be treated quickly, which means, as a pet owner, you need to take your dog...
Albon for Dogs: Uses and Side Effects
Use of albon for dogs
Albon is approved by the FDA for veterinary use, and is prescribed for the treatment of bacterial infections in dogs. This antibiotic also displays antiprotozoal activity, which makes it useful in getting rid of intestinal...
Is Catnip Safe for Dogs and What are its Effects?
Catnip to relieve anxiety in dogs
Catnip is harmless for dogs when given under veterinary guidance. Its sedative effects may help relieve travel anxiety in dogs. This Buzzle article throws some light on the positive effects of catnip on dogs.
Is Ham Healthy for Dogs?
Fact about feeding ham to dogs
Can dogs eat ham? Is it okay to feed a few pieces to your dog? Is it safe, or is it a big mistake? This Buzzle article takes an in-depth look into this very issue.
Famotidine for Dogs: Uses and Side Effects
Famotidine uses
Stomach and intestinal ulcers in dogs are often treated with famotidine, and the dosage varies depending upon the weight of the dog. This Buzzle article elaborates more on the uses and side effects of famotidine in dogs.
Are Raw Almonds Safe for Dogs to Eat?
Fact about feeding almonds to dogs
Your dog loves to be treated with almonds, but you are not sure if dogs can eat almonds? Though almonds are not toxic to dogs, like some other nuts, they can be harmful in some ways. Through this Buzzle post, let's find out what...
Are Mushrooms Safe for Dogs?
Wild mushrooms can be harmful to dogs
Mushrooms are one of the many foodstuffs that are considered harmful for dogs, but are they really that bad? This Buzzle article answers the question that's on the minds of many dog owners - are mushrooms really safe for dogs?
Is it Safe to Give Ham Bones to Your Dog?
Ham bones are not safe for dogs
It's the festive season, you just had a delicious ham for dinner, and now you're wondering what to do with the bones. Thinking of giving them to your dog? Don't! Read this Buzzle article to know why dog's can't, or shouldn't, eat...
Is Pedialyte Safe for Dogs?
Pedialyte is safe for dogs
Although Pedialyte is a human medication, it is safe for dogs. But what is the appropriate Pedialyte dosage and can it be given to healthy dogs? This Buzzle article elaborates more on these issues.
Are Pickles Good for Dogs?
Pickles are harmful for dogs
Vegetables are a very important part of a pet dog's diet, but are their pickled versions just as healthy?In this article, we will see which pickles are safe, and which ones should be avoided, to keep your pooch safe and healthy.
Things to Consider While Using Cerenia for Dogs
Using Cerenia for dogs
Cerenia is an FDA-approved drug that is prescribed for dogs affected by acute vomiting and/or motion sickness. This Buzzle write-up will elaborate on the things to consider while using Cerenia for dogs.
Is it Safe to Use Neosporin on Dogs?
Neosporin is not recommended for dogs
It is absolutely not safe to use neosporin for wound care in dogs due to their habit of repeatedly licking wounds. Dogs accidentally ingesting antibiotics like neosporin is a cause for grave concern, as it can trigger a wide range...
Temaril-P Tablets for Dogs: Precautionary Measures to Take
Temaril-P tablets for dogs
Temaril-P tablets, a mix of antihistamine and corticosteroid, are commonly prescribed to ease itching and inflammation associated with common skin disorders in dogs. Following are the precautionary measures that you need to take...
Is Dramamine Safe for Dogs?
Dramamine for dogs
A veterinarian may prescribe Dramamine when dealing with motion sickness in dogs. However, the drug is not safe for pregnant dogs as well as for those with pre-existing medical condition related to the heart or the thyroid gland.
Health Benefits of Pumpkins for Dogs
Health benefits of pumpkins for dogs
Pumpkins promote digestive health in dogs. Aiding in weight loss and ensuring a healthier coat are some of the other health benefits of pumpkins for dogs.
Should You Give Benadryl to Your Pet Dog?
Giving Benadryl to your pet dog
First things first, always check with your vet before giving Benadryl to your pet dog. With that being said, we'll tackle the question of can dogs take Benadryl? Let's find out...
Side Effects of Gabapentin in Dogs
Side effects of Gabapentin in dogs
Gabapentin started out as a medicine used to treat seizures in humans, and then found to treat nerve pain. It slowly found its way into veterinary treatment for the same reasons, especially in dogs. But as with most medicines, this...
Is Tramadol Safe for Dogs?
Tramadol for dogs
Tramadol is becoming popular to treat pain, both in humans and pets. But you would ask, is tramadol safe for dogs? This Buzzle article will check out all the aspects of dosage and side effects of tramadol in dogs.
