How to Deal with Racist Comments
Dealing with racist comments
Racist comments have the power to ruin lives and evoke feelings of hatred towards one another. Learning how to deal with racist comments, tactically, is the right way to go about it.
Understanding the Psychology Behind Aversive Racism
Concept of aversive racism
Even well-intentioned people can be racist, without actually being aware of it. This sums up the meaning of 'aversive racism', which is explained here with the help of its definition and some interesting examples.
Understanding Covert and Overt Discrimination with Examples
difference between covert and overt discrimination
Discrimination does not always have to be obvious. Learn more in this Buzzle piece, which explains overt and covert discrimination, using their examples.
How to Talk to Your Kids About Racism
Admiring diverse cultures when talking to kids
If your kid makes a racist statement, don't get all freaked out. Understand what made your kid pass such a comment, and what he/she actually means. Let's find out a few ways that will correctly help your children deal with racism.
18 Examples of White Privilege
Example of white privilege
White privilege is the benefit the white population gains because of the sociocultural attributes of their skin color. The concept of white privilege is explained here with the help of 18 examples.
Examples of Institutional Discrimination
Institutional discrimination examples
Here, we will delve into what institutional discrimination is, and help you understand how it is different from other forms of discrimination, along with providing examples of the same.
What was the White Primary?
Racial stereotypes were common during the 1890s. And certain political and legal policies that directly affected the civil rights of the African-Americans emerged to divide the society further. White Primary was a law that...
Understanding the Meaning of Racial Epithet with Examples
Meaning of racial epithet
Despite an increased awareness of racism in the past couple of decades, this social evil still persists in some forms all over the world. Racial epithets, or slurs, are one of them, and are explained in this Buzzle article, with...
Racism Facts
Racism in Rwanda
To discriminate against another on the basis of ethnicity, color, and race, is known as racism. Scroll down to have a look at some facts about it.
Prejudice Examples
Prejudice has been defined as an outlook towards a community or an individual, based solely upon a preconceived idea or preference and devoid of any objectivity and reasoning. The examples mentioned in this article will help the...
Famous Quotes About Racism
Ayn Rand on racism
Whether we believe it or not, racism affects and influences us in one way or the other. In this Buzzle article, we have compiled a list of strong and empowering quotes about racism, and hope that we get the strength to fight for...
Social Injustice
What is social injustice? Is there any society in which complete social justice prevails? Is there any solution to this problem? Read this article to know the answers...
Racial Stereotypes
Have you ever been the target of a good humored joke because of your ethnicity? Racial stereotypes often are the cause of such an occurrence, and most of us have been at the receiving end at some point of time or the other. In this...
Prejudice Vs. Discrimination
If you thought that prejudice and discrimination are one and the same thing, think again! The following article differentiates and compares the two.
Institutional Racism
Institutional racism is a major threat to civil society. It has the capability to shake the very foundation on which the concept of multiculturalism has been laid. Let us know more about the topic in detail...
What is Reverse Discrimination?
Reverse discrimination is the exact opposite of the kind of discrimination people have been facing for belonging to certain minority groups. Here's an overview of this concept.
Discriminated People Advantages - Negative Aspects
There are negative aspects of putting into advantage the people who were discriminated in the past, and this position does not always mean complete justice. This article explains the concept of discrimination, its effects and...