Hydroxyzine for Dogs: Uses and Side Effects
Uses of hydroxyzine for dogs
Hydroxyzine is a common antihistamine used for dogs. This Buzzle article will tell you how to use hydroxyzine for dogs, its various applications, and the side effects you need to look out for.
Benefits of Brewer's Yeast for Dogs
Benefits of brewer's yeast for dogs
Unconventional methods of treatment tend to have their followers and haters in equal measure. Using brewer's yeast for dog allergies is one such method, and this Buzzle article attempts to clear the air.
Bordetella Vaccination for Dogs: Everything You Wish to Know
Fact about Bordetella vaccination for dogs
Vaccinating our pets against ailments is the foremost duty of a responsible owner. However, you, as a pet parent, must refrain from vaccinating your dog against everything there is, especially if he doesn't need it. Bordetella is...
How to Care for a Dog Post Surgery
Care for a dog post surgery
Aftercare following surgery is very important for your dog so that it recuperates faster. Given in this Buzzle write-up is the complete method on how to care for your dog after surgery.
An Overview of OFA's Canine Hip Certification
An overview of OFA's canine hip certification
Getting your dog's hips certified sounds like going overboard, but it's actually a valuable insight into the future of your dog's mobility and quality of life. Hip dysplasia causes major problems, but catching it early can make a...
Puppy Hiccups
Are you concerned because your puppy is getting hiccups time and again? Do you wish to know what can be the root cause of this and how you can help treat it? Then keep reading...
Why Do Dogs Have Cold and Wet Noses
Strong sense of smell in dogs
Whether or not you own a dog, you must have surely noticed that they almost always have cold and wet noses. Wondered why this is the case? Read the following article to find out why.
What to Expect When Your Dog is Spayed or Neutered
When you spay or neuter your dog, knowing what to expect when your pet comes home from the hospital can speed up recovery time.
How to Make Your Dog Smell Good
This article is for all those dog lovers out there, who cannot fully enjoy the company of their beloved pets, as their dog smells really bad. Read on, to find ways to make your dog smell good.
Human Probiotics for Dogs
Although, there is no doubt that probiotics are indeed beneficial to humans and canines, the real question lies in the safety of giving human probiotics to dogs. Find out more..
Homemade Dog Breath Fresheners
Dog breath can get to be a serious problem for the owners, and for people who come in contact with the dogs. A simple solution for the same is to have certain dog breath fresheners in place. In this following article we will look...
Canine Stroke Treatment
Canine stroke is rare, as compared to that of humans. If you want to know more about stroke in dogs, then go through this article.
Globulin Levels in Dogs
Fluctuations in the normal globulin levels in dogs is an indication of some serious health problem. Read the following article to learn more about globulin levels in relation to canine health.
Canine Stroke Recovery
Dog's suffer from brain strokes just as we do. However the chances of complete recovery are greater. Find out about canine stroke recovery period and how to look after your dog post attack...
Milk Thistle for Dog Liver Disease
The use of milk thistle for dog liver disease has proven to be an effective alternative treatment. Let us take a look at the following pet care article that will discuss the benefits, as well as certain side effects of this herb.
How to Treat Canine False Pregnancy
You'll find simple options here on how to treat canine false pregnancy, which is a common occurrence among female dogs. Find out more on why this happens, and what to do about it.
Canine Cold Remedies
When you see your favorite pet dog suffering from canine cold, the only thing that you want to provide him with is some quick relief. Read this article to gain some useful information on canine cold remedies.
Treating Low Blood Sugar in Dogs
Low blood sugar in dogs may sometimes lead to severe complications including death. Read on to know more about dog hypotension treatment.
Can Dogs Get Colds from Humans?
After catching a respiratory infection themselves, many pet owners often wonder, can dogs get colds from humans? If you too are worried about spreading the infection to your canine friend, then read through the following article....
Life Expectancy of Dogs by Breed
If you happen to take a peek at life expectancy of dogs by breed, you will find that some dogs may live a longer life than the others. Thus, make sure you take into consideration the average live expectancy of dogs before getting...
When do Dogs Get Cold?
Many people are under the impression that dogs have a better capability of surviving cold temperatures than humans. However, that is not entirely true. Dogs do feel cold when the temperatures drop. This article provides more...
Dog Breath Spray
Sometimes a dog's breath is just intolerable, and requires the application of a perfumed spray. This article tells you more about the same...
How to Keep Your Dog Healthy
How to keep your dog healthy? This question is the first one in the mind of every dog owner and this article shares the secret of having a healthy pet at home.
Appetite Stimulant For Dogs
If your canine is not too keen towards food, appetite stimulants may prove useful. Apart from certain prescription medication, some herbs are also used for improving appetite in dogs.
Causes of Bad Breath in Dogs
Halitosis, or better known as bad breath, is a common problem in dogs and is often caused by poor dental hygiene. Read the Buzzle article to find out why your dog may have this issue, and what you should be doing about it.
How to Make Dog Breath Mints
Learn how to make dog breath mints from the following article. Do not avoid this as bad breath in dogs can be an indication of something far more serious...
Dog Health Questions
Got yourself a canine companion for the first time? Well, here are some common dog health questions that are likely to haunt you sometime or the other. Be prepared with the answers as the information may save your beloved pooch a...
Salmon Oil for Dogs
The benefits of salmon oil for humans are well-documented; there is no questioning that. So, is it beneficial for dogs too?
Home Remedies for Dry Skin on Dogs
Very common among dogs, dry skin can be treated with simple home remedies. Take a look at some methods of treating dry skin on dogs.
Vaccines For Dogs
Timely vaccination can protect your dog from a number of diseases, including rabies and coronavirus. In this Buzzle article, we will have a look at some of the important vaccines that you should consider for your canine friend.
Natural Pain Relief for Dogs
When you have knowledge of the various options for natural pain relievers for dogs, then you do not have to depend on pain relieving medications for the same. This article provides more information.
Pain Relief for Dogs
If your pet dog is in pain, take him to the vet, instead of giving pain killers meant for humans. This article provides some information about pain relief for dogs.
Neutering Male Dogs
Neutering male dogs involves the surgical procedure of removing the reproductive organs of the dog suffering from ailments like prostate cancer. There are several pros and cons of this process which are listed in this article.
Dog Years to Human Years
Wondering what is the conversion of dog years to human years? Read this article. You'll finally get the answer you're looking for.
Reverse Sneezing in Dogs
A common cause of concern for smaller, and old dogs, reverse sneezing is a respiratory event. Read the Buzzle article to find out what the causes are, and understand the treatment options.
Puppy Sneezing a Lot
Sneezing in puppies is not a major cause of concern, unless it becomes incessant. This Buzzle post lists out the reasons why your puppy is sneezing a lot, and what you can do to curb it.
Dandruff in Dogs
Just like us, even dogs are susceptible to dandruff. Read the Buzzle article to find out what causes it, and how you can try to fix the issue at home.
Dog Losing Weight
There are innumerable causes of dogs losing weight, despite eating well. This Buzzle article presents some useful information on the factors responsible for weight loss in dogs.
Garlic for Dogs
For centuries, garlic has been known to offer numerous health benefits to humans. But is the same true for dogs? In this article we will try to determine the various effects and the potential for toxicity of garlic in dogs...
Dog Nail Bleeding
Seeing your dog's nails bleed is a frightening sight for all pet owners. Many times, a broken nail or an accident while clipping the nail may lead to bleeding.
Puppy Teething
Teething starts as soon as your little pup turns a month old. So, do not fret if your puppy chews and bites things aggressively, which are common indications of teething in puppies.
Cleaning a Dog's Ears
Cleaning your dog's ears is just as important as taking care of his other needs. In this following article, we will look through certain ways of how to accomplish this task.
Excessive Thirst in Dogs
Do you know that excessive thirst in dogs could be an indication of health problems? If not, then read this article to know more about it.
Excessive Drooling in Dogs
Canine drooling is normal and should not be a cause of worry under normal circumstances, but excessive drooling in dogs may be due to underlying health conditions. This article provides more information.
Spaying Your Dog
Low risk of infections, less hormonal imbalances, greater life expectancy; there are many advantages to spaying your dog. If you have any queries about this procedure, this Buzzle article will answer them all.
Hip Dysplasia Treatment
Hip dysplasia is characterized by abnormal formation and development of hip joint. It is known to be very painful and thus, early diagnosis and treatment become important.
Hydrotherapy for Dogs
Hydrotherapy can be a useful tool for dogs. Read on to know more about this procedure and the numerous benefits of the treatment...
Are Dogs Color Blind?
If you are wondering whether your dog is color blind, or not, then answer is yes. However, unlike common perception, they do not see everything in black and white. They are only partially color blind. Continue reading for...
Flaxseed Oil for Dogs
Flaxseed oil is one of the popular supplements used for boosting the health of dogs and cats. This article provides some information about the use of flaxseed oil for dogs.
Dog Eyesight
Dog eyesight unlike humans is built in a way that helps it focus on its prey and discern motion faster than people. Moreover unlike popular misconception, dogs can see colors and are also known to have excellent night vision. Read...
Female Dogs in Heat
If you have a female pet dog at home, it is very crucial that you know about her heat cycle. This article will give you information on how to recognize it as well as the steps to be taken while your pet is in heat.
Cataract Surgery for Dogs
Cataract surgery for dogs involves removal of the affected lens and replacing it with an artificial one. Learn about the cost and the conditions that would make this surgery necessary.
Drooling in Dogs
Drooling, slobbering, or salivating is synonymous with dogs. All dogs pant or drool, but there are times when it can get serious. This article lists the causes of excessive drooling in dogs.
Functions of Digestive Enzymes in Dogs
Digestive enzymes are chemicals generated in a dog's body that help in digestion. Read on to know more about their importance...
Sneezing in Dogs
Sneezing in dogs is mostly caused due to inhalation of nasal irritants and allergens. To know about the causes, associated symptoms, and treatment of sneezing in dogs, read on.
Acupuncture for Dogs
An effective and renowned form of holistic medicine, acupuncture is now also used for the treatment of various diseases and disorders in dogs.
How to Reduce Fever in Dogs
Being a pet owner, it is important to know all the aspects of caring for your pet's good health. This article provides information on how to care for your pet dog when he/she is down with a fever.
Dental Care for Dogs
Dental problems in dogs range from gum diseases to craniomandibular osteopathy. If proper dental care is provided, these, and other such gum and teeth diseases, can easily be prevented.
Fish Oil for Dogs
Is fish oil beneficial for dogs like it is for humans? A whole lot of veterinarians do think so.
Homeopathic Remedies for Dogs
Critics may beg to differ, but homeopathic remedies have been successfully used in treating various dog illnesses. The best thing about them is that they do not have any side-effects and, hence come across as a good alternative for...
Dog Diarrhea Treatment
Diarrhea is a common health problem in dogs. You can try some dog diarrhea treatments at home to help your pooch get some relief.
Milk Thistle for Dogs
Milk thistle is an herb which is used to treat liver ailments or disorders in dogs. Although it has various other health benefits, care should be taken regarding the correct dosage before administering it to your pet.
Pneumonia Treatment for Dogs
Read this Buzzle article to know about the treatment for pneumonia in dogs, along with its causes and symptoms.
Artificial Insemination for Dogs
Would artificial insemination be a good idea for your dog? Here's more about its pros and cons.
Symptoms of a Dog in Heat
One of the major problems that dog owners usually face is determining whether their dog is in heat. This article throws light on some common symptoms of dogs in heat, and their behavioral changes therein.
Dog Breeding for Beginners
Finding the right partner for your dog to breed with, is a crucial aspect that you need to take into consideration. However, it's not the lone aspect that needs your attention when it comes to dog breeding.
Snoring Cures for Dogs
There are simple measures that owners can take to ensure that they as well as their pet dogs have a night of undisturbed sleep. To a large extent, it is just a way of ensuring that your dog is healthy and well.
Stool Softener for Dogs
Stool softeners for dogs are medications given to dogs if they are having bowel problems or have not defecated for a couple of days. This article lists some canine stool softeners that will help dogs get rid of various bowel...
Spleen Function in Dogs
The spleen consists of white pulp, red pulp, and a marginal zone. A dog's body can function without a spleen. However, it is required for efficient functioning and maintaining the dog's health.
Dry Skin Remedies for Dogs
Many times, dogs experience a dry skin, which leads to itching. This article lists some dry skin remedies for dogs which will definitely help your dog have a soft and supple skin.
Dogs in Heat
It is essential for every dog owner to have as much information as possible about female dogs in heat. This will help you understand the dog's behavior at this time and the heat cycle stages.
Cod Liver Oil for Dogs
Dogs derive a number of health benefits from cod liver oil. To mention a few, good vision, strong immunity, strong bones, and teeth are the popular ones.
Do Dogs Need Vitamin Supplements?
If humans can resort to vitamin supplements to compensate for lack of nutrients in their daily diet, why not dogs? After all, vitamins are useful for dealing with a whole lot of dog health problems.
Why do Dogs Pant?
Panting dogs is a common sight, and it is their own way of beating the heat. Here is a brief overview about this behavior in canines.
Herbal Pain Relief for Dogs
There are a number natural ways by which pain in dogs can be relieved. Herbs is one of the most popular choice for dog owners to ensure their pet's health. Here are a few options that you can choose from.
Dogs' Life Expectancy
In general, the average lifespan of a dog is said to be between 10 to 12 years. This article provides some information about canine life expectancy, that may vary with different breeds.
Homemade Dog Ear Cleaning Solution
Pet dogs often contract ear infections for a variety of reasons. There are many ear cleaning solutions which are available in the market for treating the same.
Low Cost Dog Vaccinations
Like human beings, vaccinations are equally important for pets. If you have a pet dog, you must follow the dog vaccination schedule for prevention of diseases. The rising cost of these vaccines should not deter pet owners from...
Rescue Remedy for Dogs
One of the most common Bach flower remedies used, Rescue Remedy is a homeopathic solution, which is effective in relieving stress and anxiety in dogs, without any side effects.